Hostaway Channel Manager

Hostaway’s vacation rental channel manager software allows you to synchronise reservations and calendars for the world's leading channels such as Airbnb, and Expedia, faster than ever before.

Our connections with key partners

Do you want to find out more about the connections we have with each channel? Click on each logo on the left-hand side and discover all the information you need about how we work with each partner. Look over to find out in detail what our software can do for you and your business.

Connection types

Some channels are set-up at the click of a button and others take a few simple steps. Overall, there are 3 main ways listing sites can work with our channel management solution:

  • 2-way API (our preferred option)
  • 2 way iCal channels
  • 1 way API / iCal channels.

Learn more about the three types of connectionshere.

2-way API channels:

By using API connected channels it is possible to synchronise reservations extremely quickly. Typically, these channels sync within 2-15 minutes. It will also allow you to update rates, minimum stay and other availability settings between the channel manager software and the sales channel. In a lot of cases these channels are also able to accept direct listing content upload.

2-way iCal channels:

An iCal calendar link contains reservation level information. In most cases, this data includes check-in, check-out, guest name and sometimes email and booking sum. These links can be used to download the information into your own calendar but it is also used by some sales channels to sync your reservations. A big difference with API connections is the time it takes to sync which is a limitation of iCal itself. Hostaway imports the iCal every 30-45 minutes but this depends on the channel and when they import it on their end. Some channels may take up to 1-6 hours before synchronisation.

1-way API / iCal channels:

In most cases, these channels only allow you to upload new reservations and reservations are not downloaded from these channels. At Hostaway we only ever use these channels as back-up options and you can manually add new bookings in your dashboard very easily with a few clicks.