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Best Vacation Rental Smart Locks 2022

Best Vacation Rental Smart Locks 2022

Top 8 Benefits of Using a Smart Lock for Your Vacation Rental

  1. No more keys
  2. Save time
  3. Provide guests privacy
  4. Monitor access
  5. Extra security
  6. OTA integration
  7. A smart home
  8. PMS integration

What is a Vacation Rental Smart Lock?

A smart lock is an electromechanical (electronic and mechanical) locking device that allows a door to be opened wirelessly using authorized authentication such as a code. Basically, a smart lock allows a homeowner/property manager to allow guests access to the property without a traditional key. Property managers send guests a virtual key that provides access for a set time period (until checkout time).

Benefits of Using a Vacation Rental Smart Lock

Smart locks provide advantages to both hosts and guests.

1. No more keys

Because smart locks eliminate the traditional key, you and your guests don’t have to keep track of keys or worry about losing them.

2. Save time

Smart locks eliminate the need for you to be physically present at the property for check-ins and check-outs saving you time better spent on growing your vacation rental business. It also saves guests the time they would otherwise spend waiting for their key, etc.

3. Provide guests privacy

Quite often guests are tired when they reach their place of booking and just want to get to their vacation rental without any hassle. Smart locks provide guests the privacy of entering their rented space without any fuss and relaxing immediately.

4. Monitor access

Smart locks log access, allowing property managers to monitor the use of a given door. Unusual activity may be an indication of bad guests throwing a party in your vacation rental for example, or illegal activity. You can also keep track of when your cleaners and other staff enter and leave the property.

5. Extra security

When used properly smart locks can provide an extra layer of security since guests can’t make a copy of a physical key which they can use to enter your property later on for example. Some smart locks even take a photograph

6. OTA integration

Some smart locks are capable of integrating directly into Airbnb listing calendar systems and making it even easier for you and your guests to manage their stay.

7. A smart home

Smart locks are considered to be a part of the smart home. If your vacation rental is equipped with smart home technology such as smart thermostats and noise monitoring devices, the smart lock will make a valuable addition.

8. PMS integration

Smart locks that can integrate with your property management system (PMS) can be a huge advantage for property managers, acting as a trigger for automated messages to guests and cleaners for example.

To truly benefit from smart locks however you need to ensure a smooth and easy self check-in process.

Vacation Rental Smart Lock

What to Look for when Choosing a Vacation Rental Smart Lock?


Smart locks are available in various shapes and sizes and come with options such as deadbolts, levers, handles, and knobs. Pick a smart lock that best suits your needs and is the right size for your door.


You want to make sure your smart lock lasts. Make sure it is made with durable, heavy-duty materials and is not mostly plastic. Because smart locks are placed outside the home ensure your pick is weatherproof and won’t rust.


Like any smart device, smart locks can also be hacked. Make sure the smart lock you choose uses AES encryption and 2-factor authentication (2FA) before granting access.

Ease of installation

Check the installation process that your smart lock involves before making the purchase. A complicated installation can not only leave you frustrated but require you to pay a professional to do it for you.

What are the Best Vacation Rental Smart Locks for 2022?


1. August

The award-winning August smart locks come in a simple, clean design and upgrade your existing locks. They are super easy to install, simply attaching to your existing deadbolt and allowing you to keep your original key. They work with mainstream home automation platforms, integrate into the Airbnb calendar, and can even be controlled with popular voice assistants. And because it comes built-in with wi-fi, there is no need for additional hardware to connect.

  • Very easy to install
  • Built in wi-fi bridge
  • Auto-Lock feature allows door to lock once its closed or after a specified amount of time
  • Monitor door use and send keys from smartphone app (iOS and Android) or Apple watch
  • BLE technology encryption, TLS, and 2FA
  • DoorSense feature lets you know if door is locked
  • Smart alerts for when door is opened, closed, left ajar, or unlocked
  • Quickly and easily disable the August app and all virtual keys at any time on any device in case of lost phone
  • Can enable biometric verification via smartphone fingerprint or facial verification
  • Integrates with smart home partners including Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, etc
  • Pairs with voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa
  • No limit to number of guests who can be added
  • Set validity period for digital keys
  • Integrates with Airbnb Calendar
  • August keypad also available
  • Addition of August Doorbell Cam Pro provides footage of property


2. Kwikset

Kwikset smart locks offer a variety of smart locks, deadbolts, and touchscreens. Guests can touch the lock with their Bluetooth enabled phone or type in eKeys on the touchscreen to enter. Most Kwikset smart locks also retain a traditional keyway, so you'll always have a backup key that can be used to lock/unlock your door. Meanwhile, the Kwikset Halo is wi-fi enabled so you can control the lock from anywhere.

  • Easy to install
  • Auto lock automatically locks door lock if left unlocked
  • A master code restricts users from adding, changing, or deleting existing codes
  • Military grade PKI encryption, data encryption, and 2FA
  • Securescreen technology prevents code detection from fingerprints left on the touchscreen surface
  • Monitor lock use and status through app
  • Schedule activation and expiration for keys and codes
  • Create up to 30 personalized codes
  • Receive notifications on lock status
  • Automatically lock doors and dim lights by clicking ‘good night’ on app
  • Integrates with Samsung SmartThings, Apple HomeKit, Ring video doorbell, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, Zwave and Zigbee


3. Schlage

Sturdy and stylish, Schlage smart locks are compatible with any smart home system. The Schlage Encode TM Smart WiFi Deadbolt doesn’t require adaptors or accessories to connect while the Sense Smart Deadbolt lets you unlock the door from the app or by entering an access code on the touchscreen. Meanwhile, the Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt includes an additional layer of encryption and can be controlled with your voice.

  • Easy installation with only a screwdriver
  • Backlit touchscreen keypad
  • Finger resistant touchscreen prevents code peeking
  • Up to 100 codes with 3 levels of access
  • Unlock door via smartphone from anywhere
  • Works with voice assistants including Alexa, Google Assistant, and EchoShow
  • Integrates with smart home networks including Samsung SmartThings, Apple HomeKit, Wink, American Standard, and many more
  • Works with other systems such as Ring doorbell and alarm, Key by Amazon, and more


4. Lockly

Lockly smart locks come with digital keypads and 3D fingerprint scanners while the Lockly Vision has a built-in HD video doorbell that can stream live video straight to your smartphone. Meanwhile, the Lockly Secure Lux offers multiple methods of access. Lockly smart locks have won several awards including CES Innovation Awards 2021 and HKEIA in the smartech category.

  • Easy, one person installation
  • Auto lock feature
  • Remote management and real-time monitoring via smartphone or online portal
  • Restrict access codes to specific days and times
  • View and download reports on activity across doors
  • Video monitoring and recording (only available with Lockly Vision)
  • Greet guests and provide instructions (only available with Lockly Vision)
  • Advanced 3D biometric fingerprint sensor stores up to 99 fingerprints
  • PIN Genie technology prevents theft of access codes through digital keypad
  • Generate offline access codes that don’t require an internet connection
  • Backup access through physical key
  • Integrates with home automation systems
  • Can be controlled via voice through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant


5. Ultraloq

Ultraloq is the #1 Crowdfunded smart lock in the market with over a million users across the world and over 4,000 5-star reviews on Amazon. Ultraloq smart locks are available in lever, deadbolt, combo, and multipoint forms and allow door access via fingerprint identification, access codes, and smartphones via a Bluetooth proximity sensor. Meanwhile, the U-Bolt and U-Bolt Pro deadbolts offer six keyless entry types including the ‘magic shake’ which lets you unlock the door without unlocking your phone. If you prefer to opt for a traditional handle, the Ultraloq Lever comes with a keypad and four methods of keyless entry to choose from.

  • Easy to install, just a screwdriver
  • Remote management and monitoring
  • Up to 6 methods of access
  • Stores up to 95 fingerprints and 95 codes
  • Anti-peep password feature hinders code theft
  • Provide permanent or temporary access
  • Automatically locks door behind
  • Limit access codes and ekeys by date and hour
  • Integrates with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, Apple Watch, and iPhone widget

Smart locks and home automation

Smart locks and home automation

Many smart locks integrate with vacation rental home automation services which in turn can bridge their integration into a property management system such as Hostaway. This allows the opening and closing of the smart lock affixed door to trigger Hostaway’s automated messaging feature, sending out a welcome email to your guests for example.

Operto, which integrates with Hostway as well as August and Schlage smart locks, acts as a single solution for all the smart devices in your vacation rental. It also helps property managers make the switch from traditional to self check-in and provides a modern, fully automated check-in experience that integrates into your existing PMS. With Operto you can manage in real-time integrated keyless entry, guest communication, energy savings including lights, temperature and humidity, noise and occupancy monitoring, security and fire alarms as well as personalized in-suite technology from a single place.

Meanwhile, RemoteLock supports managing and securing hundreds of doors from anywhere, from the main door to parking garages. You can integrate hardware from leading brands and integrate them with software systems you are already using as well as customize access schedules for any user and provide instant, one-time access for cleaners, handymen, delivery persons, etc with just a click. You can also create door groups for common areas such as entrances, elevators, lobbies, and more. RemoteLock can be used across any number of listings and is compatible with August, Kwikset, and Schlage smart locks.

Minut is another leading home automation solution that works in tandem with smart locks. Minut monitors noise, tracks occupancy, and acts as a security alarm and siren even between bookings. Easy to place and install, it is tamper-proof, works wired and wireless, requires minimal maintenance, and will call and/or message guests on your behalf. You can monitor your entire portfolio on the mobile or web app and receive instant alerts at the first sign of trouble.

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