Airbnb quick setup guide

First time:

When you have signup to Hostaway you can easily import all your current listings from Airbnb in to Hostaway. Our system will ask you to login to your Hostaway account by the Hostaway dashboard. In this way it establish a connection that will be used to import and update your listings.

If you don’t have a Airbnb password yet because you login by FaceBook normally you can request one on the Airbnb website.

When you have entered the email address and the password you can import the listings. After the import is completed you will see that your listings show up in the listings menu, the current reservations in the reservations menu and the messages in the messages menu.

Keep in mind that when you change the Airbnb password your Hostaway account doesn’t have access anymore.

Multiple Airbnb account:

If you have or use multiple airbnb accounts you can add them as well to your Hostaway account.

To do this go to settings – channels -configure button for Airbnb. Here you will see the current airbnb connections and you are able to click on the button +Add new. Enter the credentials for this new Airbnb account and your Hostaway account will ask you to import these new listings.

Connect with existing Hostaway listing:

It is possible to create listings manually in Hostaway and connect Airbnb later or re-connect Airbnb. In both cases there is no need to “import” the listings from Airbnb. In the window where it ask you to import or map the listings. Select the correct listing in Hostaway and map it to the correct listing from Airbnb.

Markup for Airbnb:

Contrary to most other API channels. We don’t have a special % markup function for Airbnb connections. Basically your Airbnb rates are imported on the first import to fill your calendar. After that time your Hostaway account considers the calendar rate as base rate and updates Airbnb according to it. All other channels that support rate update will use a % markup based on this one that can be base rate + % or – %.


We only import rate and blocked dates from Airbnb during the first connection. After that you need to use the Hostaway calendar to update the availability, rates and LOS. Click on a day in the calendar and you will find the different options to adjust.

If you have Airbnb dynamic pricing activated under settings – dynamic pricing. Your Hostaway calendar rates will be updated every 24 hours with the rates that are set in your Airbnb account at that moment. It wil not import blocked dates from Airbnb.

Hostaway servers are connecting to your Airbnb account from around the world. Sometimes you might receive a email about this. It is not needed to change the password for your account based on this email. If you do change the password your Hostaway connection will not work anymore and it will ask to enter the new password again.

In some cases this might trigger security settings that will not allow you to enter new passwords. If that is the case and you do see time out warning. Contact support to setup a time for a meeting to reset this password with the help of online support. Please do not retry the passwords multiple times as it might even block your whole Hostaway account.