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Airbnb Listing Description: Examples & Guide

Airbnb Listing Description: Examples & Guide

What stands apart from your property listing in comparison to others? Is it the photos? Or the listing description? Either way, research has shown that Airbnb listing photos grab the attention but it is the Airbnb listing description that gets your property booked.

With that said, writing a killer Airbnb description is vital when creating a listing. More importantly, you do not have to be a writer to write a great listing description. It just needs to be on-point. Understandable, writing an Airbnb listing description is time-consuming but it should never be overlooked.

So without further ado, here are some guides to get started on:

  • Why are Airbnb Listing Description important?
  • Writing Tips for Describing your Airbnb
  • The Basic Structure of Airbnb Listing Descriptions?
  • Top 5 Airbnb Description Examples

Why are Airbnb Listing Descriptions important?

One of your best tools in securing bookings and setting guests’ expectations is having a great listing description. Not saying it has to be perfect but it just needs to tell guests what exactly they’ll find and can expect when arriving at your property.

Moreover, it is also important to understand that potential guests do not have the opportunity to speak with you with regard to your property. Therefore, writing about it is necessary for creating the first impression. Take note that potential guests judge your listings based on the listing photo, listing description, and profile when deciding to potentially book your property. Therefore, Airbnb listing descriptions are more important than ever especially when vacation rental sites like Airbnb have been moving towards the automated booking method.

Airbnb listing descriptions that sell:

Present clear information

Airbnb listing descriptions are best when they are provided with clear information explaining your property, using strong adjectives in separate sentences to drive your point.

One of the biggest mistakes when describing your Airbnb listing is not getting your point across to the target audience. For example, if you are using fancy descriptors such as your property is ‘breathtaking, gleaming, etc. but does not explain its location or the sleeping accommodation, the listing will not grab the attention of the target booker or audience. Hence, get your point across first and only put the cherry on top.

Anticipate the negatives

A great way to write an Airbnb Listing Description is to mention any potential negatives in positive light. To simplify, if your property is located on a loud street surrounded with late-night bar activities, say it in a way that does not present it negatively.

Mention it is ‘Steps away from nightlife and those who are looking for a good time will enjoy it. . By doing so, it allows guests to understand the shortcomings of the property without presenting it negatively while targeting the right audience and saving you from a bad review down the line.

Use proper Spelling and grammar

Spelling and grammar are vital when reading an Airbnb listing description or even an article when establishing trust and professionalism with your potential guests. Think about it, would you continue reading a listing if there were any spelling or grammar errors? Would you be able to trust what they had to say? Probably not. Therefore, it is always important to review and take the time to check your Airbnb listing descriptions to help establish trust and more, let potential guests know that you’re a professional.

Writing Tips for Describing your Airbnb

Before getting started at describing your Airbnb, keep below pointers in mind:

  1. Know your audience and use the right tone. Business travelers? Families? International travelers?
  2. “Title” off the page should be unique and explosive
  3. Ensure your words reflect your photos
  4. Use an intuitive description structure
  5. Be specific but not generic
  6. Describe what makes your property stand out
  7. Write like a pro. Do not use meaningless words such as ‘great’, ‘lovely’ or ‘nice’
  8. Be creative at grabbing the attention of your target audience
  9. Avoid over-selling the space
  10. Test different descriptions to see what works best

What is the Basic Structure of Airbnb Listing Descriptions?

Brief introduction

In a nutshell, the brief introduction should be the overall selling point of your property.

Room by room description

Use bullet points or short paragraphs mentioning features and amenities found in each room such as furniture, art, smart technology, number of beds, windows with or without a view, type of appliances, and special amenities.

Outdoor spaces description

Provide descriptions of the area whether you have a garden or a swimming pool. Also, mention what is available for guests such as sunbeds or children’s play equipment.

Location description

Last but not least, end the description describing the surrounding areas and whether it is accessible to transport, well-known restaurants or even walking trails. Keep in mind, to keep it short and sweet.

Top 5 Airbnb Description Examples

Example 1: Cozy Midtown Studio in New York

Cozy Midtown Studio in New York

Cozy studio apartment in Manhattan close to Broadway theatres, restaurants, and shopping. A perfect crash pad for touristing in New York. I'm a quiet person and an early riser and this is a space for like-minded guests. You have your own entrance but since people in this building are working from home, and need to sleep at night, no loud music or partying is allowed at any time! But then, there is no need to bring the party home - you have everything you need just outside the door!

Key Takeaways:

  • The host is very specific to the property surroundings and how the host presents the shortcoming of the property to a positive light.

  • It targets to like-minded guests

  • The photos are captivating and feature specific pieces of the property

  • It creates a mood to an old school charm of New York capturing the imagination of the reader

Example 2: The Santuary- Unique Experience, View & Firepit in Kureepla, Queensland

 The Santuary- Unique Experience, View & Firepit in Kureepla, Queensland

The Sanctuary is a place for you to retreat, relax, reset and revive yourself. It is a mini-retreat especially designed for You to come alone, or with a friend or partner to renew your love of life. Sit and gaze at the stunning view, take some time for you! Don't want to go out? There is everything you need, Nespresso coffee, tea, breakfast supplies, treats, even dinners for you to heat. Create, with a range of art and craft activities, or just sit, drink, chat and relax. Your time!

Key Takeaways:

  • It creates the mood and atmosphere that encaptures the imagination of the reader.

  • The surrounding of the property is a unique selling point.

  • It’s specifically written to Mums who need time to themselves or guests who love nature and some alone time while it features activities within the property to enjoy from.

Example 3: Suite Boutique Privee Vancouver

Private entry + 500 square feet space with quiet neighbourhood ( Nothing is shared with anyone ). Stay includes:

  • WiFi: 150/mpbs

  • Hot: Air Conditioner + Dyson fan

Key Takeaways:

  • The host is very specific to the location and amenities of the property

  • The convenience of the property is highlighted

  • The title makes it ‘pop’ off the page that possibly intrigues the reader

  • The photos encapture the reader to a modern suite featuring amenities available for guests.

Example 4: The Merchant’s Room: Classic Huguenot Georgian BnB London

Spitalfields and Shoreditch is the center of London culture, both historical and avant-garde. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to live in a beautifully conserved Georgian house built by the Huguenots circa 1725 in the heart of it all.

Key Takeaways:

  • Highlights the location of the property and its convenience

  • The photos marry beautifully to the words

  • It tells us a story bringing the reader back to the colonial times

Example 5: Balistyle Guesthouse in the Forest near Amsterdam

Balistyle Guesthouse in the Forest near Amsterdam

The 40m2 guesthouse is located in recreation area "Spaarnwoude", close to the beach of IJmuiden/Zandvoort and train-busstation Amsterdam Sloterdijk (15min). Activities nearby: SnowPlanet, a golfcourse, wellness centre, horse riding, harbour and many water activities. Bus 382 stops nearby.

Ruigoord (see below), is 6min away.

You’ll love our place because of the Bali-style design.

Key Takeaways:

  • Highlights location and activities nearby the property

  • The reader is given information about why the location is ideal and for who

  • The host captures the reader with what is expected in the property

  • Unique selling point is the balinese-style design of the property that paints a vivid picture

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