Hostaway Websites Version 2.0 is Launched!

February 4, 2018

We are proud to announce our Websites Version 2.0!

Today we release a new version that has many advanced features. You can use your existing Airbnb listings and create a direct booking website, also known as a booking engine, in just seconds.

Why get your own booking website?

Our customers receive on average 6% direct bookings. Most OTA's such as Airbnb,, Homeaway and Expedia charge a commission of 15-20%. If you're a property manager working with a 20% commission, getting direct reservations is a great way to increase your revenues. Not only do you receive the 20% commission, but you also save on the channel commissions! Here's an example.

No direct bookings

$100,000 in gross revenues $15,000 in channel commission $17,000 for the property manager $68,000 for the owner

10% direct bookings

$100,000 in gross revenues, $90,000 from OTA's and $10,000 direct $13,500 in channel commission $18,500 for the property manager (+9%) $68,000 for the owner

That's right, converting guests towards your own website can substantially boost your bottom line.

Credit Card Payments You can now turn on credit card payments and accept guest credit card details directly on your booking site. First, set up an account on Stripe. Connect your Stripe account to Hostaway, and turn on Credit Card Payments for your website. That's it!

Custom Color Schemes You can now adjust the colors of your website in the Advanced tab. This allows you to use the Hostaway site as a booking engine for your own website, while keeping the same color theme as your own website.

Get your Own Domain Do you have amazing downtown rentals or Branding makes a big difference and it's easier for your guests to remember your own domain. To use your own domain or buy one, go to and do a masked redirect. $3 and 24 hours later your own domain will be a private version of Airbnb!

Add your own Scripts and Track Traffic You can now easily integrate Google Analytics and add any scripts you wish to the website. Want a website chat that connects to your phone so you can convert visitors easier? Use Want a popup to sign up for your email list? Use Mailchimp.

Thank you for your feedback so far. We're always here for you, and we look forward to building version 3.0 together with you!