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Airbnb Interior Design Trends: Top Tips

Airbnb Interior Design Trends: Top Tips

Travelers are becoming pickier and oversaturated with options as more and more Airbnbs become available. Keep in mind, that the more competition there is for your property in a popular tourist area, the more you'll need to differentiate it from both other vacation rentals and Airbnb-unaffiliated properties.

Given that, how can you draw more travelers to your Airbnb? The key, as an Airbnb host is to improve your Airbnb's interior design, which is one way to get more bookings on your calendar.

Having said that, let's get into:

  • How can I choose the best interior design for my Airbnb?
  • What are some ways to improve your interior design as an Airbnb Host?
  • Should you work with a pro interior designer?

How Can I Choose the Best Interior Design for My Airbnb?

Be mindful of where your property’s location

It is essential that the interior design of your Airbnb fit the location. If your Airbnb is a rustic mountain chalet, it won't make sense to provide beach towels, for example. Given that, ensure that your décor style complements the area where the Airbnb is located.

Determine your target audience

When designing your Airbnb interior decor, be sure to keep the guest's needs in mind.

Remember, it is crucial that the design and furniture for your Airbnb will rely on the target market you've selected. For instance, bliesure travelers will place a higher value on a comfy workstation desk, whereas families traveling with pets would more appreciate an outside play area.

Establish a themed vacation rental if possible

Airbnb claims travelers are increasingly looking for unusual and uncommon accommodations. Given that, why not transform your property into a themed vacation rental in order to stand out?

For instance, if your vacation rental is close to trees and mountains, you might want to consider going with a greener theme. But, make sure to select a theme that is more appropriate to the area where your Airbnb is located.

Seek ideas and inspiration

Thankfully, you won't need to seek far or invest a lot of time and money to get the ideal look for your short-term rental. Online platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are excellent sources of inspiration.

In addition, there are a number of Instagram and Pinterest accounts dedicated to interior design and the most recent design trends. Also, users of both social networking platforms have the option of organizing and saving content, which is helpful, especially when making mood boards to help you visualize your potential design for your short-term rental.

What Are Some Ways to Improve Your Interior Design as an Airbnb Host?

What Are Some Ways to Improve Your Interior Design as an Airbnb Host?

Create an experience and a narrative

Unfortunately, guests don't actually want a generally appealing design, despite the fact that many hosts think it would be a good idea to do so.

Travelers favor Airbnbs which feature distinctive elements that tell a story about the host's personality and the history of the place. For instance, putting a few unusual ceramics or little figurines in your Airbnb might spark guests' curiosity.

However, avoid displaying too many sentimental objects, such as family photos, as this could make the guest feel invasive of your privacy and unwelcome. Also, from a security standpoint, this could be risky.

Incorporate bold accents

To help your Airbnb stand out, incorporate vibrant touches. There are numerous strategies to consider including using wallpaper to wall paint. For instance, red scarlet or vivid blue to paint your front entrance might strike appeal to the guests. More importantly, this approach is a relatively inexpensive tactic plus easy to locate as it is staringly unique.

If say, your Airbnb is a condo and unable to paint the front entrance, you could always think outside the box and consider painting the window frames or select a bold color for one of the interior walls.

Another tactic you might want to think about is enhancing and transforming your space with significant works of art or lighting fixtures. Regardless of the technique used, using strong and colorful elements will enhance the number of listing views.

Don't, however, think about painting your Airbnb completely white. Although it may appear exquisite, it is not the best choice for vacation rentals because it is expensive to maintain and rapidly gets stained. Not to mention that it might also lead to higher cleaning costs.

Embrace small spaces

Despite the fact that it would appear that a bigger space is preferable, it may not always be the case. A simple space may be made into a warm, welcoming space by adding the right furniture, making guests eager to spend time there. You could, for instance, transform a tiny area into a quiet reading nook or a photo booth where guests can unwind while posing for pictures that will look good on Instagram.

You should also be conscious that too many patterns and graphics can make a space seem smaller. Remember, you want to create an intimate, cozy atmosphere rather than one that is overly crowded. Think about rich color schemes that provide a touch of luxury rather than choosing images or patterns.

Go green

It makes a great difference to add indoor plants and flowers to your Airbnb since it infuses more life and energy into the space. Put some low-maintenance plants in a few important places, including by the windows, on coffee tables, or even on the kitchen counters.

A floral hanging would also be a great choice and is currently popular if you want to give your space a more contemporary feel. Moreover, they could assist in adding different depths in addition to giving greenery.

Given that, be aware that while indoor plants are attractive and can improve the ambiance and air quality, some plants may cause allergies or skin rashes in some people. Thus, it is essential to conduct careful research because, especially if you host kids and pets at your Airbnb, it may result in slight discomfort to more severe symptoms like breathing problems or even death.

Provide good lighting

Lighting has two functions: it creates the correct atmosphere and assists in avoiding mishaps.

Consider placing a big mirror next to a window if you want more natural light entering the room. Also, for a more obvious effect, think about using hanging lights in your Airbnb. Adding on, a glass pendant might help you create a standout ambiance if you want to appeal to a certain target market.

Given that, don't limit to just one source of light in any way. Instead, think outside the box and experiment with blending different types of lighting by adding accent, task, and overhead lights to provide a range of alternatives. This will not only make sure that the appearance is more modern and less boring but also ensures that all areas are well-lit.

Embellish your outdoor space

How well you run your Airbnb is greatly reflected in the exterior area. But, if you are not a skilled gardener, you might think about hiring a landscaper to design a warm and captivating garden for your Airbnb.

In addition to growing low-maintenance, water-smart plants, if you really want to go the extra mile, consider investing in a water-resistant outdoor seating area. Also, choosing water-resistant outdoor appliances and furniture eliminates any need for replacement in the event of a mishap. The last thing you want is for a rust-weakened chair or table to topple over.

Provide a cozy working environment

A comfortable desk would be crucial if your Airbnb is primarily geared toward business travelers. Having said that, think twice before investing in plastic furniture or temporary furnishings for short-term rentals because they are more prone to damage.

Keep in mind that location is a very important factor in luring business travelers and staycationers. They would want to think about Airbnbs that are calm and far away, but not too distant as they could lose internet connectivity.

Should You Work with a Pro Interior Designer?

Should You Work with a Pro Interior Designer?

It is unquestionably more expensive to hire a professional interior designer. On the other hand, consider it this way: they are knowledgeable and skilled at furnishing a vacation rental property for a specific kind of traveler. Also, they are experienced in providing a better degree of comfort for guests and enhancing the appeal of your property. By doing this, you'll save time and your nightly rate and occupancy rate will increase.

Furthermore, interior designers are paid on average $50 to $500 per hour depending on their level of experience, according to sources. And if at all possible, you might also choose to pay the interior designer a flat fee rather than on an hourly basis. In fact, the majority of hosts and property managers recommend using this strategy.

In the end, the choice to engage a professional or not ultimately depends on your decorating abilities, available time, and financial resources.

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