36 Hostaway improvements in 30 days!

February 4, 2018

Dear followers,

One reason so many property managers are switching to Hostaway is our support and speed of development. We aim to be proactive rather than reactive, and update our platform based on questions, feedback and suggestions from our users. This is how Hostaway got better in September 2017.

Major features

  • We introduced our changelog on changelog.hostaway.com. You can also see the changes in your dashboard in the top-right corner.
  • All Reservations now have a log so you can see the events for the reservation under the Reservations Details page.
  • Sort messages by Latest Activity on Messaging page
  • Show all active reservations on Reservation page
  • Incomplete listings are now marked in the Dashboard
  • Content export for HomeAway
  • Tasks are launched
  • Messaging on mobile app
  • Custom fields for Tasks, Reservations and Listings added
  • Messages page loads 70% faster

    Minor features

  • Improved photo editing for listings
  • Improved custom iCal imports with filters for non-wanted events
  • Calendar improvement for direct booking website
  • New Thank You-message on direct booking website
  • Automatic messages for Airbnb support native Airbnb messaging
  • Checklist templates can be used in manual tasks
  • Quicker editing of custom fields
  • Automated messaging and message templates are now under the Messaging page
  • Tripadvisor/Flipkey has a dedicated iCal import/export
  • Improvements to User Groups
  • New Reservation Notification email
  • Reservation Details can be opened in new tab
  • Reservation Details are visible in the Messaging page
  • Automatic email for failed payments
  • Messaging now allows line breaks by pressing enter, instead of Ctrl-Enter
  • Reset filters for both Messages and Reservations page
  • $15 credit for a facebook review (check our changelog)
  • Custom fields added to message templates
  • Dynamic fields added to message templates
  • Latest messages are now shown on the top of the Messages page
  • Removed limit for Automations per account
  • Real-time integration with Airbnb by changing the email address
  • API users: internal reservation ID is visible in dashboard
  • Advanced bed types added to Listing Details page for Booking.com content export
  • Custom fields for reservations can be exported to CSV and Excel
  • Failed automations are shown in the Messages page

    Want your ideas turned into reality?

    If you have a suggestion on how to improve our platform, please send us detailed information to support@hostaway.com. We currently have a backlog of 65 minor improvements and 21 major improvements, and your feedback will help us prioritize these. To those of you who provided feedback last month, THANK YOU!