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How to Market to International Airbnb Guests

How to Market to International Airbnb Guests

Due to the boom in global travel and the accessibility of vacation rentals, property managers may have seen an increase in requests from out-of-country Airbnb guests. More importantly, it's beneficial for your vacation rental business to bring in a variety of tourists, including families, couples, business travelers, and backpackers, among other guests.

So, if you're thinking of renting out your Airbnb to international guests, consider how to market your Airbnb the most effectively.

With that said, let's get right to it!

Promote Local Attractions

Consider the local experience you wish to highlight for your guest. Is it the surroundings? Is it the local traditions? Is it an event, perhaps a cultural performance? Maybe the nearby shopping centers?

Also, if you want to promote local attractions to your guests, think about providing the distance from your Airbnb to several local sites.

Additionally, make your property's experience seem like a once-in-a-lifetime event by describing it in great detail in your description. Include images of the experience from past visitors or of yourself or family and friends in these places, such as the nearby gushing waterfall or a distinctive tree swing in the paddy fields, to make it more enticing.

Don't forget to highlight the local boutiques, as well as any distinctive things that are created locally or that have compelling tales.

World-Class Amenities

Naturally, offering top-notch amenities and facilities is required when entertaining international Airbnb guests. Although it is true that tourists like learning about the local culture, it is the host's duty to make the guests feel at home.

Provide maps and tips to guests and, if you have staff at your Airbnb, encourage them to assist guests with information such as recommendations for nearby restaurants, shops, and other local attractions.

Remember that tourists, especially backpackers, tend to travel light, so it would be nice if there were a washer and dryer on-site or if they had access to a laundry facility nearby where they could do their own laundry without having to pay a premium. Also, think about providing a kitchen so guests can choose to eat meals prepared at home.

Additionally, it will be useful to have a variety of ports and universal adapters on hand in the property. Consider including utilities like a hairdryer, mini-fridge, heater, and air conditioner in your Airbnb if they don't already have them.

Provide welcoming refreshments to the guest upon arrival. Be mindful that, just as people and cultures vary throughout countries, so do daily tastes. For instance, Indians often select tea in the morning instead of coffee, which is what the average American does. Although there are no strict guidelines, it is good to offer guests both choices and let them choose what they prefer.

Be Unique

Be Unique

Ideal Airbnb amenities include scrumptious meals, a relaxing atmosphere, and cozy nights. Consider what sets you apart from the competitors.

Make your Airbnb stand out by adding a special feature, experience, or theme. International Airbnb travelers will be drawn to your Airbnb because it stands out and travel there, especially for that reason.

Be Multilingual

International travelers can come from anywhere in the world and speak any language. Therefore, if you choose to market to international travelers, you need to consider being multilingual. Hire staff that can speak different languages. Obviously, there are too many languages and they won’t be able to speak every language out there. However, you can strive to speak as many as you can. Try to recognize similarities, pay attention to the language that is most important for your staff to be able to speak, and then act in accordance with that knowledge.

More importantly, your website serves as the foundation as it will be the initial point of contact with potential guests. Thus, make your websites accessible in their language of choice.

Consider The Traditions of Other Cultures

Consider The Traditions of Other Cultures

What traditions are practiced in other countries, given that we are all aware that cultures differ from one another?

Some guests would like a warm cup of tea before bed, while others could feel concerned if the Airbnb property does not have any slippers for them to wear inside. Learn about the preferences of your international travelers and tailor your services to suit those needs by offering a cozier atmosphere.

When conversing with the guests before their arrival, remember to account for the time zone difference as well. Don't count on a response right away if there is a 10-hour time difference.

More Pictures Equals Fewer Questions

According to the proverb, a picture speaks a thousand words. Because of the language barrier and especially if you are hosting international Airbnb guests, try to avoid creating the possibility for misunderstanding or doubt.

Additionally, upload as many images of your property or delighted guests taking advantage of the experience you sell to your website as well as other listing sites. Ensure that the photos are clear and have a size of at least 1024x683 pixels. Additionally, make sure that all of the features and amenities that your Airbnb offers are visible. Don't forget to promote well-known tourist destinations, local boutique stores, and the surroundings as it is a terrific way to draw in tourists from abroad.

Consequently, there won't be a need for spoken communication. After all, pictures are universally understood!

Advertise Listings On Different Sites

OTAs like Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, Booking.com, and Expedia, some of the most well-known websites in the world, are a good addition to your own website for promoting your Airbnb. By doing this, you'll increase your Airbnb's exposure and increase the likelihood that someone will book it.

Remember, there is no fee for listing your Airbnb on other OTAs until a booking is made. Though, beforehand, check out and compare the rates and conditions listed on each OTA for vacation rentals as well.

Also, invest in a channel manager like Hostaway to sync all of your bookings across all platforms and avoid multiple bookings. It will be simpler for you if you use a channel manager to maintain, update, and adjust listings and pricing.

Create a Tourism Marketing Plan

Create a Tourism Marketing Plan

Building a comprehensive plan focused on identifying your target travelers, developing a distinctive marketing campaign based on findings into the performance of existing channels and new trends, and increasing customer loyalty is crucial to attracting and maintaining international travelers.

In addition, it will operate as a strategic plan for all of your marketing initiatives, from minimizing unnecessary expenses to allowing you to measure the success of each campaign, in accordance with the goals you've set.

The business strategy should be competitive and result-oriented. For example, you may enhance your customers' online booking experiences to save time while simultaneously assuring that your website can handle an increase in the number of traffic.

Have a Clear and Professional Brand Name

Travelers will feel more confident in you if they can recognize your brand name on your website and any other listings. More importantly, there are several free tools available that let you make a logo for almost nothing.

Also, this will show your expertise in the area because tourists from other countries may need recommendations from locals for advice and other assistance. You can further establish your authority in the region by answering questions from international tourists who may approach people with local knowledge for guidance. Creating your own content, publishing it on your blog or social media platforms, and adding translations are all ways to achieve this.

Give Your Website A Global Reach

Simple visual country flags might help you better target your audience and gain an advantage with your website. In addition, think about translating a few of the pages on your website to attract tourists from abroad.

Additionally, showing your rates in travelers' respective local currencies can help them better compare prices with other sites. Mostly, in the end, you want to promote confidence and comfort.

Additional strategies to take into account include content marketing in nations that are relevant to your business. Local markets should also be taken into account when planning your internet marketing efforts and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

Create a Helpful Handbook for All Types of Travellers

Create a Helpful Handbook for All Types of Travellers

The secret to luring foreign Airbnb guests and a practical strategy is to give them a welcome book with crucial information about the neighborhood, city, and country.

A helpful welcome book will improve the experience you provide for the guests and help them get a better sense of the area, whether you decide to leave it within the house or include it on your listing. This may consist of:

  • Nearby points of interest
  • Emergency phone numbers for the police, fire department, ambulance, etc.
  • Numbers for nearby taxis
  • Where the currency exchange is located
  • Neighboring supermarkets, pharmacies, and local eateries, including vegan and gluten-free restaurants
  • Maps
  • General practices, mealtimes, bank holidays, customs, greetings, and tipping
  • Tourist tickets, attractions, and sites of interest

Be aware that you may need to translate and change your welcome book based on the guests in order to make it convenient and straightforward for them. Always remember that tiny things add up to a guest experience resulting in a blossoming review.

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