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What is Vrbo Instant Book? How does it Work for Hosts?

What is Vrbo Instant Book? How does it Work for Hosts?

What is Vrbo Instant Booking?

Similar to Airbnb’s Instant Book, Vrbo Instant Booking allows guests to instantly book a Vrbo vacation rental. When hosts have Instant Booking switched on, booking requests by travelers are instantly confirmed. The guest’s credit card is charged for the initial amount. The host receives an email confirming the booking and including booking details. The reservation is also automatically updated in the host’s reservation manager.

Instant Booking is the easiest and fastest way for a traveler to book a vacation rental on Vrbo. Nevertheless, a guest must agree to the following before they instantly book the property:

Can a Host Cancel an Instant Booking?

A Vrbo host can cancel an Instant Booking if the guest does not meet their house rules requirements or Vrbo’s policies or terms and conditions. For example, if you don’t permit smoking but your guest wants to smoke indoors. Nevertheless, it’s best to ask the guest to cancel, so your metrics are not affected.

What are the Benefits of Instant Booking for Hosts?

Instant Booking is not only attractive to guests but offers many advantages to hosts:

1. Increase Booking Frequency

Instant Booking is the easiest and fastest way for guests to book, thereby increasing the chances of your vacation rental getting booked.

2. Never Miss a Booking

Because bookings are confirmed instantly, there is no risk of you missing out on a request to book before it expires.

3. Save Time

Because you don’t have to spend time responding to and reviewing multiple requests to book, it saves you time.

4. Easier Booking Management

Not needing to field so many requests prior to booking makes for easier work managing booking.

5. Attractive to Travelers Booking Last Minute

Because last minute travelers are in a hurry to book and don’t want to waste 24 hours if their booking request is denied, they prefer Instant Booking.

6. Increase Exposure

Vrbo properties with Instant Booking enabled are also showcased on other booking channels of the Expedia Group, improving the exposure of your vacation rental.

7. Improve Vrbo Search Rankings

Not only does your listing show up when guests filter their search for properties with Instant Booking but your higher acceptance rate is rewarded by Vrbo with higher search rankings.

What is Vrbo Instant Book? How does it Work for Hosts?

What are the Disadvantages of Instant Booking for Hosts?

There are a number of cons for hosts associated with Instant Booking.

1. Double Bookings

If you also list on other OTAs like Airbnb and Booking.com, enabling Instant Booking could put you at risk of double bookings.

2. You Can’t Vet your Guests

Since bookings are confirmed instantly, you have no time or opportunity to review your guests prior to accepting their bookings.

3. You may get More Cancellations

Some guests may use Instant Booking to hold on to a property while they look for something better. Make sure your cancellation policy protects against travelers like these.

4. Not Conducive to Longer Stays

If you are open to longer rentals, you would want to thoroughly vet your potential guests before confirming their stay and Instant Booking won’t allow you that.

5. Loss of Control

Instant Booking gives Vrbo more control over your booking process by taking it away from you.

Can Hosts Opt out of Instant Booking?

Yes, you can switch from Instant Booking to the 24-hour review process at any time.

How to Gain More Control over Instant Booking?

Vrbo allows its hosts several settings they can adjust to gain more control over the Instant Booking feature for their listing. These are:

Last Minute Booking Notice

Hosts can decide how much time they need between a booking confirmation and check-in to ensure they have adequate time to clean and prepare their vacation rental property for last minute guests. This way, guests can turn up at the last minute without hosts being ready for them.

Booking Lead Time

This setting allows hosts to choose how far in advance guests can book their property.

Hosts can choose how much time they need between any two bookings to prepare for the new guest. Vrbo allows hosts to block up to 2 nights before and after each booking.

How to Prevent Double Bookings with Instant Booking on Vrbo?

You don’t have to give up on listing on other booking platforms just because you have Instant Booking enabled in order to prevent double bookings. The best way to prevent double bookings is to use a proven channel manager like Hostaway that syncs and updates your calendar across all your booking platforms and direct booking website.

How to Enable Instant Booking on Vrbo?

  • Log in to your Vrbo account

  • Click on Property

  • Click Rules & Policies > Online Booking > Instant Booking

  • Click Save

How to Disable Instant Booking on Vrbo?

  • Log in to your Vrbo account

  • Click on Property

  • Click Rules & Policies > Booking type > 24-hour review

  • Click Save

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