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Top 5 Airbnb Smart Technologies for Vacation Rentals

Top 5 Airbnb Smart Technologies for Vacation Rentals

We are living in the golden age of technology, or more specifically – smart technology. Over the past decade, more and more people have invested in smart technology around their homes. The cool factor that comes with the devices is likely to drive purchases up.

The smart home trend in vacation rentals is here to stay, where technology is used to optimize guest security and comfort, making smart homes look more appealing to vacationers. High-speed internet and keyless entry have become basic amenities in the eyes of the frequent traveler making it absolutely necessary for short-term rental owners to invest in smart devices for their homes if they want to target the millennials.

Things to remember when purchasing and installing smart devices:

Internet of things for airbnb

The good thing about smart devices is that if chosen wisely it benefits both hosts and guests. Here are some key points to consider when picking smart home devices and incorporating them into your rental.

Getting Smart with the Utilities

Utility costs are no joke and serious consideration must be given to investing in devices that would reduce utility bills. Get smart about your smart devices using services like Zapier and have your devices (mostly lights and thermostats) shut down when guests check out.

Smart Homes and 5-Star Reviews

Make sure you invest in devices “cool” enough to have guests leave you 5-star reviews on your Airbnb. Smart speakers such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Google Nest rate really high on guests' preference lists and usually get special mentions on reviews and ratings.

The benefits of Smart Security

Investing in smart security devices on rentals have time and time again proven beneficial to hosts, be it to warn hosts about misbehaviors on the part of guests, to prevent squatters (guests who just won’t leave), or as a source of proof to make claims against guests’ security deposits. You must let guests know of the security cameras on the premises very clearly through your property description and welcome book or you could end up in trouble for violation of privacy.

How to Inform Guests?

Give guests very detailed descriptions on how to use your smart devices on your Airbnb welcome book and wherever required right next to the device itself. For example, if you have a refrigerator that doesn’t let you open its door twice in the same minute, stick a laminated poster in a bright, noticeable color next to the device warning guests of this.

The Top 5 Smart Technologies for your Vacation Rental:

Smart locks:

Smart locks allow guests to have an effortless and contactless entry to the holiday rental. If you are looking to convert your house into a smart home digital locks could be a good way to start.

We recommend:

  • Nuki smart door locks -offers door locks that promise maximum convenience without compromising safety – with security standards similar to those in online banking
  • Akiles -promises a keyless world to create a long-distance BT5 wireless network between devices to offer excellent connectivity
  • Remote lock -allows vacation rental owners to secure any number of doors and allows property owners and managers to access and manage access to their property from anywhere through a smart device or laptop.
  • TTLock Solutions -offer PCBA for various types of locks. Simple secure digital key technology. They promise to make it very easy to integrate the PCBA into your lock

smart locks for airbnb

Smart Home Appliances:

Using smart home appliances can really help save money on energy bills while providing guests with technology that they’ll absolutely love.

Smart Thermostats:

Smart thermostats can be used to regulate temperature, turning off heating or cooling when the required temperature is reached. A really cool feature is that it allows hosts to remotely turn off connected devices once guests check out thereby saving on energy costs.

We recommend: Google Nest

Smart Lights:

Smart lights are a really cool feature with different modes that guests can have fun playing around with while hosts can use to turn off lights remotely when not needed. Most smart lights have LED bulbs giving hosts the added benefit of smaller energy bills in comparison to any other kind of bulb in the market today.

We recommend: Philips Hue lights which you can control via Alexa or Google Nest


Wi-Fi is an absolute necessity as all holiday rentals vacationers expect properties to have high-speed internet connections as part of their basic amenities. Using a Wi-Fi booster can give guests super-fast internet connectivity. Some boosters also allow hosts to brand the Wi-Fi and collect guest’s details such as names and email addresses when guests log in, for marketing purposes.

We recommend:

Stayfi - Brand Wi-Fi, collect guest data and increase direct bookings - all while providing a better Wi-Fi experience for vacation rental guests.

Security Devices

security devices for airbnb

Security and monitoring devices such as video cameras and noise monitoring devices have become popular among short-term rentals as security measures against theft and damage and to know if guests are abiding by house rules. Since monitoring guest activity can be quite controversial, it is important to disclose to guests the presence of these devices prior to confirming any bookings.

Security Cameras:

Security cameras are quite popular in most homes and holiday rentals alike, therefore guests are quite accustomed to them. These cameras must strictly be placed outside of the property. Hosts can monitor guest check-ins and check-outs. An added bonus is that when any complaints are made by a neighbor, hosts can first opt to check via these cameras before deciding whether to show up at the venue.

Noise Monitoring Devices:

These devices are used by hosts to monitor guests and act as deterrents to guests who intend to host parties that may break house rules and disturb neighbors. Unlike cameras, they can be placed inside the property but must be disclosed to guests.

We recommend:

  • Minut -keeps properties party- and damage-free with 100% privacy-safe noise, occupancy, and motion monitoring. Get instant insight into your entire portfolio while keeping your operations lean.

  • Noise Aware -smart noise monitoring solutions. Keeping properties, profits, and peace of mind are protected. Giving hosts insight into places, and the tools to solve issues before they go too far.

Digital Concierges:

Digital concierges essentially act as the brain of the holiday rental interconnecting all smart devices around the property with one single device thereby affording hosts greater control and visibility.

We recommend:

Alexa Virtual Assistant Google Assistant

Green Home Amenities:

green home amenities for airbnb hosts

Smart rentals can also be green rentals. Investing in green technology is a win-win for hosts and guests. Hosts have smaller energy bills to deal with. Guests get the satisfaction of doing their part in lowering their carbon footprint. Additionally, hosts can charge more for green properties depending on how they market them.

__Solar Panels: __

While doing an incredibly good job at lowering the property’s carbon footprint and lowering energy bills, hosts can bank on marketing their property as a green, environment-friendly property to charge a premium from guests who opt for sustainable travel.

In Conclusion:

With all the hype around smart devices and the many benefits, they come with it is no surprise that analysts predict that the smart home industry will see a 60% growth rate due to a spike in purchases worldwide. If you are looking to invest in a smart home and are looking for a one-stop-shop for all your smart home products, check out our partners Operto, Omnitech Solutions, and Dack.

A really smart way to be a smart host is to automate all repetitive processes leaving you with time and energy for key decision-making. To find out how we help property managers around the world with their vacation rental business, talk to our sales team and request a demo.

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