Meet The Hostaway Team: MARCUS

March 26, 2018

Marcus Hostaway Meet the Team

Each month, we’ll be introducing a team member so you can get to know the amazing team at Hostaway. This month, we’d like to introduce you to Marcus Rader, our CEO & Co-founder. He’s based between Helsinki, Toronto and Barcelona!

Hello Marcus!

1. First of all, what do you do at Hostaway?

As the CEO, my job is to empower each department to deliver the premium service our customers deserve. I’m also responsible for strategic partnerships. On a daily basis, I jump in when needed and help improving processes in sales, customer support, product development and marketing.

2. Tell us a bit about your previous experience, what made you choose this profession and what do you think your experience brings to the Hostaway team?

I have worked in tech startups for 10 years. Originally Hostaway was set up and designed to be a b2c service, but we have since evolved and focus fully on b2b. I have been in companies that have raised a lot of funding, run out of funding, had great products, had great teams. I’ve also worked in several countries and with colleagues from around the world. The variety of my experience allows us to give independence to our employees and teams, while being able to work on multiple continents with a highly talented team.

3. What are your hobbies?

Besides running a company and taking care of a newborn, I enjoy Pokemon Go, beer tastings and reading fictional books - preferably thrillers or horror. I also play guitar, and my favourite genre is melodic death metal. Other hobbies include investing in stocks and real-estate.

4. Favourite:

Movie / TV series: Terminator 2/Breaking Bad Book: Firestarter / Stephen King Song: In Flames - Episode 666 Animal: Polar bear, of course! Place: Kensington Market, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

5. If you were a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

Rainbow. Because it’s 2018.

6. If you were shipwrecked on a deserted island, you have water and food, what 3 items would you want to have with you?

Time machine - so I can invest in stocks Guitar - so I can be the best guitarist on the island Teleporter - so I can scare people by popping up in awkward locations

7. If you could be a superhero, which superpower would you like to have?

There’s only one option available here: mint berry crunch. The power of mint and berries, with a tasty satisfying crunch!

8. If you were an ice cream what flavor would you be?

Smoky whisky and cuban cigars.

9. Tell us something weird, funny or unique that has happened to you or you can do?

Yesterday I learned that when I was 5, my birthday party consisted of only girls. When I reached the age of 6, I was picking up chicks at the pool bar in Rodos. Some start early…

10. Finally, why do you like most about working at Hostaway?

The freedom to choose how to do things, especially the freedom to recruit the most amazing team I’ve ever seen in any company I’ve worked in!

Thank you Marcus for sharing a bit of you with us on this fun interview!