Our main new deployments in March

April 9, 2018

We’re so excited to share with you a list of all improvements that happened last month (March 2018). Our mission statement is to offer you the best solution and the highest quality of services in vacation rental globally. We do this by being reactive and by updating our platform based on questions, feedback and suggestions from our users.

For a detailed overview, you can always have a look at changelog.hostaway.com, but below are the major changes and how Hostaway got better last month:

  • Hostaway is now able to connect Airbnb Co-Hosted accounts. This means you are able to use Hostaway also with properties that aren't on your own Airbnb account
  • Now you can create reports where the Reservations CSV export can include only visible fields or all available fields. Great improvement for reporting!
  • In the multiple pages, we improved the loading speed for accounts with more than 50 properties
  • The loading speed for the the multi-calendar is also enhanced, showing more information and you can scroll across months as well.
  • It’s now easier to fill in the phone number on the mobile version of our Direct Booking Website, supporting monthly and weekly discounts too.
  • We also launched a new updated version of our Mobile App, available for both Android and iOS!

Of course, our web development team was also working hard on getting our software even more amazing and adding new features, so watch out this space for more info coming soon!

Our insights also tell us that one of the reasons why Property Managers are switching to Hostaway is for our speed of development. If you aren’t a user, have you tried us yet? Book a demo if you want to see how it works today!

If you are already a user, your feedback is what keep us going, so please do share any you may have with us by emailing us at support@hostaway.com. We’re always welcoming new ideas ;)

Thank you for your support! The Hostaway Team