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The Best Ski Resorts for Airbnb in the USA

The Best Ski Resorts for Airbnb in the USA

Tempted to ski? Skiing is a well-known leisure activity luring ski enthusiasts, property investors, families, and friends to enjoy a holiday or buy a ski resort/second home. Whether you are thinking of investing or expanding your Airbnb portfolio, Airbnb ski resorts are excellent property investments in the USA for a multitude of reasons including the fact that they can be utilized for personal use, as a source of income, or probably both.

Statistics from the International Report on Snow and Mountain Tourism show that in 2022, the US had around 470 ski areas and 2,970 ski lifts serving 52,942,000 visitors each year, of which the majority are considered domestic visitors.

More importantly, data suggests that ski properties not only offer opportunities to generate rental income but indicate a rise in property value. Having said that, let's take a deep dig into:

  • How to Choose the Best Ski Resorts for Airbnb?
  • What are The Best Ski Resorts for Airbnb in the USA?

How to Choose the Best Ski Resorts for Airbnb?

How to Choose the Best Ski Resorts for Airbnb?


The golden rule to any property investment is location, location, and location. The location of your Airbnb is crucial, especially considering whether it is a good return on investment. It is also essential to consider whether the chosen location draws the attention of both local and international visitors.

Besides that, consider things like

  • The length of the skiing season
  • Does it hold all-year-long events?
  • What are the laws and regulations?

Also, it is important to take into account ski resorts that are active year-round such as hiking, climbing, fishing, biking, etc. That said, the right location is the key to ensuring season-long occupancy at an investment ski property.


Before investing in an Airbnb ski resort, think about whether it is accessible to attractions, transport, proximity to airports and restaurants, or other neighboring cities, etc. No traveler or guest would like the inconvenience of traveling a far distance. Accessibility gives a higher chance of luring guests to either choose to stay longer apart from skiing as part of their agenda.

Type of Ski Property

When deciding on the kind of ski property you want to buy, first evaluate the properties that are on the market and define the unique attributes of the property based on size, condition, and age. Following that, create a budget that you are comfortable with taking into account other unforeseen costs like insurance, property tax, etc.

After you've established the maximum limit, think about Airbnb ski resorts that offer the highest occupancy and most lucrative revenue. However, this again depends on the location chosen.

Performance Prediction

Data suggests ski resorts are in high demand and one of the most lucrative long-term passive income sources. Having said that, investors and property managers can utilize technologies that forecast Airbnb success, like Airbnb analytics, to lower risks and make smart investment decisions by predicting future results.

More specifically, Airbnb analytics also provides information by measuring the returns and performance of properties based on Airbnb occupancy rates, cap rate, cash flow, anticipated rental expenses, cash on cash return, and comparable rental income.

What are the Best Ski Resorts for Airbnb in the USA?

1. Big Bear Lake, California

Big Bear Lake, a four-season alpine lake hideaway in the core of the San Bernardino National Forest, is located in the middle of Southern California and is only a short drive from Phoenix and Las Vegas.

This hidden treasure has undoubtedly drawn in real estate investors to make investments and tourists to stop by and enjoy the mountain resort in the winter and lake holidays in the summer thanks to its gorgeous mountains, picturesque scenery, and year-round activities.

AirDNA Market Data:

Average Daily Rate: $344 Occupancy Rate: 37% Revenue: $3,353

2. Telluride, Colorado

Telluride is a well-known ski resort that attracts affluent second homeowners, ski enthusiasts, and investors. It is situated in a remote region in southwest Colorado.

Additionally renowned for its spectacular panoramas, ski-friendly terrain, and range of outdoor leisure activities. Telluride is often associated with world-class alpine skiing, but it may also be associated with summers jam-packed with cultural events and never-ending outdoor activities.

However, this small town consistently sets the standard high thanks to its first-rate amenities and services. It should come as no surprise that Telluride is the ideal escape and, more significantly, that the real estate market there is still in demand.

AirDNA Market Data:

Average Daily Rate: $631 Occupancy Rate: 57% Revenue: $7,283

3. Park City, Utah

Park City is one of the biggest ski resorts in the US and is known to be "America's Favorite Town". In case you were unaware, the city co-hosted the Winter Olympics in 2002, and every January, the renowned Sundance Film Festival hits the area.

This town has more to offer than skiing but award-winning cuisine, kid-friendly activities, and one of the most cutting-edge ski schools in the world.

With all-year-round activities, Park City draws in 4,006,071 average annual visitors and prospers from the average nightly visitor spending ranging from $100 to $350 based on the data given.

AirDNA Market Data:

Average Daily Rate: $432 Occupancy Rate: 52% Revenue: $4,499

4. Avon, Colorado

At 7,500 feet above sea level and home to the world-class Beaver Creek Ski Resort and Vial, Avon—the heart of the Valley—is a popular tourist destination thanks to its breathtaking mountain scenery, top-notch restaurants, and year-round events including festivals and concerts.

Despite this, Avon is recognized as an excellent vacation rental location, particularly during the ski season, and it is more affordable than Beavercreek and Vail.

AirDNA Market Data:

Average Daily Rate: $479 Occupancy Rate: 52% Revenue: $4,982

5. Truckee, California

Just North of Lake Tahoe, Truckee is situated in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range at a height of 5,980 feet. This small town may not put its popularity on its map but is known for its rich history, ice harvesting, logging, and captivating and tragic story of the Donner Party.

Truckee is a great place to visit filled with hidden gems and outdoor activities for everyone irrespective of a quick pit stop or just stopping en route to Reno. And for those looking to buy a second home, is no doubt an excellent town to think about.

AirDNA Market Data:

Average Daily Rate: $465 Occupancy Rate: 50% Revenue: $5,423

6. Stowe, Vermont

Stowe, located in eastern Vermont, is known as the "Ski Capital of the East" for more reasons than just its stunning scenery. It is nestled between the Green Mountains, which contain Mount Mansfield, the highest peak in Vermont, and the Worcester Range.

The nation's first ski patrol was founded here, and tracks were first created for alpine skiing in Vermont on Mount Mansfield in 1933.

So, whether you want to go rock climbing in the summer, watch the leaves change in the fall, or ski down the slopes in the winter, Stowe offers a year-round paradise for anyone who appreciates being outside.

AirDNA Market Data:

Average Daily Rate: $406 Occupancy Rate: 60% Revenue: $5,372

7. Whitefish, Montana

Located in the Flathead Valley just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park, Whitefish is home to a year-round destination with a wide range of attractions and a variety of stores, cafes, restaurants, and lodging options.

Additionally, Whitefish Mountain Resort frequently ranks in the top 10 of SKI Magazine's annual "Best Ski Resorts in the West" list and was listed by National Geographic as one of the "Top 25 Ski Towns in the World".

Apart from that, every year, over 11 million visitors visit this town grabbing the attention of property investors.

AirDNA Market Data:

Average Daily Rate: $379 Occupancy Rate: 53% Revenue: $4,457

8. North Conway, New Hampshire

Located in the heart of New Hampshire’s White Mountains lies North Conway, surrounded by stunning natural beauty and known for its four-season town. With something for every outdoor adventurer, foodie, and someone searching for a one-of-a-kind treasure to take home, this small town proved to be a tourist hotspot and true gem destination.

More importantly, in 2020, North Conway took home first place for "Best Ski Town" by USA Today's Readers' Choice Awards. Apart from that, New Hampshire Tourism Reports show that in 2021, with winter and fall, a record number of visitors at 12.8 million spending over $5.5 billion.

AirDNA Market Data:

Average Daily Rate: $365 Occupancy Rate: 58% Revenue: $5,050

9. Windham, New York

Just two hours outside of the New York City metropolitan area, Windham offers travelers a top-notch mountain getaway. Also known as the "gem of the Catskills", it is one of the smallest communities attracting visitors/skiers all year-round to take advantage of the vibrant restaurant, brewery, and winery scenes.

Additionally, this proud town is an excellent choice for skiers/mountain bikers desiring adventure.

AirDNA Market Data:

Average Daily Rate: $487 Occupancy Rate: 40% Revenue: $4,460

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