Hostaway introduces real-time integration with Airbnb and!

February 4, 2018

Real-time Airbnb and updates are here!

Hostaway offers a channel manager with extensive communication tools. Until now, we have synchronized the accounts on a regular basis. Starting today, you can finally receive all messages and reservations in real-time!

How does the Airbnb integration work?

Hostaway gives you an email address for each of your Airbnb accounts. Change the email address for your Airbnb account to the one assigned by Hostaway. Once this is done, every guest message, inquiry, reservation or update will instantly be available in Hostaway, both on the mobile app and in the dashboard.

Will I still receive my emails from Airbnb?

Yes! You can choose which emails you want to receive and forward them to your own email address and if needed, two other email addresses.

What are the benefits of using the real-time integration?

  • Listing views. Answering messages and inquries fast increases your ranking on Airbnb, leading to higher views and more bookings!
  • Better reviews. By answering all guest questions fast, your guests will appreciate the excellent service you provide.
  • Fewer double-bookings. As a new reservation is confirmed, Hostaway will update all connected channels instantly.

For more information, please refer to our Support Forum. push notifications!

In order to make sure each reservation is processed in real-time, we have integrated push notifications. In addition to the regular synchronization intervals, we receive a notification from every time a reservation is made. This allows you to contact the guest faster, and allows our software to faster update the information. This feature is automatically enabled for all users.