Hostaway’s Preferred Connectivity Partner status with Vrbo

Hostaway’s Preferred Connectivity Partner status with Vrbo

Today we’re announcing our status as a 2021 Vrbo Preferred Connectivity Partner. Our recognition as a Preferred Connectivity Partner underscores our focus on building and maintaining a high-quality connection that empowers our customers to grow their businesses on the Vrbo marketplace.

Preferred Connectivity Partners are high-value vacation rental connectivity providers recognized for their advanced systems with a wide range of products and an excellent connection to Vrbo.

This designation is a result of our commitment to:

  • Developing software integrations to a high standard with advanced tools and features.
  • Providing a quality technical connection to Vrbo with a reliable user experience.
  • Maintaining strong performance on Vrbo and engaging with the Vrbo team to continually optimize.

We’re proud to provide a high-quality connection to our customers and empower them to perform their best on the Vrbo marketplace.

You can reach millions of travelers every day on Vrbo as a part of Expedia Group’s global marketplace through our advanced connection. Learn more about Vrbo.

What Benefits do Property Managers Gain from VRBO Preferred Connectivity Partners?

As a user of Hostaway, you’ll gain major benefits due to our close partnership with VRBO. The teams at Hostaway and VRBO work closely to provide a constant reliable connection and in order to add new features, fields, and tools that deepen our integration.

VRBO Preferred Connectivity provides:

  • Increased API connectivity (our 2-way connection integrates rates, availability, guest data, descriptions, photos, amenities, titles, policies, fees, and more)
  • A reliable and monitored connection
  • Increased collaboration between the Hostaway/VRBO teams
  • Continuous improvement of our connection including the continued addition of new fields that map between systems
  • Faster and easier troubleshooting

Learn more about Hostaway's VRBO integration by reaching out to the Hostaway team.

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