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Simple Setup

Automatically connects the
biggest vacation rentals websites.
Managed Channels

Find new guests

We will list you on the biggest
vacation rental sites in the world so
all travellers can find you regardless of
how they search for their dream stay.

Calendar Sync

Manage all your guest bookings in
one place. Adjust rates, communicate
with guests and never get another
double-booking again.

Easy Automation

Automatic messages, dynamic
pricing and multi-user access lets
you focus on expanding your business,
not on managing minor details.

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Hostaway messaging dashboard

Get more Bookings and Lower Vacancy Rates

When you’re visible on multiple property rental channels, you naturally will get more inquiries and bookings.

A last-minute cancellation from HomeAway can turn to a win when travellers on AirBNB are looking for a weekend getaway!

Higher Prices and Higher Ratings

Increased demand will raise your prices naturally.

Increased demand also lets you screen for higher quality guests.

Great guests then leave great reviews, and great reviews attract more great guests. But it all starts with increased demand.

Hostaway channel dashboard

Easily Optimize Pricing for Each Vacation Rental Platform.

AirBNB is used primarily for business travellers and last minute vacations, while HomeAway is primarily used by people booking family getaways months in advance.

Your property may do better in one market than another.

You can test different pricing on different channels to find out what the market will bear, while not being 100% reliant on one site for all of your bookings.