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Airbnb Travel Insurance for Guests | What it is and How it Works

Airbnb Travel Insurance for Guests | What it is and How it Works

Traveling opens doors to new experiences and cultures, but unexpected events can disrupt even the best-laid plans. Trip cancellations, flight delays or medical emergencies can leave you scrambling for solutions and facing financial losses. This is where travel insurance steps in, offering a safety net for unforeseen circumstances.

Airbnb, recognizing this need, offers travel insurance as an add-on purchase for guests during the booking process. But how does it differ from the existing Airbnb Host Guarantee programs like AirCover for guests? Let's delve into the world of Airbnb travel insurance and understand how it can protect your next Airbnb adventure.

AirCover vs. Travel Insurance

It's important to distinguish between Airbnb travel insurance and AirCover for guests. AirCover is a free program offered by Airbnb. It acts as a safety net for situations directly related to the host or the listing itself.


Let's dissect what AirCover covers:

  • Listing inaccuracy: Did the pool in the pictures turn out to be a kiddie inflatable? AirCover comes to the rescue if the listing significantly differs from reality and the host can't rectify it. Guests will be assisted in finding similar accommodation or offered a full or partial refund.
  • Host cancellation within 30 days: Imagine booking your dream getaway only to have the host cancel last minute. AirCover ensures guests aren't left scrambling. It will help them find alternative accommodation or provide a full refund.
  • Unable to check-In (host's fault): You arrived at your stay, but the host is nowhere to be found, or there's a problem with access? AirCover steps in, helping guests find a similar place or offering a full refund depending on the circumstances.

In these scenarios, Airbnb will help you find a similar place to stay or offer a full or partial refund.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance

Travel insurance acts as a broader umbrella, shielding guests from a wider range of potential disruptions beyond the scope of AirCover.

Unlike AirCover, travel insurance is an optional add-on purchased during the booking process. It's provided by a third-party insurance company, currently Generali Global Assistance in the US and Europ Assistance Group in other parts of the world) and offers broader coverage for unforeseen circumstances outside the control of you and your host.

What does Airbnb travel insurance cover?

Airbnb travel insurance offers a safety net for various situations that could derail your trip. Here's a breakdown of some key coverages:

  • Trip cancellation: If you need to cancel your trip entirely for a covered reason, you can be reimbursed for up to 100% of your non-refundable Airbnb booking cost. Covered reasons typically include illness, injury (to yourself or a travel companion), natural disasters at your destination or unexpected work obligations.
  • Trip interruption: Imagine having to cut your Airbnb stay short (due to a covered reason). You can get reimbursed for the unused portion of your accommodation cost, potentially up to 150% (including the initial cancellation reimbursement). This additional 50% might cover some additional expenses incurred due to the disruption.
  • Travel delay: Flight delays can wreak havoc on your itinerary. If your trip is delayed by 24 hours or more due to a covered reason (like bad weather or a mechanical issue), you might be reimbursed for expenses like meals, accommodation and local transportation incurred during the delay, up to a certain limit per person (typically $750).
  • Emergency medical and evacuation: Accidents or sudden illness can occur anywhere. You get coverage for medical expenses and emergency medical evacuation (including repatriation) if needed during your trip.
  • Baggage delay or loss: Misplaced luggage can throw a wrench in your travel plans. If your checked baggage is delayed or lost for 24 hours or more, you might be reimbursed for essential items like toiletries and clothing to tide you over until your luggage arrives.

What does Airbnb travel insurance NOT cover?

This depends on how the coverage is defined and the country of residence of the Airbnb traveler. For example, UK residents are not covered for travel costs such as flights, trains and ferries as well as pre-existing medical conditions.

Policy details relevant to each country including areas of coverage and key exclusions can be found here.

How Does Airbnb AirCover Work with Airbnb Travel Insurance?

Airbnb’s AirCover for guests and travel insurance are two different but complementary products that work well together. For example, if a guest arrives at their destination only to find the host has canceled the reservation at the last minute. Meanwhile, they are informed at the airport that their baggage is missing. While AirCover will help the guest find a new place to stay at no extra cost, they can file an insurance claim to get reimbursed for their missing baggage.

Key Considerations for Guests When Choosing Travel Insurance

While AirCover offers valuable protections related to Airbnb itself, Airbnb travel insurance provides a broader safety net for various trip disruptions.

By understanding the coverage details and comparing it to your specific needs and risk tolerance, you can decide if Airbnb travel insurance is a worthwhile addition to your Airbnb booking. Here are some additional tips:

  • Compare costs: Don't just rely on the travel insurance offered during booking. Consider comparing it with independent travel insurance providers to see if you can find a better deal with similar coverage.
  • Read reviews: Researching online reviews of Generali's travel insurance can give you insights into their claim settlement process and customer service.
  • Consider trip protection on credit cards: Some credit cards offer trip cancellation or interruption insurance as a benefit. Check your credit card's benefits to see if it might already offer some coverage.


  • Always review the full terms and conditions of any travel insurance policy before purchasing.
  • File claims promptly according to the insurer's guidelines.
  • Keep all documentation related to your trip cancellation or disruption, including receipts and communication with the host or airline.

By being prepared with Airbnb travel insurance, you can embark on your Airbnb adventure with greater confidence, knowing you have some financial protection if the unexpected arises. Now you can focus on creating lasting memories during your stay!

Who should consider Airbnb travel insurance?

Travel insurance can be a wise investment for:

  • Those with non-refundable bookings: If you've booked an Airbnb with a strict cancellation policy, travel insurance can provide peace of mind in case unforeseen circumstances force you to cancel.
  • Those booking expensive trips: For trips with a significant financial investment, travel insurance can help mitigate potential losses due to cancellations or interruptions.

Ready, Set, Go!

Airbnb travel insurance is more than just a step in creating new revenue streams. It’s also a means of providing added convenience to users inclined to purchase travel insurance while keeping them inside the Airbnb platform.

By incorporating this optional safety net, you can approach your Airbnb adventure with a sense of security, ready to embrace the possibilities and forge unforgettable memories. Remember, travel insurance provides a financial buffer, but prioritizing safety and well-being throughout your travels should always be your top priority. Now, bon voyage!

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