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Hostaway Marketplace

The Hostaway Marketplace is the largest integrated marketplace for vacation rental tools and software. Hostaway is integrated with more than 100 apps, all designed to help short term rental managers and hosts automate, scale, and grow their businesses. Hostaway’s marketplace is a curation of the best vacation rental software and tools within the industry. Each tool is connected via API into Hostaway’s property management or channel management systems and meet our high bar for integration quality and reliability.


HostAI streamlines guest services, team management, maintenance, and marketing for STRs. We remove the complexity of management so you can focus on providing great hospitality. How it works: HostAI leads the STR automation software space, particularly excelling in guest messaging. By harnessing your existing knowledge and training an AI model for each listing, HostAI crafts a solution uniquely tailored to your team. Features: AI messaging: HostAI's messaging automation expertly handles guest communications across all stages of their stay, from initial inquiries through pre-stay, during the stay, to post-stay interactions and beyond. HostAI streamlines operations for vacation rental managers while also significantly enhancing the guest experience by ensuring timely, accurate, and personalized communication. Upsells: HostAI increases the per-guest revenue with personalized upsells. It analyzes your listing's calendar and your cleaning schedule to suggest timely upsells, from early check-ins to additional services and add-ons. HostAI users can also create their own upsells. Whether it’s upselling extra linens, cribs for guests bringing kids, or rides to and from the airport, hosts can create automated upsells that they can use for every guest. Workflows: Here, task automation comes to the forefront. HostAI enables you to set up automated triggers for various scenarios, such as re-engaging guests who cancel bookings or encouraging direct bookings for high-value stays. This automation extends to managing guest interactions efficiently, ensuring every opportunity is noticed. Maintenance tracking: Beyond guest communication, HostAI excels in converting feedback into actionable tasks. Whether it's a mention of missing toiletries or feedback about cleanliness, HostAI organizes these into tasks and alerts your team, integrating closely with your property management software to ensure seamless operation Urgency tagging: HostAI sorts guest messages into two categories: non-urgent and urgent messages. With HostAI, urgent guest messages are identified and prioritized, requiring human input for situations like maintenance issues, while non-urgent inquiries are automated. Unified inbox: The unified inbox feature aggregates SMS, WhatsApp, Phone Calls and all OTAs, further simplifying inbox management. When a guest sends an urgent message, HostAI notifies the host or property manager and allows them to respond. VoIP: Integrate your existing phone line or get a free HostAI business line (in your local area code) to integrate all calls into the HostAI unified inbox Listing audit: Whenever an Airbnb host or Vacation rental management company is onboarded, HostAI runs an audit of their listings. The goal of the audit is to identify gaps in their knowledge base so they know exactly what information is missing for them to reach their desired guest messaging automation level.


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