Hostaway Updates July 2017

February 4, 2018

Dear users,

Thank you for your continuous support. We have made the following changes based on your feedback.

You can now re-arrange the properties in the dashboard

Your properties are normally shown in the order they were imported. You are now able to re-arrange them on the Channel Manager or Listings Page. This will affect how they are shown in the multi-calendar and other parts of the dashboard.

Advanced filters for reservations

Our Reservations page has been updated with a lot of new filters based on your feedback. We have also improved the CSV export to allow for easier reporting.

Mobile App Updates

We are glad to see our mobile app is so popular. The newest update is released on Android and is pending review on the App Store. It will show a better overview and fix a few minor issues found.

More is on the way...

Two key features will be added soon, and we'll publish separate blog posts about them. We are releasing the Hostaway API that will be accessible to all our current users. It can be used for building or connecting additional tools on top of our channel manager, and many clients have helped us define the initial functionality. Another core feature is the support for multiple users with customized access rights. This will allow you to invite staff members, cleaners and even your book-keeper to Hostaway. We expect both features to be released in July 2017.