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Social Media Influencers in the Short-Term Rental Industry to Follow

Social Media Influencers in the Short-Term Rental Industry to Follow

Staying current with trends and insights is vital when trying to establish and grow your short-term rental business, especially given how quickly the short-term rental market is evolving. Today, one of the best approaches to doing this is via social media. Many prominent and successful hosts and property managers cover a variety of subjects, from interior design concepts to the best advice for making money from short-term rentals.

In addition, social media influencers routinely provide content about the short-term rental industry on their channels. By keeping up with the right ones, you can quickly acquire useful information at the right time and maximize your benefits from cutting-edge industry trends.

In this article, we've hand-picked our favourite social media influencers in the short-term rental industry so you can get started right away:

  • Micheal Elefante
  • Derek Cheung
  • Lauren Piller

Top Social Media Influencers in the Short-Term Rental Industry to Follow

1. Michael Elefante- @Melefante6

Michael Elefante

Followers: 915.6K

Why should you follow?

A highly successful real estate investor, Michael Elefante is the author of the Airbnb Investor Academy and an Airbnb influencer. He has created entertaining videos and valuable content with his best advice and doable tactics for hosts to achieve financial freedom.

His portfolio has expanded from the six homes he and his wife originally owned, earning him cash flow of up to $118,000 monthly. For short-term rental hosts looking for guidance on how to expand their businesses, Michael is the perfect spokesperson and ideal influencer considering he is a recognized expert in the field.

2. Derek Cheung- @derekcheungbnb

Derek Cheung

Followers: 40.5K

Why should you follow?

By converting rental houses that he leases into short-term accommodations, Derek Cheung started his Airbnb journey in 2019. He is managing over 50 properties around the United States at the age of 24, and his short-term rentals brought him $5 million a year. Impressed? Derek Cheung, a well-known Airbnb influencer, is someone who nobody would want to unfollow. In fact, he has actually been featured on Business Insider and additionally operates the "Airbnb Empire Academy," a 50-module masterclass designed for assisting others in starting, scaling, and automating a seven-figure Airbnb business.

Aside from that, his online posts are jam-packed with unique insight into investing in rentals and arbitrage. The content he produces provides viewers with lots of encouragement and inspiration for buying rental properties, and they can learn from his expertise on how to generate money on platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo. He is not just someone you should follow, but he is also the ideal role model for hosts searching for a fresh strategy to grow their business.

3. Lauren Piller- @Laurenpiller

Lauren Piller

Followers: 130.8K

Why should you follow?

Are you looking for great tips for helping hosts in finding solutions in your short-term rentals? Stick with Lauren Piller! She was a nurse who transitioned into a vacation rental influencer and provides viewers with insights through her humorous and helpful videos.

Aside from that, she additionally manages an Airbnb Host Facebook group ‘All Things Airbnb Hosting’, where hosts can discuss anything Airbnb related, including how to set up and optimize their listings, furnish and decorate, automate their business, communicate with guests, and more.

Why Is Social Media Presence Important for Short-Term Rental Hosts?

Looking to start your own influencer brand? Aside from offering a simple, inexpensive way to connect and interact with a large audience, keep in mind that social media can help your brand gain trust and develop a strong reputation.

For hosts, social media is a helpful tool and a terrific information source. Furthermore, it is a terrific way to stay current on hosting trends, network with others who share your interests, and gain knowledge from the successes, setbacks, and experiences of other hosts.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous prominent influencers who give their insights and advice on social media platforms to help both hosts and managers operate their short-term rental businesses to the fullest. There is a lot to learn and be inspired by, and the majority of influencers highlight how automating your STR may help you save time and money.

In addition, keeping up with social media influencers in the vacation rental industry will help you stay informed about the most recent tactics and trends. These influencers not only provide insights, suggestions, and guidance but are also a good source of information. More importantly, the relatable and practical nature of the influencers' content guarantees that you won't miss out on anything.

Start following and begin (or accelerate) your Airbnb adventure today!

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