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What is an Aparthotel?

What is an Aparthotel?

Decades ago, hotels were considered the sole option as accommodation for travelers. Today, travelers have many different options of accommodation available, from luxury tents to boutique hotels, and so forth.

Perhaps, you may have even come across aparthotels but may not even have thought of it. The demand for aparthotels is increasingly growing with staycations being the new normal across the globe. And honestly, it's commonly preferred by travelers - a home away from home atmosphere! One can assume aparthotels will soon take over the market for business travelers and families in the travel industry.

That said, let's dive into:

  • What is Aparthotel and what does it include?
  • What are the differences between Aparthotel and Traditional Hotels?
  • What kind of travelers are attracted to Aparthotels?

What is an Aparthotel and What Does it Include?

The word itself gives it away! It is a hybrid accommodation of a luxury apartment associated with all the convenience and comfort of a hotel. Basically, it is the best of both worlds.

That said, regardless of the length of stay, Aparthotels offer travelers fully furnished and equipped apartments, meaning guests would have their own living room with entertainment facilities, kitchen space with a full set of crockery, WiFi, and separate bedroom space providing extra touches, ideally suitable for either business or leisure or bleisure travelers.

Before one can assume that aparthotels are similar to serviced apartments, remember that serviced apartments do not offer guests services such as daily cleaning, a personal chef or in-room breakfast, and a 24/7 concierge. Though, keep in mind that some aparthotels do operate with self-check-in services and guests are managed remotely via online or phone.

What Are The Differences Between Aparthotel and Traditional Hotels?

What Are The Differences Between Aparthotel and Traditional Hotels?


Apart from offering a "home away from home" vibe, travelers enjoy aparthotels as they are more flexible and convenient to hold business meetings, entertain guests, live as they want, and not worry about meals while enjoying their privacy, unlike traditional hotels. Traditional hotels are more strict when it comes to entertaining guests in the room and are more likely to cause disturbance to other guests.

Moreover, housekeeping or personal-chef services provided in aparthotels can be requested according to the guests’ schedule which contributes to enhancing a comfortable stay.


What is great about an aparthotel is the ample space provided. Traveling with families or friends requires privacy and freedom to move around, work, do chores, or even entertain guests without the fear of disturbing others; just like in a typical home.

Hotels, on the other hand, assume guests do not normally stay in and are targeted for shorter stays, thus focusing on providing one bedroom room and ensuite bathroom. That said, spacious space, private kitchen, and comfortable bedrooms ensure peace of mind and a huge difference when staying in short-term stays for a couple of months.

Value for Money

Although prices should be competitive, in comparison to Aparthotels, booking hotels for longer stays can be extremely expensive. On the other hand, depending on the period of stay, aparthotels offer guests discounted prices which is an excellent way of saving costs for accommodation especially targeted to small and friendly-budget groups.

Apart from that, if you consider the space, amenities, and top-notch service provided, the value for money is worth every penny. Aparthotels have no hidden charges for extras such as room service or mini-bars. Moreover, you can do laundry, make your meals, and arrange your schedules during your stay without extra charges and at your convenient time.

Fully Equipped Amenities & Quality

In comparison to traditional hotels, Aparthotels offer guests a fully furnished and equipped living environment such as comfy sofas, electronics, toiletries, a fully equipped kitchen, high-quality bed linen, etc for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Moreover, other facilities such as a gym, spa, swimming pool, sauna, and home-like entertainment facilities are provided for extended stays without extra costs.

Apart from that, an attribute aparthotels differ from are the personalized welcome packs or hampers waiting to be unraveled by guests on their arrivals. More importantly, with the 24-hour surveillance, aparthotels are secured for guests entering in and out the premises.

What Kind of Travelers are Attracted to Aparthotels?

What Kind of Travelers are Attracted to Aparthotels?

Business Travelers

Traditionally, business travelers often booked hotels to a certain degree that quickly became tiring - 'hotel burnout'.

Today, business travelers seek out accommodations that offer comfort and convenience while working and relaxing throughout their stay in the area; in other words- aparthotels.

More so, business travelers find it too monotonous or too expensive to dine out at restaurants, cafes, etc, especially when traveling alone and preferably having a fully equipped kitchen where they can leisurely cook in their own time.


Families especially with children or pets ideally seek out accommodations that provide all the comforts of a home - separate rooms, living space, kitchen, and laundry room. Imagine not worrying about kids throwing their toys out of the pram, or grown-ups able to stay up late without the fear of waking up the kids.


Ideally, friends or colleagues traveling together for a weekend away or long staycations prefer accommodations that provide a number of rooms with a shared lounge and a kitchen that allows them to leisurely enjoy their time together while having the comfort of their own private rooms

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