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From Inferno to Oasis: How Hostaway Transformed SaltyDog Vacations' World

CEO, SaltyDog Vacations
Daytona, FL
From Inferno to Oasis: How Hostaway Transformed SaltyDog Vacations' World

It began with a dream and a handful of properties. Over a decade ago, Krista Goodrich found herself at the helm of a few vacation rentals, not a business yet, but a passion slowly taking shape. SaltyDog Vacations was born of a combination of expertise, advocacy, and confrontation with convoluted regulations.

Krista's journey wasn't without its trials. Transitioning from managing a modest portfolio to orchestrating a full-fledged operation in Central Florida's competitive landscape was no easy feat. 

Facing regulatory hurdles in 2017 and a subsequent legal challenge were a testament to her resilience. Yet, her unwavering commitment and strategic pivot towards Hostaway's software solutions set SaltyDog Vacations on a course of unprecedented growth.

We spoke with Krista and asked her to tell the SaltyDog story. She revealed what sets the company apart in the bustling vacation rental market and how Hostaway's pivotal role was more than just software—it was a catalyst for transformation.

SaltyDog Vacation Rentals Bio

  • Founded: 2020

  • Headquarters: Daytona, FL

  • Listings: 100+

  • Locations: Central Florida

  • Employees: 7 full-time employees, plus cleaners, handymen and contractors

  • Started with Hostaway: 2020

SaltyDog Vacations is a vacation rental company based in Florida that uses Hostaway Vacation Rental Software to grow their business

The Unique Fabric of SaltyDog Vacations

SaltyDog’s differentiation lies in its commitment to blending technology with a community-driven approach while fostering a diverse and dedicated team. 

"Our dedication to innovation and community is not just a statement; it's the core of our everyday operations," says Krista. This ethos, far from being a mere slogan, is a tangible practice that permeates every aspect of SaltyDog's service delivery.

The Pre-Hostaway Era

Reflecting on the days before Hostaway, Krista describes a scenario fraught with operational challenges. With around 20 listings and a small team, the lack of streamlined processes and supportive tools made every day a trial. 

"We were essentially trying to navigate through a storm without a compass," Krista recalls. The absence of a reliable Property Management System (PMS) meant that even basic tasks became Herculean efforts, underlining the dire need for change.

The Search for a Solution

The quest for a new Channel Manager/PMS began out of necessity. Initially unaware of what a PMS could offer, Krista's enlightenment came as SaltyDog Vacations reached a critical juncture.

The realization that a PMS could be the linchpin in transforming operations propelled her search. "I knew we needed something robust to support our growth, not just a stopgap solution," she explains. 

This determination led her down a path filled with possibilities and the eventual discovery of Hostaway.

Discovering and Choosing Hostaway

Krista's journey to Hostaway was marked by diligence and a desire for a lasting solution. Amidst various options, Hostaway stood out thanks to its comprehensive mobile app, a plethora of features, and the clear indication of a company on the rise. 

"Choosing Hostaway wasn't just about the features it offered; it was about investing in a partnership that promised growth and innovation," Krista emphasizes.

Krista Goodrich is CEO at SaltyDog Vacations, a vacation rental company based in Florida that uses Hostaway Vacation Rental Software to grow their business

Measurable Success and Forward-Looking Advice

Since integrating Hostaway, SaltyDog Vacations has seen remarkable growth, a testament to the platform's efficacy. Krista is keen on tracking metrics that offer insights into both individual properties and the overall portfolio, aiding in strategic decision-making. 

Her advice to peers facing similar challenges is unequivocal: "Embrace tools like Hostaway that solve immediate problems and pave the way for future success."

Vision for the Future

SaltyDog Vacations has its sights set on further expansion. It plans to refine its property selection process and continue attracting high-quality clients. 

"Our goal for the coming years is not just growth in numbers but in the value we offer to our clients and the community," Krista shares. 

With Hostaway by their side, SaltyDog Vacations is set to navigate the future with confidence, continuing to redefine excellence in the vacation rental industry.

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