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Hostaway’s Airbnb API Channel Manager Offers You More

With access to unique features you can stay ahead of the competition. Advertise your properties and manage your operations on Airbnb, Vrbo, Booking.com and Expedia
Trust an official partner of Airbnb. Ask Airbnb. Property managers choose Hostaway as their Airbnb Channel Manager because it gives them the ability to manage listings, reservations, reviews, guests, communication and owner statements better than any other channel manager.

Growing 3 x in One Year while saving over 24 hours a week of work!

How is Hostaway’s Airbnb API Channel Manager Different

Hostaway has a strong track record of having access to new features and develop them faster than the competition. This means that you can advertise and run the business the way you want, without limitations on how to advertise or accept bookings. Hostaway supports inquiries, special offers, ALL amenities and even reviews!
Not only does Hostaway offer a 2-way API calendar sync for Airbnb, it allows you to distribute your properties on Vrbo, Booking.com, Expedia and many other channels as well.
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Why use a Channel Manager for Airbnb

When using Hostaway, you can ensure all your information is up to date - calendars, availability, rates, reviews, booking policies and amenities. You’ll be able to scale up and grow your business much faster, and the property owners will be happy to see the revenues you can generate. Your staff will be happy to onboard new properties in a breeze. Book a demo today.

What can Hostaway’s Airbnb API Channel Manager do?

Rates and availability
Special offers
Financial Reporting
Owner Statements
Seasonal Rules
Website Builder

Always trust an official Airbnb partner like Hostaway

Airbnb is a publicly traded, multi-billion dollar company. They only partner with professional partners that offer stable connections and advanced options that allow property managers to advertise better and give a good guest experience. Find us on Airbnb.com!

Ready to find out how Hostaway can transform your business?

Hostaway is proud to support thousands of Property Managers and Airbnb Hosts Around the world. We take pride in being Top Ranked in Vacation Rental Software Review Sites: Capterra, G2, Software Advice, Trust Pilot, to name just a few! Check out our reviews and read the Hostaway Case Studies from real successful and growing Short-Term Rental Managers!