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How to List on VRBO

How to List on VRBO

Considering VRBO is one of the largest online travel agencies (OTA) it's not surprising that thousands of property managers are trying to learn how to list on VRBO. With millions of guests booking accommodation each and every year on the platform, there is a huge opportunity for property managers to gain more visibility, increase occupancy and overall generate significantly more revenue.

What You Need to Know Before Listing on VRBO

Before you dive into listing on VRBO there are several things you need to know. Firstly the platform was developed with property managers and larger operators in mind. This means that hosts that are used to the Airbnb platform may find quite a few differences, especially regarding taxes, damage deposits, payment processing, and options for charging extra fees.

How do VRBO Taxes Work?

VRBO will charge lodging and sales taxes depending on the agreement between VRBO and your jurisdiction. This means that if they’re required by law to remit on your behalf, then they will. If your jurisdiction does not require them to do so then they will allow you to charge guests directly and you will be responsible for remitting those lodging and sales taxes. Follow these steps to determine whether VRBO collects and remits taxes on your behalf:

  • Log into your account.
  • Click the “Property” icon to expand the left menu.
  • Click “Rules and Policies”.
  • Click “Taxes”. From here you will be able to see what taxes are being collected.

How do damage deposits work on VRBO?

You have the option of requiring a damage deposit or not. This deposit will be paid upfront by the guest at the time of the booking. This is a significant improvement over Airbnb’s system, which does not actually charge the damage deposit fee until after an incident is reported. You also have the option of offering guests a Property Damage Protection insurance. This insurance is in lieu of the guest having to pay an upfront damage deposit.

Few things to note about VRBO’s damage deposit:

  • The host/ property manager sets the deposit deposit value
  • If configured correctly, the guest will charged the damage deposit at the time of booking
  • The damage deposit will be refunded 14 days after the guests checks out, if no claim is filed.
  • While most hosts prefer charging the damage deposit upfront, it is a big deterrent to the guest as they’re considered they may not get their deposit back.

How does payment processing work on VRBO?

VRBO unlike Airbnb provides more options related to processing guest payments. You can either have VRBO handle guests charges or charge guests directly via Stripe, Braintree, or other major credit card processing companies.

This flexibility can be great for property managers that want more control over their guests.

Is VRBO the right fit for you?

VRBO is a popular OTA and has quickly become a must list site for most property managers. They are extremely property manager focussed; providing ample support to thor property manager partners.

VRBO prioritizes large family bookings so it’s a great marketing channel for managers with larger homes in desirable family destinations such as vacation markets. The channel has become the largest competitor of Airbnb and allows for largely the same types of inventory.

Step by Step Guide to Listing on VRBO

In order to easily set up your VRBO listing you will need to have the following information organized: the property address, high resolution photographs, banking information, details about the property, and your pricing strategy.

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click “List Your Property” in the top right corner.
  3. Input the important property information (ie. number of bedrooms and bathrooms)
  4. Click “Next”.
  5. Enter the property’s address and click on the blue arrow.
  6. Scan through the complete checklist and check all that apply.
  7. Decide whether you want to Pay-per-booking or an annual flat rate.
  8. Click “Next”.
  9. Enter your billing address and payment information.
  10. Accept the “Terms and Conditions”.

How to be Listed on VRBO and Airbnb

If you’re setting up a VRBO listing, then it is worth thinking about also setting up an Airbnb listing. By utilizing a channel manager you will be able to synchronize both the VRBO and Airbnb calendars and have a unified inbox so you can communicate on either platform without toggling between both applications.

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