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Trends and Insights to Optimize Your Vrbo Listings in 2024

Trends and Insights to Optimize Your Vrbo Listings in 2024

From travelers finding new reasons to travel including work-related getaways to the increasing demand for unique property amenities, there is always something new to account for in the world of short-term rentals.

Drawn from the latest Hostaway Webinar series, first-party data from Vrbo, Expedia and hotels.com and a global consumer survey of 20,000 travelers across 14 different countries, this article delves into trends and practical strategies to increase visibility, attract more guests and improve conversion.

Tap into Vrbo Trends

The data is emphatic. Not only are people planning to take more trips in 2024 but they are looking for more reasons to do so.

“Guests are looking for more reasons to travel with friends and family,” says Sam Asgar, Senior Account Manager - Connectivity, at Vrbo. From puppy moons and pet birthdays to first-date anniversaries and even watching a major event on TV together, reasons for travel are expanding beyond girls’ weekends and college reunions.

Work-related occasions are now a popular catalyst, such as getting a new job or celebrating a promotion or retirement.

Get your guests to write reviews explaining why they were there, what they did and how your property made that experience better. “I wanted to meet with my friends who all have children over an extended weekend and this place was great, is a user story other travelers will relate to,” says Marcus Rader, CEO of Hostaway. “But I still don’t see many hosts asking for that even though that is what will sell the property.”

Enabling Instant Booking is another way to capitalize on these bookings, speeding up the process for guests booking weekend and last-minute trips. “Flexible cancellation policies can also help remove some of the friction guests may have around planning,” says Sam.

Optimize your Listing

The quality and completeness of your listing content and the number of amenities your offer are key factors in the Vrbo search algorithm.

Headlines and descriptions

A compelling headline will get travelers to click your listing. Your description must convince them to book.

In the description, highlight your property’s best attributes. These can be special amenities like a view, suitability for specific groups of travelers such as couples or pet-owners and proximity to local attractions like theme parks.

Mention details of your property and amenities including sizes and number of beds in each bedroom, distance from nearby attractions and the length of your swimming pool.


Your cover photo should compel the guest to click. It’s the top reason travelers click on a property.

“In the first five photos you want to have a picture of that sauna or pool or kitchen island where a family can gather,” says Emily Dorman, Account Manager - Partner Success at Vrbo. “From there, you want to arrange your photos as if a guest is walking through your property.”

Also include photos of the surrounding activities guests can do so you paint a complete picture of what their stay will be like. Vrbo listings with over 25 photos are more likely to get booked.

Filterable amenities

The more amenities you have, the more search results you show up on so make sure you tick all the boxes in your channel manager. The average Vrbo guest selects five to eight filters when searching, says Emily.

Trends for 2024 show travelers are looking for amenities that offer relaxation and rejuvenation like hot tubs, cold plunges and barrel saunas. A home with a fire pit, barbecue or outdoor kitchen are also popular as are those with access to padel and pickleball courts, ping-pong tables and lawn games.

Find out the most popular amenities in your market easily by searching for your market in Vrbo and selecting the ‘Popular’ dropdown menu

Avoid Cancellations

Your honor rate, i.e. your history of accepting and honoring books is a key search factor. Cancellations not only negatively impact your search ranking but your Premier Host metrics too.

For unavoidable cancellations such as those due to a natural disaster, request a waiver to prevent it from harming your standing.


Stay Competitive with Rates and Fees

Don’t set and forget your rate. Have a dynamic price that is evolving and competitive.

Guests don’t like excessive fees and rank high fees as the number one negative experience on the platform. In fact, 50% of travelers wouldn’t book a property where fees make up more than 15% of the total cost while two-thirds of guests won't book a property with more than two fees. So if you do have additional fees, try to incorporate it into your nightly rate.


Open Up Your Availability

If you are looking to attract more bookings year-round, shorten your minimum night stay requirements. 

Also, open your booking window for at least 12 months. Your listing will show up on more searches and to early-bird bookers.

Maximizing Your Vrbo Success: Strategic Takeaways for 2024

Understanding evolving traveler trends on Vrbo and optimizing your listing for search and conversion will not only bring you more bookings from a broader audience but improve the revenue you can bring in from the platform. Armed with these key insights and strategies and the power of an all-in-one vacation rental software like Hostaway, you gain the capability and capacity to thrive in the dynamic world of short-term vacation rentals.

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