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How to List on Expedia | Step-by-Step Guide

How to List on Expedia | Step-by-Step Guide

Listing your rental property on Expedia has never been easier. Get a head start right now!

Why Should You List on Expedia?

Expedia is one of the top-ranking platforms for listing short-term vacations and integrates with a wide range of properties that work with over 200 booking sites across the world.

In 2021, it will have over 20 global brands, including Expedia.com, Vrbo (HomeAway), Hotels.com, Hotwire.com, Orbitz, Travelocity, trivago, and CarRentals.com to name a few. Currently, they boast over 2.9 million hotels and vacation rentals, as well as more than 500 airlines. It is an emerging key marketplace for vacation rental bookings.

Currently, Expedia boasts over 2.9 million hotels, vacation rentals, and more than 500 airlines, making it an emerging key marketplace for vacation rental bookings.

With Expedia, customers have a wide selection of services at their disposal, including,

  • A One-stop destination to organize their trip – saving money & time!
  • The ability to purchase bundle deals on Flights, hotels, car rentals, and cruises
  • Frequent traveler rewards program

Get started, Plan better than ever before!

Expedia Partner Central is a portal built specifically for property managers. With a highly user-friendly and intuitive interface, owners may list their properties, manage reservations, and evaluate business growth. Be the first to join the super integrated platform on Expedia by becoming a part of this growing network and changing your space today.

From across the globe, Expedia receives over 750 million visits per month on their platform! One of the key reasons for their success is that they have set themselves apart from other vacation rentals by occupying a unique space between hotels and short-term rentals. Especially for owners of hotels, condos, and timeshares, this has become an excellent platform for increasing revenue by drawing new guests from all over the world.

Among many others, here are some key advantages of listing your property on Expedia:

  • Access to millions of vacationers planning their next holiday
  • Ability to reach people who require the services you provide
  • Make your property accessible on an array of targeted websites
  • Success at outperforming the traditional accommodation options
  • High reputation and value amongst other rentals
  • Valuable booking tools and assistance to ensure that your guests have all the information they need at their fingertips!

Bonus Benefits to Listing on Expedia!

1. Advertising on Expedia Group Channels

  • Listing your property on Expedia has the added benefit of appearing on a variety of other Expedia travel brands worldwide, including Hotels.com, Orbitz, Wotif, Ebookers, and others. After partnering with Expedia and sharing your property's details and photographs on their website they will appear on their other brands automatically.

  • You can benefit from more visibility and an increase in occupancy rate from other Expedia Group brands. Simply relax and enjoy the increased traffic and reservations!

2. Offering Packages at Great Rates

  • Expedia is a travel portal for everyone. They are renowned to provide more cost-effective holiday packages than reserving individually, therefore, tourists can book and combine their complete itinerary.

  • Expedia offers a wide variety of accommodation facilities, transportation solutions, attractions, and discounted packages that entice millions of travelers every day across the world.

3. Employing Advanced Technologies

  • Expedia Group is a technology company playing in the fields of travel rather than a travel company. It has an extensive portfolio of over one million properties and more than 1.8 million vacation rentals.

  • It gives users real-time personalized property recommendations to reach what they are looking for in no time.

  • It also provides property managers useful tools they need to manage their listings.

  • It offers the latest travel trends and market insights plus a variety of advertising solutions to attract travelers worldwide.

Don't miss the opportunity to list your property to your prospective visitors on this global platform. Register on Expedia and go live to the masses in less than 60 minutes.

Let’s have a look at how it’s done!

Step by step guide to Expedia

How to Quickly and Simply List on Expedia, In just 4 easy steps!

1. Say Hello! (5 minutes on average)

Listing is free and it’s easy to get started. First things first!

Tell us a bit about you and your property and we will welcome you to list your property on Expedias platform.

What you’ll need:

  • Property address
  • Property type (hotel, vacation home, apartment, etc.), selected from a drop-down menu
  • Number of individual spaces that can be booked at each property
  • Contact details for ongoing correspondence

2. Sign up! (5-10 minutes on average)

Check your inbox. Yes! You got it – An email from us to you! We will email you and ask you to sign up on our safe platform to verify your account. From there, you can check our terms and conditions, including the percentage of compensation (only paid on bookings) and how to receive payments.

What you’ll need:

  • Have any tax and regulatory information ready if required by your local government

3. Generate your Expedia listing! (20-30 minutes on average)

It is time to get creative and describe your property!

We suggest you start off with a brief introduction including the unique selling points of your property in a nutshell.

  • List out what you can find in each room including features, furniture or art, smart technology, windows with views, number of beds, blackout blinds, etc.

  • Types of appliances and/or special amenities you offer such as - Shampoo, lotion, shaving cream, razor, shower cap, hairdryer, Coffee Kit Etc

  • If you have a garden or a pool, elaborate on the specifics of available amenities. If there are, for example, sunbeds and play facilities for toddlers

  • A must-have are high-quality photos of your property, showcasing the facilities, quality, and sterile accommodations; as an additional bonus, you might also include a short video clip. TIP: Use a professional photographer for sharp clarity on photo captures.

  • Add in details about the neighborhood and local area. Accessibility to public transport, popular restaurants, vicinities of interest, activities such as surfing, whale watching, Fishing, etc., or trekking expeditions and footpaths. Your customers will gain insights into what you provide at your location, and what activities they could engage in.

    __ TIP:__ Use simple and yet descriptive information.

  • To sum up, you must include the charges based on the kind of accommodation (fees per room type, a list of fees if any for any add-on services, deposits, and property policies), as well as a listing of available dates.

Almost, nearly done now, with one more step to go!

4. Welcome Guests! (0-15 minutes)

Your vacation rental listing will go live in less than a few minutes and will be visible to millions of people seeking accommodations. Upon receiving a booking, you can engage with your guests and offer them any additional information they may require. While assisting with check-ins, you can also easily coordinate with them one-on-one. For this, you'll need your management team to be extremely responsive in delivering the appropriate information and responding to the guests' inquiries. TIP: It is vital to keep your calendars synchronized across all of your channels to avoid accepting duplicate bookings.

What you'll need:

  • A few minutes, only if our onboarding team reaches out with a question or quick clarification.

  • The Partner Central mobile app—get it from the App Store or Google Play. It will help you stay up to date with bookings and guests when you’re on the go.

Expedia - Equipped & Evolved

Expedia scores top results for its website and mobile application. They offer applications for both iOS and Android users. Clients are offered a discount for the first travel booking done via their mobile app. The app allows travelers to book a trip from A to Z on the go on any smart device they are using. Expedia sites are reinforced by hands-on support and provide the highest levels of security. So, you’re always in safe hands!

List your business with Expedia now and watch it spread globally!

How can Hostaway help?

Hostaway offers scalable solutions with award-winning support to fast-growing vacation rental property managers! Hostaway is integrated with the biggest and boldest names in the world of vacation rentals and Expedia ranks among our top channel partners. The group includes more than 200 companies that cater to almost every segment of the travel industry.

Hostaway has one of the world's leading vacation rental customer relationship management software, perfect for those with 5 to 1,000+ listings. We make it easy for you to get more out of your business while spending less time with tedious manual tasks.

What we offer:

  •    Channel Manager
  •    [Property Management System](https://www.hostaway.com/features/property-management)
  •    Messaging Services
  •    Mobile Apps
  •    User Management
  •    Booking Engine
  •    Revenue Management
  •    Dynamic Pricing
  •    API

Our dedicated team brings their deep experience of the sector to the forefront, giving you continual insight into how best to run your business anywhere in the world.

More bookings. Less hassle.

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Ready to find out how Hostaway can transform your business?

Hostaway is proud to support thousands of Property Managers and Airbnb Hosts Around the world. We take pride in being Top Ranked in Vacation Rental Software Review Sites: Capterra, G2, Software Advice, Trust Pilot, to name just a few! Check out our reviews and read the Hostaway Case Studies from real successful and growing Short-Term Rental Managers!