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The Best ROI Amenities for your Airbnb Vacation Rental

The Best ROI Amenities for your Airbnb Vacation Rental

With millions of Airbnb listings available for guests to choose from, basic amenities won’t just cut it. Guests now look for unique stays including amenities catering to their needs. And whether it is booking a pet-friendly or a family stay, or even getting on board with remote stays, keep in mind, different guests demand different amenities. More so, based on Airbnb data, guests often filter their search results in finding the top 10 amenities.

Therefore, your property needs to stand out from other properties for hosts not to miss out on revenue opportunities by simply offering comforts and conveniences like other listings.

Without further ado, let’s find out the best return on investment amenities that will help increase your occupancy rate as well as your nightly rate.

What do Guests Want Most?

Long-Term Amenities

1. Free Parking

It is crucial for your listing to provide guests with a parking spot or a parking solution (usually free) if the goal is to have monthly or multi-week guests, especially in city areas. Guests ideally prefer stays those offer parking facilities as it costs especially if they are driving from one city to another. Also, ensure to provide guests with any parking instructions prior to arrival. That way, you offer guests convenience and stand out from other listings.

2. Laundry Site or Service

A washer/dryer or a laundry is a great added value to your Airbnb RIO property especially for guests who stay more than a few days.

3. Fully Loaded Kitchen Essentials

Keep in mind, providing guests with fully loaded kitchen utensils are such a big deal to Airbnb monthly stays as guests might prefer to cook all of their own food during their stay. Therefore, ensure to offer guests pots and pans, cooking utensils, and dishware.

Tip: Mention close-by grocery stores in your Airbnb property listing.


1. Fast WiFi

Ensure you provide guests with a fast and reliable WiFI connection. Moreover, consider placing a laminated sign mentioning helpful instructions on how to log on. Keep in mind, to keep it somewhere visible for guests to access.

2. Other Amenities

  • Smart TV with Fire Stick
  • Disable Accessible Desk Space
  • Water Filter
  • Coffee Station with Decaf/Tea
  • Quality Sleeping Essentials
  • Pool/Jacuzzi

Outdoor Spaces

A lot of guests prefer booking places that offer outdoor activities. Hence, if your property has a courtyard, take advantage of it by considering re-doing it and adding or updating the following amenities:

  • Patio furniture
  • Barbeque grill
  • Outdoor cups and plates
  • Games and outdoor entertainment

Also, ensure the landscape is well-dressed. That way, guests can enjoy a little bit of fresh air or outdoor amenities that it has to offer. More so, mention in your listings as well as your welcome guide book if the property offers great hiking trails, hiking, or any outdoor activities for guests to enjoy from.

Interior Design

A great added value to your property is attractive home design. Ideally, this has mostly been overlooked by Airbnb hosting strategy perhaps due to the cost.

However, keep in mind, a great attractive home design wins at every price point. With that in mind, here are some tips to make your home vibrant on a budget:

  • focus on no more than 3 colors
  • purchase furniture at the scale of your home
  • utilize space with tall live plants giving your home a lively feeling
  • dressed floors with rugs
  • framing things on the wall so that there is a good symmetry

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies

Even though the space is clean, a lot of guests would still appreciate the opportunity to keep things clean during their stay. Therefore, consider supplying guests with:

  • Disposable paper towels
  • Disposable gloves
  • Multi-surface cleaner
  • Disinfectant wipes or spray
  • Antibacterial hand sanitizer
  • Touchless Soap Dispenser

Local Guides

A great addition to ROI amenity and a must-have are local guides. Local guides are a great way for guests to live like a local. Therefore, ensure to research what are the local events or activities around the area, list out hot spots, share a list of your favorite secret places, and gather all the pro tips that a local would know to go above and beyond with the guests resulting in blossoming reviews.


1. Self Check-In

Offering guests self check-in process is a crucial amenity and useful for all parties involved as we continue to practice social distancing. More so, keep in mind, guests prefer stays that offer reliable and touchless entry flexibility by simply investing in either the following:

  • Digital Smart Locks
  • Keypad Entry Locks
  • Smart Lock Box
  • SmartTag Key Trackers

2. Outdoor Motion Activated Cameras

This allows them to know what is going on outside your property and prevents any break-ins. Weatherproof or even wireless out motion-activated cameras are highly recommended.

3. Noise Monitoring System

This is a great way to detect any loud noises inside the property especially after hours. That way, you can notify guests to quiet down which will help you prevent receiving any complaints from the local neighborhood or being reported to the city for being a nuisance to the community.

3. Pet-Friendly Spaces

Pet-Friendly Spaces

Whether guests book beachfront properties or urban high-rises, it comes as no surprise for guests to bring along their four-legged family members to their vacation, hence, preferring places for their pets. More so, there is a large number of guests seeing pet-friendly accommodation as an Airbnb essential. With that in mind, according to AirDNA, somewhere between 49% and 68% of Americans own pets and booked pet-friendly stays.

It may seem uncomfortable or even impossible for hosts to offer a pet-friendly space, though keep in mind that it doesn’t mean it is required from the hosts. If you can accommodate a pet-friendly space, then consider making your property pet-friendly but if not, simply mention in your listing description that you don’t allow pets in your property or alternatively offer guests a case-by-case basis of accepting pets. This can be done by messaging guests individually and working out the details.

Digital Concierges

Digital concierges are a great opportunity to assist guests with their needs by pairing with other smart home devices that allow guests to have voice control over devices. More so, guests can use the digital concierge to help set alarms, book reservations, and plan trips.

1. Alexa Virtual Assistant

Alexa is a virtual assistant technology that guests can use in unlimited ways such as setting alarms, playing music, providing weather information, setting tasks, and controlling several smart home devices.

2. Google Assistant

Google Assistants like Alexa are designed to allow guests to connect with other devices and conduct tasks with simple voice control adding great value to the property.

Green Home Amenities

Green Home Amenities

1. Solar Panels

Investing in the use of solar panels is a great way to save costs as well as grow a profitable market opportunity. Eco-friendly homes are popular. Therefore, take advantage of the opportunity in highlighting different features of your sustainable property to attract more guests.

More so, not only can you charge a premium for stays but also contribute to a more sustainable planet for the future.

2. Electric Vehicle Charger

By investing in EV charging stations, not only do you gain a competitive edge with the vacation rental market but also save costs and bring a positive impact on the environment. EV charging is a great target market and no better way to appeal to desirable guests and establish a brand as a sustainable leader.

According to TopHotelNews, every major carmaker already offers EVs or plans to introduce them with electric cars forecasted to surge to 10% of the US new car market by 2025.

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