Hostaway Releases User Management Tools

February 4, 2018

Today you are able to add multiple users to Hostaway through our User Management system. This will increase your security and allow you to scale your business when your team expands.

User Management Access Levels

You are able to define User Groups and individual users and invite them to the platform. You can limit their access depending on their role within your organization.

Limit by functionality

For each of our menus, you can define if the user or user group is able to view, create, edit or delete items. For example, you can allow a user to view the reservations and add new ones, but not delete existing ones.

Limit by properties

You can also allow the users to access only certain properties. This is very useful if you work in multiple locations or have several teams responsible for groups of properties.

Limit financial information

If you wish your users to get essential information about each reservation but not allow them to see the amount, you can limit their view to non-financial information only. This way they can still see the dates and names of the guests, checkin time and number of guests.

Adjust notifications

You can also choose which users or user groups receives various types of notifications. This is practical for users that do not wish to receive a message every time a new reservation is made.

How to set it up

If you want to add just a few individual users, such as your property owners or cleaners, you can set them up as individual users. For larger companies, you can set up groups instead, which is a quick way to add several users that you want to give the same rights.

Add a Group

Go to User Management - Groups and click on Add New. Choose the notifications, rights and properties the group should have access to. If you change these settings later on, all users within the group will be affected.

Add a User

Go to User Management and click on Add New. Choose the notifications, rights and properties the user should have access to. If you created groups, you can define these  rights by selecting the group in the drop-down menu.

Inviting Users

When you add a new user, you can define the password and email address. You can also choose whether a user should receive an invitation email from Hostaway or not.