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How to List a Bed and Breakfast on Airbnb

How to List a Bed and Breakfast on Airbnb

Ever thought about turning your lovely home into a Bed & Breakfast? It's a fantastic way to meet people from all corners of the globe and earn some extra cash.

Airbnb is a favorite among travelers seeking one-of-a-kind stays and it's also a great platform for property managers. Whether you're thinking about listing a Boutique Hotel, a cozy Bed & Breakfast or anything in between, our guide is here to walk you through and list it on Airbnb like a pro.

Defining the Bed and Breakfast Experience

So, what makes a B&B so special? It's all about giving your guests a comfy, intimate experience that they can't get at a regular hotel. It's the personal touches, the warm welcomes and that "feel right at home" atmosphere.

It can be your whole house or just a spare room, whichever you prefer. Also, you get to choose how much you interact with your guests — want to be their local guide? Happy to chat over breakfast? Or simply prefer to give them their space? It's all up to you!

What are the Distinctive Qualities that Characterize a Bed and Breakfast Property?

 Distinctive Qualities that Characterize a Bed and Breakfast Property

When listing your property as a Bed and Breakfast on Airbnb, keep in mind these key characteristics that align with the B&B experience:

  • Design with personality: Your B&B should scream “unique” with its décor, local flair and spaces that draw guests together like bees to honey.
  • Little touches, big memories: It’s the little things that count. Welcome notes, your secret recipe for chocolate chip cookies or a guide to hidden local gems can make all the difference.
  • Taste of the local life: Why not share the love for your locale with some local snacks or drinks? Think about a basket of fresh fruits or some homemade goodies that give your guests a real taste of the area.
  • Comfort over everything: Stock up on those little comforts—extra cozy blankets, fluffy bathrobes or a stash of books for lazy afternoons.
  • Accessibility matters: Making sure everyone feels welcome is key. Think about adding features like ramps or accessible bathrooms to make staying a breeze for all guests.
  • Bring people together: Your common areas are where the magic happens. It’s where stories are shared over a cup of coffee or a board game night and friendships bloom, so make them inviting.

Airbnb Hosting 101

To ensure a reliable and comfortable experience for guests, Airbnb has set basic requirements for hosts:

  • Speedy replies: Travelers love feeling heard, so responding to inquiries and reservation requests within a day is ideal. This shows you're on top of things and makes booking a breeze for your guests.
  • Welcoming guests: Whenever possible, try to say "yes" to reservation requests. The more travelers feel welcome, the better! It creates a positive vibe for everyone on Airbnb.
  • Reliable stays: Life happens, but cancellations can be a real bummer for travelers. By honoring reservations, you create a sense of trust and reliability.
  • Top-notch reviews: Great reviews are like gold! They show travelers you provide fantastic stays and build your reputation as a Superhost. Positive feedback leads to more bookings and keeps your place shining on Airbnb.

How to List Your Bed & Breakfast on Airbnb - A Step-by-Step Guide

How to List Your Bed & Breakfast on Airbnb - A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Getting started

Create or log in to your account

If you haven't joined Airbnb yet, it's time to create an account. For existing members, simply log in.

Add listing

After successfully logging in, locate the "Add Listing" button, typically situated at the upper right corner of the Airbnb homepage.

General criteria

Fill in the basic information about your Bed and Breakfast. This includes your property's location, type of accommodation (entire home, private room), number of guests it can accommodate and number of bedrooms and bathrooms available.

Step 2 - Setting the scene

Upload high-quality photos

Use high-resolution photos to showcase your B&B's interior and exterior. Highlight unique features, cozy corners, comfortable bedrooms, communal spaces and any special touches that make your place stand out.

Crafting a compelling description

Write a captivating property description that provides insight into what makes your Bed and Breakfast special. Share details about your hosting style, any amenities you offer, nearby attractions and the overall experience guests can expect during their stay.

Step 3 - Getting ready to welcome guests

Booking settings

Set your guest requirements. These could include a government-issued ID, recommendations from other hosts, or a certain number of positive reviews. Define house rules and provide essential details about your property such as accessibility features or parking options.


You'll need to specify your preferred frequency for hosting guests, the advance notice you need before their arrival, the maximum booking window and the maximum length of stay. Additionally, make sure to consistently update your availability calendar by blocking off dates when your Bed and Breakfast is unavailable for bookings.


  • Smart pricing: Choose whether to utilize Airbnb's Smart Pricing tool, which adjusts your prices based on demand fluctuations in your area or consider Dynamic pricing such as Pricelabs, Wheelhouse or Beyond Pricing.
  • Setting base and additional prices: Set your base price, taking into account market trends, costs, and local competition. Factor in utilities, taxes, cleaning fees and other expenses.
  • Minimum and maximum prices: Set a minimum and maximum price range for flexibility.
  • Currency: Choose the currency in which you'll charge your guests.
  • Promotions and discounts: Decide if you want to offer discounts for first-time guests, longer stays, or other promotions.

Step 4 - Publishing your Airbnb listing

Review and accuracy

Thoroughly review your listing for accuracy and completeness. Highlight your property's features in a positive light while maintaining honesty.

Optimize for positivity

Emphasize the benefits of your Bed and Breakfast, its unique charm and the experiences guests can enjoy. Use descriptive and engaging language to make your listing stand out.

Publish your listing

Once you're satisfied with your listing, click "Publish" to make it live on Airbnb. Remember, you can continually update and improve your listing based on guest feedback and changing circumstances.

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Bottom Line

Jumping into Airbnb with your B&B can be super rewarding. It's all about creating those unforgettable stays for your guests.

With a little prep, some personal touches and savvy vacation rental software, your B&B could be the next big hit on Airbnb.

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