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How to Manage Homeowners | Hostaway Owner Portal

How to Manage Homeowners | Hostaway Owner Portal

Whether you are an individual property manager or you manage properties on behalf of a property management company, your relationship with the owner of the property is an important one.

Being a property manager involves more than operating the vacation rental, managing staff, and maximizing profit. Maintaining a cordial and fruitful relationship with the homeowner is also vital.

Top 5 Tips for Managing Airbnb Homeowners

  1. Keep them informed
  2. Ensure transparency
  3. Maintain their trust in you
  4. Talk their language
  5. Use Hostaway’s homeowners’ portal

How to Manage Homeowners

Hostaway’s owner portal provides property managers an easy and non-invasive means of keeping homeowners in the loop and managing their relationship.

1. Keep Homeowners Informed

The Hostaway owner portal is a hassle-free means of providing homeowners with access to information about their listing such as the booking calendar, revenues and expenses, pricing, etc. This allows homeowners to keep track of their property’s performance.

2. Provide Transparency of your Management

Because homeowners can access the information themselves rather than only rely on reports handed to them separately it makes the management of the property transparent.

3. Maintain their Trust in You

By providing homeowners the freedom to check information related to their property and relevant to their role as a homeowner, it creates and maintains trust in the property manager.

4. Limit their Access

Depending on the terms you have agreed upon with the homeowner, you can choose the information that they can access. For example, owners are generally not given access to guest communications but can freely view the booking calendar. You can also tailor access to ensure they are only privy to data on their own property and not other listings you may be managing.

5. Language Compatibility

Hostaway is compatible with nearly all languages so even if a homeowner is not well-versed in the language used by the property manager, they can still access the information in the language they are most comfortable with.

6. Owner Stays

Hostaway’s homeowner portal allows owners to reserve their property for their own use. When a homeowner makes a personal reservation through the Hostaway portal, it is reflected in the booking calendar, owners are not charged, and no auto-invoices, auto-messages, and auto-charges are created. However automated tasks like cleaning will still be generated.

Owner stays are also shown in financial reporting so the owner’s use of the property can be tracked.

7. Secure Access

Homeowners are provided their own login and create their own password so the portal and the information it accesses are secure.

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