Hostaway Message Templates for Airbnb, and HomeAway

February 4, 2018

Hostaway Message Templates for all your channels!

Do you find yourself answering same questions over and over again? Hostaway has a solution for it. The Automations for generic messages go a long way, but giving a guest too much information when they book may be overwhelming for the guest. It's better to answer the common questions about restaurants, events, parking, trash, internet and what's included in the rental. That way you can give your guests tailored answers.

Message Templates and Template Groups

Create a group for your templates to make them easier to find. Each template group will be shown as a different row in the messaging window.


By grouping your templates you gain maximum easy of use and access to the relevant templates.

Each Group can be limited to only one property, so the templates for that group will only be available when communicating with guests who booked that property. This saves you time so you don't need to scroll or search for templates. You can also limit a Template Group to a channel, so you quickly can send different instructions to people who booked using, airbnb or your own website.

When you click on a template, the message is automatically copied into the messaging section and you can personalize it before sending.


We have developed this feature to be as flexible as possible by making easy to use. If you have any feedback, feel free to contact us through the dashboard or by mailing