Identity Verification and Authentication Prevents Fraud, adds Trust and Safety

Identity Verification and Authentication Prevents Fraud, adds Trust and Safety

Information technology has revolutionized the way we interact with the world today. But there is a dark side to the digital revolution. It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to determine the authenticity of their users in a virtual world. The number of identity fraud cases have skyrocketed in recent years. Over 49 million US consumers were victims to this form of cybercrime in 2020 alone, where their total losses surpassed $56 billion. It's no wonder why people have trust issues. In this day and age, identity verification and authentication are a necessity when conducting any sort of business online.

As the CEO of, it is my responsibility to make sure that the company lives up to its namesake and evokes the true meaning of the words trust and safety. We offer identity verification, authentication and fraud prevention as a service to our clients throughout the world. Our Verify UI™ can instantly forensically analyze over 6,000 government IDs or passports from 200 countries in 38 languages. Machine learning, computer vision, and AI enables us to automate identity verification, authentication and fraud prevention while keeping the process simple, intuitive and straightforward. The entire user journey can be completed in under 30 seconds.

The first step in proving identity is to establish the authenticity of the photo ID or passport provided. You may be able to tell how authentic an ID seems when you hold it in your hand, you feel it and you can look at it real close. But it’s not so easy to tell online. Not to mention, it can be both time consuming and consequential if you get it wrong.

Not only can our solution instantly detect forgery or fraud, we can confirm the data on the ID or passport through authoritative database look-ups in over 33 countries to determine that even an excellent fake ID won’t fool us if the underlying data is inauthentic. We’re aware of the many sophisticated ways to commit identity fraud which is why we consider our facial recognition and liveness detection algorithms to be second to none. Using fault-intolerant biometric measures you can be certain someone isn’t stealing or borrowing the identity of someone else by proving the person holding the ID is the person on the ID.

For our customers with the highest stakes who want to take the most precaution possible we also offer criminal and sex offender background checks, SSN or Tax ID verification, global watch list checks and more. Do you provide temporary corporate housing? We can prove employment. Do you offer student housing? We can verify enrollment as well. We even have an optional subscription service to alert our customers if any of their users are placed under arrest, issued a warrant, sentenced or imprisoned.

We integrated with the Hostway App Marketplace to add trust and safety to hotels and short term property rentals to deter theft, catch fraud, avoid bad actors, eliminate risk and stop loss. Hostaway users can add our authentication, verification and fraud prevention workflow to their booking process in just a few clicks and no lines of code. We hope our tools enhance trust and make online booking or check-in easier and frictionless than ever.

For anyone managing short-term rentals or hotel stays, you must have trust and confidence in who you let on and into your property. It starts with authenticating and verifying your guests. Proving their identity is essential, but delighting and pleasing them is just as important to us.

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