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Vacation Rental Industry Events You Should Check Out in 2023!

Vacation Rental Industry Events You Should Check Out in 2023!

Want to expand your short-term rental business? If so, you may want to look into the vacation rental industry events in 2023.

Property owners, hosts, and property managers, among others, have the ideal chance to participate in these top leading vacation rental events and learn about cutting-edge technologies, pick up new skills to boost income, and more significantly, develop networking with peers and business leaders.

Although we are aware of how busy running a short-term rental may be, we strongly suggest at least going to one. You won't want to miss this opportunity to network with top industry experts who will share their knowledge and expertise while perhaps inspiring you to take your business to the next level.

Why Are Events For The Vacation Rental Industry So Crucial?

Why Are Events For The Vacation Rental Industry So Crucial?

Learning opportunities

It's natural to get into a loop when managing a short-term rental business, particularly when you've been carrying out tasks in the same manner for a while. In light of this, the greatest way to find inspiration is to listen to other industry perspectives and educate yourself on the trends in the industry.

Nevertheless, it might also help you overcome a challenge you've been having for what seems like a very long time. More significantly, it might be precisely what you need to grow your vacation rental business!


People from all facets of the vacation rental industry get together at vacation rental events. They give you the opportunity to network face-to-face with people in an industry that is all about its people while also learning from professionals.

As you can see, in almost all of these gatherings, networking is the main focus. The more connections you make, the more opportunities you benefit from in order to thrive in the future.

It takes two to tango when networking. Take as much time hearing ideas and views from others as you do from them. Moreover, make sure to have ready business cards with information on your real estate website and contact details.

More importantly, take into account that everyone present at these gatherings has the potential to be a connection.

Finding potential guests

Do not forget, even property managers want to take holidays!

Take advantage of these conferences to network professionally and to promote your property to other property managers and peers. If your property is desirable, doing so might potentially bring in a prospective guest.

Also, if guests have an enjoyable experience while staying at your property, they are more likely to remember you and share it with others.

Creating Fresh Concepts

Given how swiftly the market is evolving and how uniquely each company operates, it is critical for property managers and owners to stay up to date on the most recent developments in vacation rental property management.

Interacting and networking with peers will allow you to get knowledge about other people's approaches and share your own. Furthermore, several of these conferences feature some of the key players, providing you the chance to hear from them directly.

Also, be willing to be challenged and motivated to take into account various perspectives by approaching the events with an open mind. To continue exchanging ideas after the conference, remember to stay in touch with your connections.

Vacation Rental Calendar Events for 2023

Vacation Rental Calendar Events for 2023


VRMA (Vacation Rental Management Association) Spring Forum

The 2023 VRMA Spring Forum will be the most engaging and participatory spring conference in the industry. Also, it's a great chance to network with other industry experts in the vacation rental market and learn through a dynamic, engaging educational event.

A more essential feature of this forum is the abundance of interactive workshops and hands-on training sessions it provides to foster a joyful learning environment.

Date: March 6-7 Location: Kansas City, Missouri Tickets: $650- $1,150

Why should you attend? It is an opportunity to get to know other property managers, exchange ideas, and walk away motivated. To get the most out of the forum, you are urged to engage in discussions and submit questions.

Website: https://www.vrma.org/page/2023-spring-forum

STR Wealth Conference

The STR Wealth Conference 2023 promotes itself as an "immersive 3-day adventure" with eminent key speakers who will leave audience members feeling inspired and empowered.

Furthermore, it strives to promote entrepreneurial success in the vacation rental industry and support you in bringing your concepts a reality, regardless of where you are in your short-term rental journey.

Date: March 20-22 Location: Nashville, Tennessee Tickets: SOLD OUT

Why should you attend? Everyone in the STR industry can benefit greatly from attending this exciting event. The short-term rental industry can be better understood by property managers and owners who can network with investors and learn from renowned speakers.

Website: https://strwealthconference.com/

ELEVATE Breezeway’s Property Operations Summit

The vacation rental industry's leading managers, operational experts, and industry influencers will participate in 25-minute panel discussions during this virtual conference.

Moreover, it encouraged open conversation to help participants become more professional in their businesses. This forum is primarily focused on vacation rental back-of-house property maintenance, operations, communication, and safety.

Date: March 22-23 Location: Online Tickets: Free Registration

Why should you attend? Elevate which was held last year featured over 60 panelists and 900 guests from all facets and was the ideal setting for learning and networking. This upcoming summit will provide an opportunity to interact with other property managers and exchange ideas as they place a high priority on maintaining an open communication.

Website: https://www.breezeway.io/elevate


NWVRP (NorthWest Vacation Rental Professionals) Annual Conference

With numerous possibilities for networking, education, and sharing collective experiences in this great and unpredictable industry, this conference has long been the industry's favorite.

Not only just property owners and managers, but everyone in the rental property market can benefit from the educational and inspirational general sessions and the wide range of breakout programs provided.

Date: April 25-27 Location: Reno, Nevada Tickets: $599-$899

Why should you attend? Currently, the topics for the sessions have not yet been decided. Although, they promise to tailor a wide range of subjects that all of your staff, from customer service to senior management, can benefit from.

Website: https://www.nwvrp.org/attend-the-2023-conference

The Shortyz

The fourth annual "Shortyz" Short Term Rental Awards will be presented in London in April 2023 by Short Term Rentalz.

As the industry navigates the "new normal," The Shortyz seeks to recognize excellence among peers in the industry, highlight innovation and best practices, honor accomplishment, and promote start-up technology.

Date: April 26 Location: London, UK Tickets: £217.39

Why should you attend? If you've previously been to a number of conferences and are looking for something different, this event is a great change of pace. Furthermore, use this as an opportunity to submit an entry to The Shortyz and be acknowledged and rewarded for your efforts.

Website: https://theshortyz.com/

Short Stay Summit

It has been revealed that this year's summit's theme would be "Maximizing Opportunities."

The conference's objective is to equip property managers and owners with the most up-to-date equipment, know-how, and resources they need to continue providing guests with a first-rate travel experience.

Date: April 27 Location: London, UK Tickets: £249+VAT – £1,200 inc. VAT

Why should you attend? This summit aims to provide you with the best preparation possible for you to stay current and benefit from the industry's rapid growth in short-term rental.

Website: https://www.shortstaysummit.org/


VITUR Summit 2023

With over 90 speakers and panelists scheduled for the 2023 summit, VITUR brings together European business leaders and is the premier event for those in short-term rental, serviced apartments, and alternative accommodations.

Date: May 10-12 Location: Málaga, Spain Tickets: 54,5€ +VAT - 373€ (Owners & Property Managers) 59,5€ +VAT - 382€ (Professionals & Service Providers Companies)

Why should you attend? This is an event you must not miss especially if you are a European vacation rental property manager. There will be plenty of opportunities for networking, intriguing presentations, and innovative rental property concepts.

Furthermore, they also offer a fantastic exhibition of booths to help you stand out from the competitors with your properties.

Website: https://vitursummit.com/join-vitur-summit-2023/

VRMA Executive Summit

The VRMA Executive Conference is geared toward executive-level leaders who are concerned with business strategy, organizational excellence, sustained growth, and creating a strategic goal for their business.

Date: May 15-17 Location: Manalapan, Florida Tickets: TBD

Why should you attend? An incredible opportunity designed for vacation rental executives, strategic thinkers, and visionary leaders to connect with others in a dynamic atmosphere.

Website: https://www.vrma.org/page/vrma-executive-summit

The Book Direct Show

The 2023 Book Direct Show primary focus will be on training short-term rental managers, hoteliers, and serviced accommodation providers on direct booking strategies.

Date: May 16 Location: Barcelona, Spain Tickets: €149 -€329 (Property Manager Only) €199 -€549 Standard Price

Why should you attend? Many possibilities for networking with specialists in the short-term rental and hospitality management sectors will be provided via the conference's diverse panel discussions, keynote speakers, and workshops.

Website: https://bookdirect.show/

Scale Rentals

Scale Rentals is a high-end conference that is only open to established, reputable short-term rental property management organizations with 25 or more properties aiming to grow their business.

Among the important topics to be covered are AI, data trends, exit strategies, profitability, PR, property acquisition, property management systems, OTAs, owner relationships, regulatory changes, technology, and much more.

Date: May 17-18 Location: Barcelona, Spain Tickets: €199 per person

Why should you attend? If you manage 25+ properties and wish to grow your business, this event is for you. The primary focus of this event will be on shared goals and difficulties in 2023 and beyond. More importantly, you will have access to industry experts, interactive seminars, and fantastic networking possibilities.

Website: https://scalerentals.show/


Urban Living Festival

Tailored for investors and urban entrepreneurs at the forefront of modern hospitality, real estate, and living.

The festival, which has been carefully crafted with a strong emphasis on collaboration and discussion, brings CEOs, "best of breed" speakers and attendees, sponsors, and solution providers together to share best practices, network, and map the future of the industry.

Date: July 5-6 Location: London, UK Tickets: £699.00+£59.00 Fee (Standard 2-day Ticket) £499.00+£42.32 Fee (Investors/Developers)

Why should you attend? The possibility to network across industries is made possible by the fact that anyone can register, not just property managers and owners.

Website: https://www.urbanlivingfestival.com


DARM Vacation Rental Data and Revenue Management Conference

As the name suggests, this event focuses on data and revenue management for professional vacation rental executives, revenue managers, marketers, and tech leaders looking to the future.

Date: August 8-10 Location: Nashville, Tennessee Tickets: TBD

Why should you attend? Is your goal for 2023, to boost the revenue of your properties? Technology and Data, Foundational Revenue Management, Advanced Revenue Management, Distribution and Marketing, Executive Strategy, Real Estate, and Investment are among the "tracks" that DARM offers.

Furthermore, you will be able to assess KPIs (key performance indicators), create rate regulations, and improve marketing and distribution networks, among other things.

Website: https://vrdarm.com


Streamline Summit

In 2023, the Streamline Summit is a must-attend conference for the short-term rental market.

It is a yearly 3-day adventure of Streamline partners and property managers coming together to experience a valuable combination of learning, networking, and fun!

Date: September 6-8 Location: Scottsdale Arizona, USA Tickets: TBD

Why should you attend? Regardless of your level of experience or whether you're just getting started, this summit is your key to success in the current short-rental market. More importantly, it is a rare opportunity to network with peers, form partnerships, and pick up best practices at this exclusive gathering of business executives and professionals.

Website: https://www.streamlinesummit.com/

The Glamping Show

No matter how new or experienced your outdoor hospitality business is, The Glamping Show offers a comprehensive program of in-depth training on every facet of running a profitable business. Also, it is the perfect opportunity for glamping site owners, hosts, and suppliers to network and form connections.

More importantly, get advice from a group of experts on how to get funding, increase your outreach, create a more appealing offer to keep guests coming back, use new technology, and much more.

Date: September 14-16 Location: Stoneleigh, UK Tickets: TBD

Why should you attend? Along with the glamping industry's expansion, the need for manufacturers, market research, and "glampsites" increases. It is important that customers recognize the value of your services for you to achieve maximum profitability.

Furthermore, with thousands of industry leaders present at this conference, it is an opportunity to interact and be inspired.

Website: https://www.theglampingshow.com


The Glamping Show Americas 2023

For the glamping industry, this expo has it all! To help hosts grow their glamping businesses, the 2023 Glamping Show Americas will provide the tools and expertise they need to step up to the next level of their business.

Date: October 3-4 Location: Aurora, Colorado Tickets: TBD

Why should you attend? The two-day event offers a variety of speakers, exhibits, and opportunities for networking and building important business relationships. Other perks include the opportunity to gain knowledge from experts in glamping and purchase the finest supplies for your site.

Website: https://www.glampingshow.us


Vacation Rental World Summit

The Vacation Rental World Summit has grown to be one of the biggest gatherings for industry leaders which first took place in 2014. Increasing bookings, optimizing workflows, and maximizing revenue are among the workshop highlights.

Date: October 5-6 Location: Barcelona, Spain Tickets: € 347 (30% discount)

Why should you attend? The Roundtables—50-minute help-and-support networking sessions—are one feature that distinguishes this conference from others. You won't discover anything like this elsewhere because they enable you to communicate with peers in a distinct and efficient manner.

Furthermore, the workshops are led by professionals in the field, and resources are offered afterward.

Website: https://vacationrentalworldsummit.com

The Phocuswright Conference

The conference addresses all of the challenging issues that vacation rental property managers will encounter in 2023 and will be tackled. It's a straightforward and energizing strategy for helping property managers resolve these difficulties.

Date: November 13-16 Location: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Tickets: $3,299

Why should you attend? The sessions are intended to provide a forum for "intelligent views and constructive debate" among colleagues and business executives. Keep in mind that you can still make the most of your registration without getting too overloaded given that conference lasts for several days.

Website: https://www.phocuswrightconference.com/Attend/Pricing

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