Hostaway Launches Major Update

February 24, 2018

Dear users, fans and followers. We have been quiet too long, but now it's time to break the silence. We're simply too excited to keep this a secret! During the entire summer we have enjoyed talking, chatting and mailing with you. Your feedback and ideas are what keep us going. Today we launched a massive amount of improvements for Hostaway. Here's what you can expect.

Support for HomeAway HomeAway is the world's largest online marketplace for vacation rentals. Through its network of websites, millions of guests from more than 190 countries can reach you and make reservations.

Best custom pricing As many of our users are increasing the property portfolio, we decided to offer a custom pricing model that fit you needs. Get in contact with us by the website and we can quickly give you a quote to start with our great software.

Reports We have gathered all your revenues, nights booked, cancellations into a customizable chart that you can export.

Reservations overview Our new Reservations page let's you sort, filter and export all reservations based on time, price, channel or length.

Quicker update frequency We now update all channels at minimum every 30 minutes. If you receive a new reservation, we instantly update all channels. You may have noticed that the standard in this industry is between 24 and 48 hours, but our users deserve more.

Notifications You can now see a list of the latest events including reservations and cancellations in your dashboard. Soon we'll add other notifications and you'll be able to receive email reminders for some events, depending on your preferences.

Easier setup for We know it's difficult connecting This is why we have automated every step of the way on our end. Now you can connect your account in just minutes!