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Hostaway's Time-Saver a Game-Changer for Don Martin Vacation Rentals

Real Estate Agent, Don Martin Realty
Wildwood, NJ
Hostaway's Time-Saver a Game-Changer for Don Martin Vacation Rentals

The year is 1991. George Bush Sr. is President. The Giants and Twins are Super Bowl and World Series Champions respectively. Roseanne is the number one sitcom on TV, and Don Martin Vacation Rentals is founded in Wildwood, New Jersey. 

Though the family-run business started with a real estate sales division, Don Martin launched its vacation rental business a few years after. Fast forward to today, and they're rocking the scene with a solid team and 65 listings — but it didn’t happen overnight. 

Here’s a look at how the company built their success, and how Hostaway has helped along the way over the past three years. 

Don Martin Vacation Rentals Bio

  • Founded: 1991

  • Headquarters: Wildwood, NJ

  • Listings: 65

  • Locations: All over Wildwood, NJ

  • Employees: 8 regular team members, expanding to over 30 during the season including maintenance and cleaning staff

  • Started with Hostaway: Spring 2021

The Journey Begins

The company's roots trace back to 1991 thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Don Martin. "Our real estate sales office was founded in 1991 by my father," current owner operator — and Don’s son — Richard Martin shared. 

They didn't stop there, though. Diving into vacation rentals added a whole new layer to their business cake.

So, what's the secret sauce? "We are a full-service rental agency... from guest communication to cleaning to maintenance, we handle everything in-house.” Having in-house solutions is a great way to maximize profits and guest experience for a vacation rental business — as long as you have the right team and technology to do it.

Before the Switch to Hostaway

Life before Hostaway was a bit of a headache. "We used dated software, making tasks manual and time-consuming,” said Richard. Important processes like guest communication and check-in — processes Hostaway makes easy through automation and integration —were a burden for the staff. 

So Why Go with Hostaway?

Getting bogged down in manual tasks was a catalyst for finding a software solution. After researching a handful of vacation rental software providers, Hostaway became the favorite. 

Flexible pricing and the availability of using payment processors other than Stripe were crucial factors. After a successful onboarding experience with Hostaway’s customer success team, Richard knew he had made the right decision.

"Time is a common theme with Hostaway—saving time and having everything integrated in one platform." - Richard Martin

Don Martin Vacation Rentals isn't the only Hostaway customer who loves saving time. Learn how Youpartments saved time spent on guest communications and stay management with Hostaway.

The Real Deal with Hostaway

Three years into using Hostaway, the team's feeling pretty good about the switch. "This spring will mark three years since adopting Hostaway," Richard Martin mentions. The big win? Saving time. "This allows us to redirect staff to advertising efforts for new listings and reservations.” 

In other words, Hostaway lets them focus on what matters most: growing their business and running things smoothly.

“We’ve grown from 40 to 65 listings since implementing Hostaway and our goal now is to surpass our previous maximum (80) and handle the volume efficiently with the help of Hostaway.”

This growth is not just in numbers but in operational efficiency and client satisfaction, underscoring the importance of choosing the right property management software for vacation rental businesses.

Don Martin Vacation Rentals is a New Jersey based realty and vacation rental company that uses Hostaway as their primary vacation rental software.

What's Next?

The future's looking bright and busy for Don Martin Vacation Rentals. With plans to keep expanding and making the most of what Hostaway offers, they're on a path to even more awesomeness in the vacation rental industry scene.

Growing in the Garden State

So, what's the takeaway?  A tool like Hostaway's vacation rental software saves time for busy businesses like Don Martin Vacation Rentals.

Don Martin is not alone.  Thousands of short-term rental companies have felt the difference an all-in-one platform makes. 

Thanks to the team at Don Martin, with an assist from Hostaway’s automation tools, reporting tools, marketing and more, 65 listings will become 80 in no-time. 

This case study exemplifies how the right vacation and short-term rental software can streamline operations, enhance guest experience, and drive business growth.

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