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Hostaway Marketplace

The Hostaway Marketplace is the largest integrated marketplace for vacation rental tools and software. Hostaway is integrated with more than 100 apps, all designed to help short term rental managers and hosts automate, scale, and grow their businesses. Hostaway’s marketplace is a curation of the best vacation rental software and tools within the industry. Each tool is connected via API into Hostaway’s property management or channel management systems and meet our high bar for integration quality and reliability.


In the bustling realm of property management, Boom stands as a paragon of transformative innovation. By harnessing the power of state-of-the-art AI technology, Boom reshapes the traditional contours of property management, infusing them with efficiency, precision, and user-centric design. Their proprietary 'Plug & Manage' system symbolizes a forward-thinking approach, ensuring even the most intricate operations are streamlined, making property management an art of simplicity. Delve deeper into Boom's offerings and one discovers that a brief 3-week onboarding journey unveils a horizon of possibilities: from skyrocketing revenues and optimized conversion rates to a wave of glowing reviews that amplify a brand's reputation. These aren't mere promises; they're the lived experiences of Boom's diverse clientele. At its core, Boom isn't just about technological prowess. It's a mission-driven endeavor, aiming to redefine the benchmarks of the property management sector. By melding time-honored hospitality techniques with cutting-edge solutions, Boom ensures every stakeholder, be it a property magnate or a transient guest, feels valued, understood, and catered to - Owner Portal - Field Operation Management - Accounting and Payments - Guest Experience - Analytics



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