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Sean Rakidzich, Airbnb Automated | What you Should Know

Sean Rakidzich, Airbnb Automated | What you Should Know

Who is Sean Rakidzich?

No words can describe this truly creative and passionate entrepreneur, Sean Rakidzick, who continuously inspires the short-term rental community with creative solutions and face new challenges with such confidence.

Not only is he the owner/influencer of Airbnb Automated, one of YouTube’s largest collective audience of Airbnb hosts but he is also a Founder of Basilisk, an innovative response to finding automated homes and safe ways from the novel virus. Adding to that, he is also the President of Media Press Promotions, bridging direct sales campaigns with technology to create robustly, multi-touch, audience development programs and last but not least, the Founder of Million Dollar Renter, educating Airbnb hosts in the Short Term Rental space.

What more can be said? The successful and unparalleled optimism, Sean brings to the table is truly unbelievable.


Airbnb Automated-Founder

June 2017- Present The number one, YouTube source for Airbnb and rental arbitrage advice/education.

Million Dollar Renter-Founder

April 2020- Present Million Dollar Renter owns and distributes the #1 education product in the Short Term Rental space.


May 2020- Present (Freelance) The world's newest and best chance at keeping home safe from the novel coronavirus.

Light House Automations- Freelance

May 2020- Present Leader in the short term rental space, launched Lighthouse Automations to serve the need for home automation technologies starting with Basilisk, a home sterilization system set on providing confidently clean homes to travelers in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Media Press Promotions- Owner

May 2010- Present The Future Of Audience Development.

What should you know about Airbnb Automated?

If you are thinking to earn on Airbnb without owning a property? Well, Airbnb Automated is a great platform and source for advice on rental arbitrage. More so, Sean’s videos are free and give insights on his Airbnb journey and experiences on property management and strategy, pricing strategy, maximizing occupancy, and design ideas.

Currently, there are 166K subscribers and more so, Sean shares free Airbnb courses on his channel helping other hosts in growing their vacation rental businesses.

And if you are keen on being part of the Airbnb Automated community, you can simply join ‘The Hosts of Airbnb Automated’ on Facebook with 29.5K members alone. The page is dedicated to entrepreneurs and Airbnb hosts in building their first Airbnb at full potential as well as on:

  • How to list their first Airbnb?
  • Automating their vacation rental
  • How to manage slow seasons
  • How to increase occupancy?
  • And so much more.

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