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London Manager Set to Expand Across Europe with the Help of Hostaway

Co-Founder, Flex Living
United Kingdom
London Manager Set to Expand Across Europe with the Help of Hostaway

Tell us about your business:

How did you get started?

Raouf and I had backgrounds in the banking and consultancy industries. We noticed that our colleagues were traveling a lot for projects, but living out of hotel rooms for months on end without the basic comforts and amenities of an apartment. So we decided to launch our own service, catering to corporates needing accommodation on flexible rental terms. We started out working with our own firms and gradually grew partnerships across multiple industries.

Where are your properties located?

Our properties are all located in London, but we are launching in Barcelona, Paris, and Dubai very soon!

How many units do you manage?

We manage 82 apartments currently, and take on roughly 10-20 units per month.

What sets your business apart?

It sounds cliché but we don't follow the status quo. We constantly try to think outside the box and improve. We try new things and use data to drive decisions. Another big factor for us is hiring the right people, we look for talent over experience and build an environment that helps them grow. For some roles, we process over 500 candidates per successful hire.

Your Experience with Hostaway:

Have you used other solutions before Hostaway?

We researched countless platforms and carried out demos with around 20-30 companies before deciding Hostaway was the right fit for us. What we really liked from the outset was not just the tech, but also how responsive Hostaway was to feedback. Soon after joining, we noticed that they don't just talk the talk, they have a culture of change and improvement. Something we love.

Ultimately we felt that Hostaway offered a solution that was simple, easy to use, and fairly priced. Some platforms had features that we really liked, but when we trialed we always found the systems to be over-engineered meaning you were following their processes and not yours.

How was your onboarding experience?

Onboarding with Hostaway was simple and very efficient. We were set up with an onboarding call to walk us through all of the basics and once we were live, any follow-up questions we had were answered in minutes.

What Hostaway features are the most important within your business?

  • The automated messaging

  • Integrated mailbox

  • Simple calendar management

  • 10/10 customer support

Has Hostaway helped grow your business?

Every time we have had a problem or crazy idea, Hostaway has been an email or call away to help us find a solution and adapt as a business. We simply would not be where we are today without them. Our revenues have grown by 400% year on year for 3 years running while using Hostaway.

Tips for New Hosts and Managers:

In the early stages, the most important thing is to take action and limit your risks. If you try and find solutions to every problem before you start, nothing will ever happen.

Ready to find out how Hostaway can transform your business?

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