Hostaway major January upgrade

February 3, 2018

Hostaway update January 2017 During November and December 2016 we at Hostaway made some great improvements for 2017. Over the year we have collected great feedback from users, guests and the sales channels. When we built the first version of Hostaway we started by building a simple and easy to use channel manager.

Now it is 2017 and we hear you. We have build some great improvements for the Hostaway channel manager. And we are preparing our systems to offer the best property management system during this year.

Due to this our great team of developers have been working hard to migrate Hostaway from the old system to a complete new system. In a month time they:

Removed 7000 lines of code and added 10000 new lines of codes Improving the Calendar By rebuilding the whole backend of the calendar we have made it super fast to load. Both in single listing view and in multi listing view. Where before multi calendar was able to handle 30 listings the new calendar can take care of over 500 listings at the same time. This will make it for some of you the best update so far.

The single view calendar can now be loaded by month and by year view. This offers you a easy overview of reservations for the whole year, blocked days and you can jump easily from month to month. We have added the Direct Booking button to the single calendar so you are able to add Direct bookings faster. It is now easier to see what channel the reservation have been made by.

The new calendar allows you to verify the reservations faster. The way you can set daily rates have been changed and will work better then ever. In the next couple of days you will also see the option minimum stay showing up. The minimum stay is now set in Hostaway calendar so it can be synced to channels like, Airbnb, 9Flats, Expedia, Flipkey and more channels to come soon.

When you make adjustments to rates and minimum stay this will sync to channels. The time to sync depends on the channels and per day you will see a indicator telling you if it is processed "marked green" or if it is waiting for the next syncing round "orange".

Automated Messages We have improved the automated messages system. For those who haven't seen it yet, the automation option in the menu allows you to create different emails that we send to your guests. We providedifferent samples like a "Thank you for booking" email. When a new guest books your property this email is sent to the new guest in which you can thank him / her for the reservation, ask questions or provide some early information.

The guest can respond to this email and it will show up under the menu Messages in your Hostaway account. This allows you to respond directly from Hostaway dashboard to your guest. Another automation can for example be to send a email 24 hours before arrival with the last information like address, phone-number for support or where to find you when they arrive. Other examples are checkout instruction, ask for review after checkout or perhaps a nice email with hotspots to visit in the region.

Preparing for the future A huge part of the update took place behind the screens. We prepared Hostaway for a large number of great new functions. At the moment you might see new channels on the platform. Expedia, Wimdu, OwnersDirect and Flipkey are just a taste of what's to come. We are implementing these new channels and soon you are able to use them to synchronize reservations with Airbnb,, HomeAway, VRBO and 9Flats. Soon you will also see a new mobile app for IOS and Android and a lot more advanced functions.

Enjoy the new functions and keep sending your great feedback also in 2017.