How to choose the Best Airbnb Management Tools & Software in 2022

How to choose the Best Airbnb Management Tools & Software in 2022

For many hosts across the globe, managing a number of properties on Airbnb is a lucrative business opportunity. While some hosts turn their side hustles, evolving into a fully-fledged business, unfortunately, it comes with its challenges.

Airbnb continuously grows and staying on top can be overwhelming especially for most property managers managing one or multiple Airbnb properties simultaneously. Luckily, thanks to technological advancement, there are plenty of Airbnb management tools and software on the market to choose from.

Airbnb property management software has become a lifesaver for many hosts easing repetitive operations and being a better tool to effectively manage needs. Interested? Let's dig deeper on:

  • What to look for in Airbnb management tools and software?
  • What are the criteria for choosing the best Airbnb management tools and software?
  • Top 5 Airbnb management tools and software to consider in 2022

What to look for in Airbnb Management Tools and Software?

Understanding your goals

With more and more Airbnb properties available, the more it becomes challenging for hosts and the more likely hosts are to look for alternatives to help ease the workload while increasing efficiency and return on investment (ROI).

But before overcoming these challenges, it is important to first understand the goals and needs of your Airbnb business by identifying what aspects you struggle with the most, whether it is from guest communication, cleaning management, or real-time calendar syncing. Once you've determined your needs, put in the time and effort to research in finding the management software and tools best suited for your needs.

Compare and contrast different tools

Carefully identify the similarities and differences of various software solutions and features provided on the market suited to your needs. The best place to start is by checking out user reviews.

Reading real user reviews via reliable sites such as Capterra, GetApp, SoftwareAdvice, and G2 will help you determine the pros and cons in depth based on the user experience. Keep in mind, to be sure not to depend only on its ratings. Also, be aware of the possibility of fake reviews.

Free Trial and Demo

Find out what software and tools on the market offer a free trial and try them in action. Although, not all software provides free trials, ensure to request free demos that will help in your decision-making process. That way, before making the final decision, you can learn more about the functionalities, capabilities, and drawbacks of each software. Moreover, with the free trial, you can also determine whether the software matches your needs and is the right fit for your Airbnb business.

In case, you are unclear or have doubts about the software, contact customer support for assistance. Keep in mind, that it will be an additional value-added asset if live customer support is provided in the vacation rental software to its users.

What are the Criteria for Choosing the Best Airbnb Management Tools and Software?

Criteria for Choosing the Best Airbnb Management Tools and Software

Simplicity and Usability

Some of the Airbnb management software user interface available on the market can possibly be unfriendly, complicated, and sometimes outdated meaning the user might require technical expertise and weeks of training to figure out how to use the software and its features provided. Thus, choose a software that is simple and easy to use that even a kid or a beginner can figure out in minutes.

Fixed Term Contracts

Typically, some vendors try to seal you in with fixed-term contracts that require payments for the year in advance to avoid losing customers, especially to strong competitors. Therefore, consider vendors that offer monthly subscriptions and free cancellations as these are positive signs for a vendor to be 100% confident in their product.

Moreover, it is important to be aware of the company's cancellation terms as you do not want to be surprised by the news.


Vendors ideally have different kinds of pricing options that include:

  • Commissions- It is important to be aware that some providers charge commissions for your reservations made or even before you connect with the software. The major drawback of this arrangement is that you cannot estimate in advance your monthly payment to the vendor.

  • Fixed Monthly Rate- For most hosts, payments depend on the number of listings/properties you have or the monthly subscription package you select, where you pay a fixed amount monthly. Having the flexibility allows you to choose various packages or subscriptions based on the set of features that is the right fit for your business.

Product Reviews

Choosing Airbnb management software requires deep research into the product and its features provided, especially when bringing your Airbnb business on top. Moreover, the performance of a business depends on the software solutions and tools selected.

Thus, it is of utmost importance to ensure that the management software tool has strong reviews from verified users via reliable sources such as Capterra, G2, and more.

Customer Support

Navigating issues requires good and reliable customer support, especially during onboarding. Be sure that the Airbnb management software selected must-have 24/7 customer support existing and that responses are immediate. No customer wants to wait for days for a response to an inquiry or issue.

Hidden Fees

Beforehand, find out if the software provider selected has any hidden additional costs, and what seems like a cheap solution may end up costing more than you've anticipated especially after investing an amount of time in research and resources on the demo, training, and integration. Therefore, it is important to read reviews thoroughly on the company's pricing policy.

Mobile App

Today, a mobile app feature is needed for Airbnb management software, especially for busy hosts who are on the go. A mobile app also helps to stay up to date and connect with daily tasks with the palm of your hand. And while some companies focus on adding new features, a lot of developers miss out on the importance of the mobile app, especially if hosts want to stay flexible.

Top 5 Airbnb Management Tools and Software to Consider in 2022

1. Hostaway


Hostaway is an innovative vacation rental software with cutting-edge technology providing the best solutions and flexibility for property managers that allows managing all your properties/listings in one dashboard while staying up to date on your bookings. Apart from that, Hostaway continues to provide customers with exceptional customer support and engagement ensuring it meets your needs.

Moreover, the software is also rich with helpful features from automation to invoices, double bookings, payments, communications, and more. With more than 200 integrated software partners including Hostaway's leading PMS and channel manager, daily repetitive tasks will be made simpler and easier while focusing on growing your vacation rental business.



iGMS is an all-in-one software solution and is popular among property managers that allow you to manage all your Airbnb accounts on a single dashboard resulting in saving time for other productive tasks such as strategic planning.

Moreover, it integrates with other OTAs such as, VRBO, and other platforms which can be easily controlled from one multi-calendar. Apart from that, just like any other Airbnb management software, it automates communication, cleaning management, monitoring financial reports, and more with ease. And lastly, with the iGMS website builder, you can grow your bookings and grow your revenue.

3. Guesty


Guesty is an end-to-end Airbnb property management solution and app for short-term rental property managers looking to automate daily tasks, generate detailed financial reports, process payments, and store all communications and reservations on one centralized dashboard.

Moreover, one of the features Guesty highlights to its Airbnb property managers is allowing them to sync the account with third-party services or OTAs. And for those who manage a large number of listings, Guesty is known to be a popular tool among property managers and is a solid player on the market.

4. Lodgify


Lodgify is a cloud-based software designed to help increase your Airbnb business with the tools needed to build websites, receive bookings, manage reservations, and connect with top OTAs within one place. Moreover, you can create customized plans suited to your vacation rental needs perfect for all types of property managers.

5. Kigo


Launched in 2007, Kigo is known to be a trusted global platform for vacation rental management professionals that offers businesses several tools in one cloud-based platform to help streamline bookings, listings, marketing, and operations that will increase productivity and drive revenue.

Moreover, Kigo also provides vacation rental insurance, unlike other Airbnb property management software. With Kigo's complete vacation rental software solutions including channel management, websites, payments, and more managing properties/listings more easily and businesses can grow to the next level.

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