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Top 7 Airbnb Markets in the USA 2024

Top 7 Airbnb Markets in the USA 2024

The best Airbnb markets in the USA have a lot in common. The scenery, amenities and accessibility of these locations make them a no-brainer for travelers. But with a country as vast and diverse as the United States, you can count on more than a few differences as well. 

Plus, with the ever-evolving regulatory landscape that can vary not only state-by-state or city-by-city but on a county-level as well, short-term rental property managers need to weigh not just location but the difficulty of operations within that location. 

We put together a list of the ten best Airbnb markets in the USA to help narrow down your options. 

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Factors to Consider when Choosing Airbnb Markets to Invest in

1. Tourist attractions and local amenities

Each city on our list is renowned for its proximity to local attractions, amenities and cultural significance. 

Whether it’s major theme parks like the ones in Orlando, the musicality of Nashville, or the relative closeness to world-class ski resorts like Denver, Airbnb property managers should look for markets whose features draw in tourists from all over the world. 

2. Seasonality

Even the best cities for short-term rentals are subject to seasonality. Don’t get us wrong, travelers can have a whole lot of fun all-year-round in Las Vegas. 

But in the middle of summer when temperatures reach in excess of 110℉ (43℃), tourism can slow down. Short-term rental managers need to determine their own comfort level with seasonal fluctuations. 

3. Local taxes and regulations

Local governments have increasingly put short-term rental properties in their crosshairs. Depending on the particular market, these regulations can range from a bit of a hassle to a giant headache. 

Property taxes too can vary greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. There’s no silver bullet here, do your due diligence in understanding local regulations and choose your best course of action. 

4. Market saturation

We are not the first to identify Miami as a popular tourist destination. In fact it’s unlikely that any city on our list will catch you as a surprise. The tradeoff with operating in a city where short-term rentals are popular is higher competition. 

Some shrewd vacation rental property managers could be better served in lesser-known or up-and-coming cities where the market hasn’t become saturated. 

5. Accessibility 

Honolulu is a gorgeous city that attracts a ton of tourism. It’s also an 11 hour flight to get there from the eastern US. Considering how easy it is to travel to the markets on our list is part of what granted them top city status. 

While this factor is far from a dealbreaker, it should be chief among the considerations you work into your decision making process. 

Seven Best USA Airbnb Markets in 2024

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

This image illustrates Las Vegas, Nevada.

Even in the scorching heat, Las Vegas is known worldwide for its status as a premiere tourist destination. And while many travelers opt for a stay on the Strip, the surrounding neighborhoods are a hotbed for short-term rentals. 

Couple that with the Sin City’s business-forward regulations, as well as its ease of access and you can see why Vegas takes home the number one spot of best Airbnb markets in 2024. 

2. Orlando, Florida

This image illustrates Orlando, Florida.

It’s not just Disney World and Universal Studios that make Orlando the best market for Airbnbs in the USA. The city’s deep understanding of the importance of tourism makes for relatively lax short-term rental laws. 

Throw in the fact it’s less than a three hour flight from mega cities like New York, Chicago and Dallas and you’ve got a recipe for making our top 10 list. 

3. Scottsdale, Arizona

This image illustrates Scottsdale, Arizona.

Golf all-year round, MLB Spring Training and that wonderful dry heat that keeps you feeling comfortably toasty, Scottsdale is a prime location for short-term rentals. 

And if the resort life isn’t what tourists are after, Phoenix, a city of nearly five million people, has every urban amenity imaginable. 

4. Nashville, Tennessee

This image illustrates Nashville, Tennessee.

Though regulations in the state of Tennessee are ever-evolving, Nashville is a hotbed for short-term rental property owners and managers. 

Nashville itself is a mid-sized city — the sometimes sweet spot for short-term rental managers between huge metropolises and small resort. Data from Airdna suggests the median short-term rental property there generates $61.9k in annual revenue. 

5. Richmond, Virginia

This image illustrates Richmond, Virginia.

Speaking of finding the sweet spot, Richmond, Virginia is an unsaturated market with a local government that rightly recognizes the importance of the short-term rental economy.

Governor Glen Youngkin recently proposed amendments to previous laws that imposed strict regulations on short-term rentals. This business-friendly sentiment, and its convenient geographical location, add to the appeal. 

6. Fort Worth, Texas

This image illustrates Fort Worth, Texas.

Another potential surprise addition to the list, Fort Worth, Texas recently issued 85 permits for short-term rental operators and has a history of business-friendly regulation. 

Though technically more of a mid-sized city, it shares boundaries and an international airport with Dallas, Texas, making it easy for visitors to get the best of both worlds. 

7. Denver, Colorado

This image illustrates Denver, Colorado.

There’s no doubt that short-term rental laws in Denver are among the strictest on our list. But for serious Airbnb property managers, the upside is huge.

Two of the best ski resorts in the country, if not the world, are less than two hours away by car. Plus the city itself has all the sports and culture you’d want from a big city. 

Dominating Airbnb Markets and the Tech to Get You There

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From features to easily scale and level-up your guest communication and maintenance operations to smart integrations that find efficiencies and grow your revenue, choosing the right property management software for your business is just as important as the markets you do business in. 

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