Nightpricer Offers a New Dynamic Pricing Approach to Boost the Bottom Line

Nightpricer Offers a New Dynamic Pricing Approach to Boost the Bottom Line

In today’s vacation rental tech boom, property managers have endless options at their fingertips designed to streamline processes, save time, and increase profits. Hostaway and other PMS platforms are racing to add helpful integrations that help clients grow and manage portfolios successfully.

In the Dynamic Pricing segment alone, industry leaders have refined and improved strategies for years, while new challengers present features that push the dynamic pricing bar. And it makes sense. Successful yield management is the cornerstone of company growth and exceeding client expectations.

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So, what makes Nightpricer different?

In a nutshell, Nightpricer’s dynamic pricing strategy goes against the grain, while most dynamic pricing apps use more traditional strategies.

Below we’ll discuss the different approaches, and why so many property managers are switching to Nightpricer to increase their booking revenues.

Traditional Dynamic Pricing Strategies


The most common yield management strategy is based on the occupancy of a rental unit. Dynamic pricing apps automate pricing fluctuations when occupancies increase or decrease from a target percentage. Basically, if occupancies increase, rates go up. And if occupancies decrease, rates go down.

Pro: A good occupancy strategy can produce more reservations and revenue, making occupancy percentage the most widely used indicator of a rental’s success.

Con: Future events, holidays, and valuable dates may be left underpriced until occupancies increase, so manual updates are often necessary.


Another commonly used pricing strategy revolves around compsets (a set of competitors in the same market), often layered within an occupancy plan. Much like real estate listings, properties of similar size and amenities are compared to ensure pricing is within market range. With this approach, rate updates or user notifications are triggered if competitors increase or decrease pricing.

Pro: Compset pricing is a powerful tool that helps properties stay in line with current market values and maintain high occupancy rates.

Con: Without testing the market independently to see if a compset can be outperformed, it’s difficult to be sure if competitor properties are appropriately priced.

The Nightpricer Difference

ADR (Average Daily Rate)

A “zig” to the “zag” of an occupancy-based strategy, Nightpricer’s ADR-focused dynamic pricing has shown to boost revenues dramatically. To maximize nightly income, Nightpricer identifies booking frequencies, seasonality, and valuable dates to find the highest rate thresholds that guests are willing to pay for each night.

Booking Frequency

With so many variables that impact the success of a vacation rental such as reviews, listing photos, and descriptions, Nightpricer believes that each unit has a distinct personality that affects performance.

Instead of relying on compsets to help establish nightly rates, Nightpricer utilizes continuous automated pricing increases as bookings roll in, and then decreases rates when bookings slow down, helping each property find their nightly pricing “sweet spot” to maximize rental income throughout the year.


As unbooked nights draw near, Nightpricer’s “Fire Sale” feature boosts occupancy by discounting last-minute rates to grab more bookings. This added layer gives Nightpricer a true “one-two punch”, allowing property managers to maximize occupancy while ADR continues to increase.

Event Pricing

Nightpricer finds the “sweet-spot” for your event dates as well. The key to Nightpricer’s successful ADR strategy is identifying and capitalizing on the year’s most valuable nights. These dates start with specially marked up event rates, then find their true market rate by increasing/decreasing based on the rentals booking frequency.

Try Nightpricer and be amazed!

All features are fully automated, and setup is a breeze. No more micromanaging just increased rates and revenue. Learn more at

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