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What is VRMA and What are the Benefits of Joining?

What is VRMA and What are the Benefits of Joining?

What is VRMA?

The Vacation Rental Management Association, or VRMA, is an organization that advocates for the vacation rental industry. VRMA works to advance the vacation rental industry by engaging with policymakers on behalf of vacation rental companies, service providers, and professionals. It also provides vacation rental data and research, educational, and networking opportunities to members.

Founded in 1985, VRMA has grown to become an important advocate and resource for vacation rental professionals worldwide.

Benefits of Joining VRMA for Vacation Rental Hosts

  1. Networking opportunities
  2. Industry advocacy
  3. Education & training
  4. Access to resources
  5. Professional development
  6. Discounts & partnerships
  7. Credibility & trust

What is VRMA and What are the Benefits of Joining?

What are the Benefits of Joining VRMA to Vacation Rental Property Managers?

1. Networking Opportunities

One of the primary benefits of joining VRMA is the chance to connect with other vacation rental professionals. Whether you are a seasoned host or just starting out, networking with others in the industry can provide invaluable insights and opportunities.

VRMA hosts conferences, workshops, webinars, and other physical and virtual events where you can exchange ideas and strategies and build relationships with fellow hosts, property managers, service providers, property management companies, and industry experts.

It also allows property managers to network with interested homeowners, providing opportunities to grow their property management portfolio.

2. Industry Advocacy

VRMA is a strong advocate for the vacation rental industry, working to protect the interests of property managers and property management companies. They actively engage with lawmakers and policymakers to ensure regulations enable a favorable business environment for vacation rental managers and service providers. By joining VRMA, hosts can have a voice in shaping the future of the industry and stay informed about legislative changes that may impact their businesses.

3. Education and Training

VRMA provides education and training resources to help hosts improve their vacation rental management skills. They offer a variety of educational programs, including webinars, workshops, and online courses, covering topics such as property management, marketing, legal issues, and customer service. Staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices can help hosts deliver exceptional guest experiences and increase revenue.

4. Access to Resources

VRMA provides a wealth of resources, including research reports, templates, and guides, designed to assist hosts in various aspects of vacation rental management. From pricing strategies to property maintenance checklists, these resources can save hosts time and effort while helping them make informed decisions.

5. Professional Development

VRMA offers certification programs and designations, such as the Vacation Rental Management Certificate and Vacation Rental Management Professional (VRMP), respectively. Earning these certifications and designations can enhance a host's credibility and demonstrate their commitment to professionalism in the vacation rental industry.

6. Discounts and Partnerships

VRMA has partnerships with various companies that offer services and products relevant to vacation rental hosts. By becoming a member, hosts gain access to exclusive discounts and deals on software, insurance, property management tools, and more. These cost-saving benefits can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

What is VRMA and What are the Benefits of Joining?

7. Credibility and Trust

As a recognized organization in the vacation rental industry, membership in VRMA confers credibility that the individual and corporate member adheres to industry standards and best practices, increasing trust from guests to book and homeowners to engage with the property manager or property management company.

How to Join VRMA

VRMA permits membership to a variety of individuals and companies based on the service they provide and its relation to the industry. This includes:

  • Manager

Provides full-service vacation rental management to over 6 properties

  • Individual Manager

A homeowner renting one or more properties or a property manager providing full service vacation rental management to fewer than 6 properties.

  • Supplier/Vendor

Delivers a product or service to vacation rental property managers

  • Associate

Provides limited vacation rental management services or an operational aspect of property rental services

  • VRHP

Provides housekeeping and maintenance services to at least 2 vacation rental properties

Membership is available to property managers and companies located in any type of rental market (such as a beach or ski destination) worldwide. Companies can be of any size.

When a company acquires VRMA membership, benefits extend to its entire team.

Membership ends on December 31 of each year.

VRMA members can also apply to serve on a VRMA committee by submitting an application during its annual call for volunteers.


VRMA is a valuable resource for vacation rental hosts looking to enhance their skills, expand their network, and stay informed about industry trends and regulations. By joining VRMA, hosts can access a wealth of benefits, from networking opportunities and education to advocacy and cost-saving partnerships. Whether you're a seasoned host or just starting out, VRMA can help you navigate the ever-evolving vacation rental landscape and succeed in this dynamic industry.

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