Stay Hub saves 60 minutes per reservation using Hostaway Automation

The Stay Hub Founder and Owner
Auckland, NZ
Stay Hub saves 60 minutes per reservation using Hostaway Automation

The Stay Hub are Marriott Homes and Villas first property management partner in New Zealand. Homes & Villas by Marriott International is an expertly curated premium and luxury home rental offering with thousands of private homes around the world. This means that specially selected properties from The Stay Hub portfolio can be listed on the Homes and Villas website, as well as reach more than 153 million Marriott Bonvoy™ travel program members around the world, ultimately driving qualified bookings and revenue.

From beginnings as hosts in a living room to co-hosting for other companies, Auckland-based company "The Stay Hub" has evolved into a mini conglomerate handling over 80 short-term rentals in Auckland. The short-term rental property management company began their journey in 2017, and in a few short years, is now one of the most sought-after property managers providing a bespoke service to clients in Auckland, Taupo, and in 2022 will be expanding into new cities across New Zealand.

The dedicated team at The Stay Hub values professionalism and diligence and remains committed to their clients at all times. Stay Hub manages a variety of properties ranging from city studios to expansive villas overlooking the best views in the city, enabling clients to maximize their income through Airbnb and short-term rentals while ensuring that their property is well-managed and guests are happy.

We work smarter, combining expert knowledge, technical know-how, and market intelligence to get the best results for your investment.
Eric Hammond, The Stay Hub Founder and Owner

The Stay Hub is constantly focused on high quality and efficiency to deliver unparalleled service to their clients as well as guests. This is why staying ahead of the curve and up-to-date with technology is an important component of their business model and was one of the major factors driving them to Hostaway to seek industry expertise and excellence.

Stay Hub optimizes its operations with Hostaway's Marketplace

The Stay Hub makes use of a variety of Hostaway's integration partners including:

  • Airbnb
  • VRBO
  • VRScheduler (Cleaning Management)
  • Pricelabs (Revenue Management)
  • Operto (Home Automation Management)

Stay Hub uses these integrations in order to customize their tech stack exactly to their needs and are currently fully integrated with Hostaway.

Hostaway engages with innovative integration partners to enhance the property management experience. With the most extensive list of integrations in the industry, our users can choose the best supplementary software for scaling, automating, and managing their properties on our marketplace.

The Stay Hub uses Hostaway as their Channel Management and Property Management Solution

Stay Hub, formerly a user of Guesty and Hostfully, found its way to Hostaway and is a satisfied customer of the services we at Hostaway have provided for them.

We love the flexibility and the top-notch service Hostaway provided us. The property management system proved to be very helpful and the channel manager connection is really good. A key feature of the system is that it's simple and user-friendly. Also noteworthy is the sales team at Hostaway are always available when we need support, which is very important to our team at Stay Hub
Eric Hammond, The Stay Hub Founder and Owner
What were the key reasons that you started with Hostaway?
The Hostaway platform is extremely easy to use, and the onboarding team made the transition as smooth as possible. As a result of the Hostaway sales team's professionalism, responsiveness, and ease of use, our team experienced very few hiccups in the process.
Eric Hammond, The Stay Hub Founder and Owner
What pain points does Hostaway alleviate for you and your team?
We would mainly say that the connection to the automation tools. This helps us to reduce a tonne of manual work, thus helping us manage tasks with a much smaller team. This, in turn, has allowed us to increase our focus on our guests and homeowners. In reality, since the transition to the Hostaway PMS, we save at least 30-60 minutes per booking, which is amazing!
Eric Hammond, The Stay Hub Founder and Owner
What is your best piece of advice for property managers just starting or hoping to grow?
One of the key learnings from our journey is to learn as much as you can from Podcasts, blogs, etc; Read up on the latest vacation rental technology and use it even when you are starting small. This goes a long way. Prepare yourself for growth by taking steps now. Have clear processes and documentation of properties and business procedures.
Eric Hammond, The Stay Hub Founder and Owner
What does the future of StayHub look like?
Our vision is for continued, progressive growth, having years of experience in maintenance and electrical work. I hope to use that knowledge and expertise to expand our services offered in-house at The Stay Hub. There are also plans to scale our business and potentially expand our portfolio to operate beyond Auckland and Taupo.
Eric Hammond, The Stay Hub Founder and Owner

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