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6 Tips for Airbnb High Season Success

6 Tips for Airbnb High Season Success

Hosting during high season is probably the most lucrative opportunity for property managers each year. The surge in tourist activity offers a significant boost to income. It can also be the most stressful time for hosts as they grapple with providing the best guest experience amidst increased competition and guest expectations. In this article, we will discuss the best tips for Airbnb hosts to ensure the most successful high season.

Top Tops for a Profitable High Season

  1. Plan Ahead
  2. Optimize pricing
  3. Optimize minimum stay policy
  4. Fill vacant nights
  5. Easy self-check-in
  6. Screen Guests

What is Airbnb High Season?

Airbnb high season, also known as peak season, is the time when demand for vacation rentals is at its highest. High season is when most travelers go on holiday and usually lasts about 3 months or 12 weeks. Generally, high season is the summer or winter months, depending on the type of destination. For example, ski markets will experience their peak season during winter while beach destinations will experience it during summer.

Why is High Season Important for Airbnb Hosts?

Because demand is at its highest, property managers can charge their highest rates and impose longer minimum stay requirements, allowing them to earn their highest profits.

How to Maximize Success during Airbnb High Season

1. Plan Ahead

Preparation is key to enjoy a successful peak season. Some tips for planning ahead:

  • Stock up on your inventory; you don’t want to run out of toilet paper or towels halfway through the season. Buying in bulk can be cheaper over the long run

  • Make sure your team is ready to cater to the demands of the increased influx of visitors with hospitality

  • Update your listing information to ensure it reflects a stay at your property during your high season, including any relevant keywords

  • Make sure your listing is optimized for Airbnb search

  • Create a high season guidebook that answers your guests’ questions and provides plenty of tips on what they can do in your locale

  • Prepare a comprehensive marketing plan to reach and entice guests ahead of time. Don’t limit yourself to Facebook and Instagram. Make use of the many channels at your disposal, from Pinterest, Tik Tok, and YouTube to Twitter and your vacation rental website

  • Use video and SEO-optimized blog articles to convert more of your target audience

6 Tips for Airbnb High Season Success

2. Ensure Your Property is Clean and Comfortable

As much as demand is high for vacation rentals during high season, so are guest expectations. Some tips to wow your guests:

  • Give your property a deep clean before peak season begins and preferably mid-way during the period to ensure a high level of cleanliness amidst the higher levels of occupancy. Make sure you have the best cleaners working during the season

  • Consider painting your home for a fresher look

  • Get your handyman to inspect your entire property and its belongings to ensure they are in working order. Repair or replace appliances and amenities as required. Your guests should feel like they are arriving at a well-maintained property

  • You can even use the opportunity to take new photographs to update your listing

3. Optimize Your Pricing & Minimum Stay Policy

Maximizing your rates while staying competitive is key to ensuring maximum profitability during the high season. Utilizing dynamic pricing is the best way to ensure you are setting the best price possible, factoring in the many factors of supply, demand, and market conditions. Extend your minimum stay requirements during this peak demand period to maximize occupancy and income. Many hosts will opt for minimum stays of up to 1 week during high season.

4. Fill Any Vacant Nights

It’s impossible to completely prevent gap days or orphan days. With longer minimum stays you may even experience longer than usual gaps in your booking calendar. To maximize income during your peak season, take steps to fill in those gap days. Adjust your minimum night requirements for those days, capitalize on last minute bookings, and offer to extend stays for confirmed guests at a better price.

5. Provide a Smooth Check-in and Check-out Process

Guests are very likely to arrive at your property exhausted after hours of driving or making their way through crowded airports. By providing self-check-in and making sure it’s a simple and smooth process, you allow guests to check in when they can, without the hassle of being forced to make small talk or any delay.

6. Screen Your Guests

High season is the worst time to end up with bad guests. They could leave you with property damage that forces you to cancel your next booking and get penalized by Airbnb for the last-minute cancellation. You could also get stuck with scammers who will leave with a refund and you with a loss during your peak season. By verifying your potential guests with a guest screening tool like Chekin, Authenticate, Superhog, or Autohost will help you avoid bad guests altogether and enjoy a successful peak season.


Hosting your vacation rental property during peak season can be both challenging and rewarding. By planning ahead and preparing your property, staff, and processes for the high season, you can make sure you provide the hospitality that guests expect during their big vacation and earn higher profits and great reviews, ensuring a successful peak season. Furthermore, all the hard work you put in to ensure a successful high season will also pay off as you transition into shoulder season.

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