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Ultimate Guide To Airbnb Investment In 2023

Ultimate Guide To Airbnb Investment In 2023

Have you been considering an investment in real estate for the purpose short-term rentals on Airbnb? The enormous growth in buying vacation rental properties is hardly surprising given the considerable rise in Airbnb's popularity across the globe. Many investors are finding tremendous success without any previous understanding of real estate management or property management.

That said, it’s not foolproof, and competition has increased dramatically over the past few years, so you must be mindful of what's at stake. Remember just because it worked for someone else doesn't necessarily mean that it will work for you!. But, following the tips in this article will certainly increase your chances.

With out further ado, let's get straight to:

  • What is Airbnb Investment?
  • Should I acquire an Airbnb Investment property?
  • How can I effectively invest in Airbnb?
  • Which is more profitable: Airbnb Vs. Traditional Real-Estate Investing?
  • What are the pros and cons of Airbnb Investment?
  • Types of properties to consider for an Airbnb Investment?
  • Do Airbnb owners require to live nearby their investment property?
  • How find the best markets for an Airbnb Investment?

What is Airbnb Investment?

Before we get into the specifics of buying real estate via Airbnb, it's important to align on a definition of an Airbnb Real Estate Investment. Put simply, any property you own that is temporarily rented out to travellers to your area, whether entirely or partially qualifies as an Airbnb investment.

Also, before using the platform, be sure to know your rights. It's generally considered a contract violation to profit from subleasing a home you're presently renting, so it's crucial to ensure that you hold exclusive ownership of the property.

One of the big perks of using Airbnb is you don’t need to own another property to get started. Many new users start by renting out just a room or a section of their property. So, even if you don’t have a down payment available, you can still get started by hosting guests in a spare room for a few days, or renting out your home while you're away or traveling.

Should I Acquire An Airbnb Investment Property?

An excellent source of income, especially if you're thinking about diversifying your revenue sources, can come from investing in or purchasing an Airbnb home.

Furthermore, expect the return to be substantial if the property is in a good location and has a moderate to high occupancy rate - even if there is a tiny level of risk involved. According to AirDNA, investors in Airbnb often receive returns of at least 40% or perhaps even more.

How Can I Effectively Invest In Airbnb?

How Can I Effectively Invest In Airbnb

Real estate data and market research

If your property offers a second living space, or it's vacant for the majority of the year, you’re in a great place to start making some additional income. When considering a new property investment, consider using tools like AirDNA or MarketMinder. These products are useful tools to assist you in identifying suitable locations with strong demand, predicted rent prices, and occupancy rates as a whole. Also, keep in mind that a well-liked neighborhood with limited existing supply will make it easier for you to rent out your property than one that is unpopular to visit or entirely saturated.

When researching a neighborhood for investment, be sure to compare and contrast the existing Airbnb listings. By doing this, you may estimate your investment income and determine how much money you can generate each month using that estimate.

Furthermore, take note of both your competitors and the guest reviews to determine how you can market your Airbnb and make it stand out. For example, does a property you’re looking at have a pool when no one else does?

Start looking for your Airbnb investment property

You should have a solid understanding of the location you want to invest in, the anticipated rental revenue, and the amenities your ideal Airbnb investment home must have after performing your initial research.

At this point, you should consider finding an expert, well-regarded real estate agent or begin using online tools to find a home in your desired neighborhood with the features you want.

As an alternative, you can decide to invest in a house that doesn't initially meet all of your needs but that you can renovate to your desired rental property.

Listing your property

Whether you’re listing an entire property or a room, you’ll want to make the place as appealing as possible to travelers by emphasizing unique amenities and decorating it with necessities. Most importantly here is to take excellent, professional pictures of the property. Don't forget to include an accurate and concise written description of your property. Always keep in mind that a customer's first impression of your listing is based on the pictures, title, and description, and they’re likely comparing yours with many others.

Think about how you want to price your Airbnb. Your prices should be fair for its value, as well as competitive. Remember that popular Airbnbs are more likely to be chosen by travelers. Therefore, start by lowering your rates to harvest positive reviews, and position yourself for future success.

Airbnb Crowdfunding

If you want to avoid the headache of finding, purchasing and managing a vacation rental property, buying shares of Airbnb properties via crowdfunding platforms is one alternative to think about. In the US, investors can buy real estate for $100 or more per fractional stake. The produced rental income will then be distributed to investors according to their initial investments.

Additionally. keep in mind that some crowdfunding sites also oversee everyday operations, so you may not necessarily need to worry about that aspect of your role. Given this, the above service can be a great option for investors who want to be more hands-off, or who simply want to learn more about Airbnbs without buying any rental properties.

Which Is More Profitable: Airbnb Vs. Traditional Real Estate Investing?

Depending on the location and amenities, both Airbnb investments and traditional, long-term investments can be profitable. Though, keep in mind that locations that are in high demand and popular for vacations will likely yield higher rent returns with Airbnb.

In Los Angeles, for instance, a one-bedroom apartment with an average monthly rent of $2,395 will net you approximately $28,740 over the course of a year according to RentHop. But, if you advertise your home as a short-term rental, you might anticipate a better revenue than with typical renting.

That being said, before diving into your final decision, be sure to assess carefully the different types of rental properties and how they will impact your costs and profit.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Airbnb Investment?

Before making a commitment to Airbnb investment, consider the positive and negative factors mentioned below:


  • In contrast to conventional renting, there is more potential for a higher income flow.
  • Less risk in finding and vetting long term renters.
  • Flexibility means being able to choose the days your Airbnb is available.
  • Airbnb’s extremely popular platform makes it easier to find prospective guests.


  • Increase in up-front costs as a result of the property's furnishing and design
  • Less income risk, since long-term rental contracts are more legally protectable, and tenants are more motivated to stay
  • Increased operational costs
  • Operating an Airbnb requires more time and effort due to high guest turnover

Types of Properties To Consider for an Airbnb Investment

Types of Properties To Consider for an Airbnb Investment

Despite the widely-held belief that Airbnb accommodations are only for vacation homes, many of them are actually used for other purposes, for example, business travelers, who typically visit major cities around the country. Regardless of a property’s location and layout, your Airbnb can still be successful, as long as it meets a certain traveler’s demands.

To that end, if you're considering investing in Airbnb, evaluate which homes are in demand in the area of your choice according to the local listings. Also, to learn more about the kinds of Airbnb properties that are for sale and that travelers prefer, approach real estate experts.

Do Airbnb Owners Require To Live Nearby Their Investment Property?

It's not a requirement for Airbnb owners to reside nearby their properties. Nonetheless, being close to investment properties is always advantageous because it makes property maintenance easier.

If you decide to invest in a property far from your primary residence, use a co-host, a property management company, or property management technologies like Hostaway to help automate and manage the business remotely.

How To Find The Best Markets For An Airbnb Investment?

How To Find The Best Markets For An Airbnb Investment?


Location plays an important role when deciding which markets are best for an Airbnb Investment. But before doing so, it's essential to evaluate the supply and demand indicators for that area.

Remember that certain areas inherently have a restricted quantity of houses. For instance, a peninsula or island where there aren't many properties being developed and you are close to the beach.

But, to make sure there is a high demand, consider the demographics of the area, peak, and off-season travel, and the reasons why travelers prefer that specific area for a getaway.


It's necessary to be aware of the regulations and laws that apply locally. Also, local governments in the US and other countries have started implementing strict regulations as a result of the dramatic increase in vacation rental properties.

Remember that not all areas permit Airbnb. Also, depending on the location, getting a license may be required before starting an Airbnb business. Consider locations that are Airbnb-friendly to further avoid having your investment's return affected.

Having said that, it is advised to conduct in-depth local research, speak with current Airbnb hosts and local realtors to learn about the regulations that are in force at the moment.

Scarcity of Big Brand Hotels

Consider areas where there might not be many hotel options. Take note that, travelers are more likely to look for vacation rentals than a hotel especially if there aren't many options available.

Regional Markets

Investing in local real estate markets where travelers do not necessarily require to travel by plane is an excellent option to consider. These marketplaces are risk-free and have stronger demand. Also, because of their locations in heavily populated areas, the markets that get the most searches also get the greatest traffic from travelers.


High and low seasons exist in the Airbnb business. Yet, when choosing a location, seasonality is a crucial factor, particularly in ski resorts, beach towns, and weekend getaways on lakes. Therefore, the pricing strategy for your vacation rental should be assessed in your business plan while keeping these factors in mind.

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