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Tips for Managing an Airbnb in Another Country

Tips for Managing an Airbnb in Another Country

Since its founding in 2007, the name “Airbnb” has gradually blossomed into a thriving business in the short-term rental industry and now more than ever into a household name that we can't do without when it comes to travel. Consequently, Airbnb has provided a platform for many people across the globe to become successful entrepreneurs, earning passive incomes.

A gradual climb over the past decade has led to the emergence of this on-demand hospitality platform into a global force. In addition to connecting travelers with unique, secure, and enjoyable local and international lodging, it is frequently hailed by backpackers, families, digital nomads, and business professionals alike.

It is not uncommon for property owners to utilize the Airbnb platform to generate vital rental income on their overseas properties. Airbnb is an excellent opportunity for investors interested in the short-term rental industry, making it a very lucrative venture. The reason is that over 150 million people visit more than 65,000 cities around the world through Airbnb rentals every year, and this investment model is gaining traction among smart investors and continues to boom in 2022.

This guide is for anyone who owns or is acquiring a home in another country and is considering listing the property on Airbnb.

How do you Manage an Airbnb from Another Country?

At first, managing your Airbnb investment property remotely may seem daunting. While there are many questions and challenges at first, they can be overcome. It is do-able!

The only thing you need is to implement a system that works, a few skills and techniques (that you're about to learn), and you can scale up your business and operations in a more efficient, effective way.

The first questions that will pop up when you’re setting up in another country are :

  • How will you communicate with your guests without being present at the property?
  • At check-in, what is your plan for meeting and greeting guests?
  • After each check-out, how will you keep your property clean?
  • How will you manage repairs and upkeep of the property?
  • Who will attend in case of an emergency situation?
  • How will you manage re-stocking amenities and keeping things rolling smoothly?

In order to effectively manage an Airbnb property remotely, these are the major hurdles that need to be addressed and eliminated.

Let's analyze how you can formulate an effective plan to ensure your success at managing your property remotely without detracting from productivity or income

The Top 9 Tips to Managing your Airbnb in another country

The Top 9 Tips to Managing your Airbnb in another country

1. Enable Self Check-in

Consider enabling self-check-in so your guests can access your property without interacting with you first. The best solution for self-check-in options is where guests can access your property using a key lockbox, smart lock, digital keypad or simply opt for a key management service.

There are several options available through the integrations Hostaway holds with our many service providers.

Smart Locks

Our Smart lock recommendations are Operto, Remotelock, Nuki, Salto, Lynx, TTLock, and Akiles among the many integrations we offer through Hostaway

Key Management Service

It is also a great idea to use key management services. You can manage key handoff with solutions, such as Keycafe, Keynest

The Top 9 Tips to Managing your Airbnb in another country

2. Automate your Property

It can be quite challenging to manage your property remotely, especially if you are in another country. But thanks to modern technological advancements, you can now automate your business, with the help of a Property Management System (PMS). You can rest assured that your property is under your control even if you are not physically present at the location.

Property Management Software such as Hostaway allows you to control all guest communication, and bookings, as well as you can monitor and manage day-to-day property management operations through the Automation Tools option

What you can do with Automation Tools :
  • Automate messages - Manage conversations with your guests within a unified inbox
  • Automate Tasks - Assign, monitor, and manage cleaning and maintenance tasks assigned to other team members.
  • Automate Payments - Create invoices and receive payments safely by linking your Stripe, Brain Tree, Charge Automation, or Authorize.net accounts.
  • Automate Reviews - Streamline the process of leaving reviews for your guests

The Top 9 Tips to Managing your Airbnb in another country

3. Hire a Cleaning Service

If you want the remote management system to work smoothly, you need to hire a top-notch cleaning service. The Cleaner service you decide to hire must have a keen eye for detail and be flexible. These are two aspects you cannot overlook. Create personal cleaning checklists for the cleaning company to ensure high levels of cleanliness - you can assign, monitor, and manage this aspect if you choose to automate your operations through our property management software.

Hostaway integrates with some of the premier league Cleaner management service providers such as Tidy, Turnify, Properly, Breezeway, and TurnoverBnB to name a few. The Top 9 Tips to Managing your Airbnb in another country

4. Engage the Services of a Reliable Maintenance Team

Why do you need a maintenance team? Because there is a myriad of tasks that require maintenance when running an Airbnb. More so, when you are trying to manage one from another country.

Services most commonly needed include, expertise from professionals such as Electricians, Pool Maintenance (if the property has one that is), Handy Men, Plumbers, and Gardeners to name a few. You may need additional services not listed here, depending on your requirements. Consider getting a few recommendations either from Airbnb support groups on Facebook, or inquire within the neighborhood - also you can check out any recommendations on the Airbnb community forum.

Once you secure the services, you can manage the assignments through Automation tools. Hostaway is affiliated with service providers such as Breezeway who are experts in property care programs and offer complete housekeeping, inspections, repairs, & service work.

Pro Tip: Choose service providers who are reputable. You need a service you can count on to take care of urgent repair work promptly. Ideally, it should be a 24/7 service provider team that can dispatch someone in an emergency.

The Top 9 Tips to Managing your Airbnb in another country

5. Hire Laundry Services

The laundry may well be something that your cleaning service can organize and take care of. If not, you will have to outsource this work to a laundry service close to your Airbnb property for the sole purpose of it being a quick turnaround.

Our affiliations with service providers such as TurnoverBnB can also be a good starting point, however, it might be worthwhile to find a local laundry service provider that provides daily / weekly pickup and drop-off depending on your Airbnb rental requirements.

__ Pro Tip__: Have multiple sets of linen to ensure that your cleaner never has to wait for fresh linen from the laundry service. One set of linen will always be in use while the other is being cleaned, and spare linen should always be available at the property just in case.

The Top 9 Tips to Managing your Airbnb in another country

6. Guest Welcome Guidebook

You will need to create a comprehensive guest welcome guidebook detailing important information for your guests upon their arrival at your Airbnb. Provide as much information as you can to lessen questions on arrival. A guest's experience can be significantly improved when they receive an informative guidebook upon arrival at your rental.

What should your guest welcome guidebook contain?

  • A personalized welcome message to your guest - that’s warm and inviting!
  • Your contact information including a Phone number, email ID, plus a number for a neighbor, Property manager, or co-host who is in charge in your absence.
  • Include emergency numbers such as Local doctor, Police Dept. , and Fire Dept. Veterinary clinic (for pet owners), Laundromat, rental car services, etc
  • Create a set of house rules and list them out to avoid damages and bad guest behavior. (Don't sound too formal, or it might be misconstrued as rude. Be clear and precise.)
  • Include safety instructions as well as the location of the fire extinguisher, electricity main switch location, and main water shutoff valve.
  • Include instructions on operating electronics and appliances on the property.
  • Include information about local hot spots to visit, public transportation schedules, restaurants, parks, and pubs
  • Access codes such as gate access codes, lockbox, garage, etc
  • Parking information (if applicable)
  • Last but not least your WiFi name and access codes. Feel free to add any troubleshooting tips.

Pro Tip: Keep a few maps of the local area with the welcome book. Guests will find these useful.

Make sure this Welcome Guest Book is located in an easily visible spot, such as on the entrance table, coffee table, or even on the kitchen counter or better in the bedroom, where it will not be missed.

The Top 9 Tips to Managing your Airbnb in another country

7. CCTV for added Security

If you plan to run your Airbnb remotely from another country, following certain security protocols is imperative. It's smart to install surveillance cameras on the exterior of your Airbnb if you want to find a balance between guest privacy and guest security. Monitoring the entrances and exits of your building is a good idea if you feel interior monitoring is necessary. However do remember Airbnb prohibits hidden cameras and interior recording devices within the premises notably in guest living spaces, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Make sure you comply with Airbnb policy guidelines.

“ Devices that allow for viewing or monitoring of only a public space (ex: a front door or a driveway) or a common space that are clearly identified and disclosed ahead of a reservation are permitted. Common spaces do not include sleeping areas or bathrooms.”

For remote hosts, installing CCTV in order to monitor incoming and outgoing guests can be useful. Over the past few years, CCTV systems have improved tremendously - they have become quite affordable, easy to set up, and many can be accessed via a mobile app, which is a key benefit.

The Top 9 Tips to Managing your Airbnb in another country

8. Hire A Co-Host

When running an Airbnb remotely, a second set of hands near your Airbnb location is highly recommended. Hiring a co-host is one option. Co-hosts could assist with tasks you will be unable to perform in person since you will be based in a different state or country.

A co-host can well be a neighbor, someone you know, or someone you hire. An effective cohost can assist you in nearly every aspect of what the job entails. Some key tasks they would perform include, Supervision of maintenance and upkeep, meet and greet guests, restocking provisions, as well taking care of the administrative aspects of the business too. All this can be negotiated for a monthly fee. Having someone to represent you and take care of things on your behalf would certainly take some weight off your shoulders.

The Top 9 Tips to Managing your Airbnb in another country

9. Hire a Property Manager

If you are an owner of multiple rental properties chances are your hands are full and managing an Airbnb from another country may be a difficult task. In such an instance you do have the option of hiring a property manager. A professional property manager can provide you with several service categories therefore do your research, interview, get quotes, and determine what is the best fit. You should make this decision based on your specific situational requirement. With the assistance of a property manager, 90% of the work can be taken off your hands and you can watch the income roll in, but not without a fee.

Before we conclude,

These are some of the fundamentals of implementing a solid system to manage an Airbnb property as a remote host. A passive income funnel is a massive undertaking, and it requires some tools and techniques to get you there. Though setting up this system to manage your Airbnb remotely is vital, you will also encounter a number of teething problems during the launch phase, which may frustrate you at first, but once you master the process, you will run a well-oiled, profitable business from across the globe from wherever you are.

How Hostaway helps with Airbnb Channel Management?

How can Hostaway help?

Having Property Management Software in place can be a game-changer in terms of running a smooth operation within your Airbnb rentals. With state-of-the-art property management software such as what Hostaway offers you can absolutely automate your Airbnb platform, as well as get listed on other OTAs as well. (if you’d like!)

Hostaway Property Management System comes with a built-in channel manager that automates various aspects of your business. You can optimize your management processes seamlessly by taking advantage of the many features we have on offer.

Management operations can be easily streamlined using channel management software solutions. By automating many manual tasks, you can concentrate more on growing other aspects of your Airbnb business.

Get in touch today with one of our product experts to understand how Hostaway can fit your Airbnb business and help you achieve growth. Schedule a free demo call at your preferred time and get advice from our specialists’ panel. Put your business on the path to success by choosing the industry's premier property management software.

Rest assured, we deliver what we promise!

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