Improvements & Updates that were deployed in April

May 11, 2018

We’re so excited to share with you a list of all improvements that happened in April. For a detailed overview, updated weekly, you can always check updates at, but below are the major changes and how Hostaway got better last month:

  • Booking engine map view: currently as a menu item on the top right of the dashboard. Easier to show guests where your properties are located.
  • “Always trigger" option for automations: for example if your automation is set for "3 days before arrival" and then guest does a same-day-booking (which is less than 3 days before arrival) now this will be triggered automatically.
  • New search button (with a magnifying glass): This functionality has replaced the previous predictive search in different parts of our dashboard making it easier for you to search results. We also have a new infinity scrolling to load more results!
  • Minimum-stay at calendar-day level: in our booking engine now the minimum stay is at calendar-day in the booking page. Also, you may have seen that the minimum stay has changed from 20 to 30 in our dashboard. As you’re aware if you want to increase the amount of days, this may be an issue with Expedia but we keep monitoring to provide you the best service!
  • Reservation detail page improvements: now “guest” and “reservation” tabs are now merged together. We also added the guest first name and last name fields.
  • Status Property filters: in " > properties" in the admin dashboard, you can have filters for the different status of your properties.
  • Mobile dashboard “login” link: now added in the website menu if you are accessing the platform from your mobile
  • Hostaway iCal export: you have the possibility of excluding any channel or blocked dates from this.
  • Other improvements: in regards to currency symbols now showing correctly in the booking engine, exporting properties in our admin dashboard and much more.

Of course, as always, our development team is working hard on getting our platform and app even more amazing, adding new features, improvements and integrations - we’ll have more news to share soon. Watch out this space!

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