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Ex-IT Professional's Vacation Rental Company Grows 65% Per Year Since Partnering With Hostaway

Co-Founder & CEO, Superhost.co
United States
Ex-IT Professional's Vacation Rental Company Grows 65% Per Year Since Partnering With Hostaway

About SuperHost.co

In July 2016, Jeff and his partner Jenn left for Los Angeles with their daughter to visit family and friends. They used Airbnb to book an RV/Camper overlooking Malibu - a stay unlike anything they had experienced in a hotel.

They returned to their home in Philadelphia inspired to give Short term rental hosting a try. Learning from their stay in Malibu, they wanted to do something with their home that would really stick out, and put a rooftop jacuzzi, allowing them to rent at a premium.

After a shaky start, they picked up tips and tricks around getting rentals at a premium price, setting the property up for rent, managing the property and having happy guests.

In January of 2019 their short term rental journey took another leap after they purchased their own home to rent full time. Through this, they learned how to optimize a listing, screen guests & smoothly perform all necessary operations.

A year later, they started to use their wisdom to help other people manage their properties on Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, Booking.com and Expedia. Superhost.co was born.

Today, Superhost.co is a national company which offers comprehensive short-term rental hosting services for 83 vacation rental properties of different sizes, from one to nine rooms, around New Jersey, Florida, Orland, Fort Lauderdale, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Virginia.

Looking for a new-generation software provider

When Jeff Giangiulio founded Superhost.co, he wanted to offer hosts a top-quality service, including distribution of their property listings to 250+ sites, ongoing SEO and pricing optimization, guest screening and running of day-to-day logistics. In 2017, in order to grow, Superhost.co needed to list their properties on all major channels. Thanks to his experience of 18+ years as a senior executive in the information technology sector, Jeff knew how to compare and evaluate software solutions.

Jeff's key requirements:

  1. Excellent connection to channels like Vrbo

  2. Unified inbox

  3. Reservation customization and flexibility

He shortlisted the top 5 connectivity software providers on the market, and in this process, he learned that companies who have been around for many years provided great on-site maintenance capabilities, such as invoicing for cleaning services, but lacked the knowledge and seamless connections to digital distribution channels.

Discovering Hostaway, the leading all-in-one vacation rental software

Jeff discovered Hostaway, he realized that Hostaway’s all-in-one software can not only meet his requirements with advanced features like Reservations Manager, Performance Dashboard, Owner Portal and Unified Inbox, but also set his business up for exponential growth.

Hostaway's Unified Inbox is exactly what Jeff was looking for, and more. Their API integrations with all major channels support email, text message and WhatsApp, allowing Superhost.co communicate effectively with all their guests before, during and after their stay.

Superhost.co also benefits from Hostaway's deep channel integration that puts their properties at the top of the list when guests are searching to book. Hostaway makes managing channel distribution easy, and provides tools for email and text marketing, customizable coupons, customizable booking websites and monthly webinars on how to get more bookings.

Throughout my career in tech, I worked with many connectivity software providers, and I can confidently say that Hostaway are the best next-generation, all-in-one Property Management Software and Channel Manager that I've seen!

Jeff Giangiulio, Co-Founder & CEO, Superhost.co

Superhost.co’s customer service representatives use the Hostaway platform every day. They notice constant improvements that Hostaway introduces based on their customers’ feedback, such as new API integrations, automated reviews, synchronized calendars, and automated financial reporting.

Our new joiners who come from other property management companies say that Hostaway is superior to all connectivity software solutions that they used.

Jeff Giangiulio, Co-Founder & CEO, Superhost.co

Boosting bookings on Vrbo with Hostaway

Hostaway is the kind of partner who keeps on innovating and improving. That includes bettering their connection with Vrbo.

Earlier this year, Jeff’s team realized that some of the messages from Vrbo guests didn't show up in their inbox. "Unfortunately, until we figured out what was happening, we lost some bookings. But Hostaway helped us solve it by becoming one of the earliest adaptors of Vrbo’s Messaging API integration."

Jeff took an opportunity to be amongst the first testers for this API integration: "It was a game changer! The sync went smoothly, and we are not missing a single message from out potential guests."

Thanks to Hostaway's strong partnership with Vrbo, Superhost.co saw an almost instant 20% increase in Vrbo bookings.

Ready to find out how Hostaway can transform your business?

Hostaway is proud to support thousands of Property Managers and Airbnb Hosts Around the world. We take pride in being Top Ranked in Vacation Rental Software Review Sites: Capterra, G2, Software Advice, Trust Pilot, to name just a few! Check out our reviews and read the Hostaway Case Studies from real successful and growing Short-Term Rental Managers!