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How to Rank Higher on Vrbo Search

How to Rank Higher on Vrbo Search

Top Tips to Rank Higher on Vrbo Search

  1. Optimize your listing
  2. Respond fast
  3. Keep availability up to date
  4. Price competitively
  5. Use quality content
  6. Cancel rarely
  7. Get great reviews
  8. Enable Instant Booking
  9. Be flexible with cancellation

What is Vrbo Search?

Vrbo search is the process of searching for vacation rental properties on the Vrbo platform. Travelers use search to find the best vacation rental options for them.

How does Vrbo Search Work?

When a guest enters their search criteria, the algorithm uses a complex set of factors to determine which listings to display.

Search criteria include:

  • Location
  • Dates
  • Number of guests
  • Amenities
  • Price range
  • Cancellation policy
  • Reviews
  • House rules (Pets, smoking, etc)
  • Property type
  • Spaces (number of bedrooms and bathrooms, kitchen, etc)
  • Nearby activities
  • Premier host status
  • Accessibility
  • Booking options
  • Discounts

Once Vrbo provides them a list of the top picks based on their search criteria, guests will also consider listing photos and descriptions, reviews, etc to determine their final choice.

Why is Vrbo Search Important for Hosts?

Vrbo's search algorithm determines which listings are shown to potential guests and how far up the list each listing is shown, making it important for hosts to understand how it works and what factors affect their vacation rental’s ranking.

The higher a property ranks, the more likely it is to be seen by potential guests and exposing it to a wider audience, leading to more bookings and ultimately higher revenue for the host.

How to Rank Higher on Vrbo Search

What are the Factors that Affect Vrbo Search?

1. Relevance

Vrbo's search algorithm looks for listings that match the guest's search criteria. The more relevant a listing is to the guest's search, the higher it will rank in them in the search results.

2. Guest Reviews

Guest reviews play a significant role in determining a listing's rank in the search results. Listings with positive reviews and high ratings are more likely to appear at the top of the search results.

3. Response Rate

Vrbo rewards hosts who respond quickly to inquiries and booking requests. Hosts who respond promptly and consistently are ranked higher in search results.

4. Booking Rate

Vrbo considers a host's booking rate when determining search rankings. Hosts who consistently receive bookings are more likely to rank higher in search results.

5. Pricing

Pricing is an important factor that affects search rankings. Vrbo's search algorithm looks for properties that are competitively priced in the local market. Listings with lower prices rank higher in the search results.

6. Availability

Vrbo's search algorithm takes into account a listing's availability. Listings that have more availability are more likely to rank higher in the search results.

7. Listing Quality

From the title and description to photos, the quality and attractiveness of the listing will impact the chances of the property receiving both views and bookings, in turn helping them rank higher in search.

How can Hosts Rank Higher on Vrbo Search?

1. Optimize Your Listing

Optimize your listing to ensure it's as relevant as possible to the guest's search criteria. This includes having a detailed description of the property and its amenities, as well as including accurate and up-to-date information about the property's location.

2. Respond Quickly

Respond quickly to inquiries and booking requests to improve your response rate. This shows potential guests that you are attentive and responsive, and is rewarded by Vrbo with higher rankings. Using a proven property management system like Hostaway to automate your guest communication is the best way to ensure a great response rate.

How to Rank Higher on Vrbo Search

3. Keep Availability Up-to-Date

Keep your calendar updated and open to longer periods to ensure that your property appears in search results when it's available.

4. Price Competitively

Price your property competitively to improve your listing's rank in the search results and increase the chances of receiving inquiries and bookings. Using a dynamic pricing tool that updates prices in real time is recommended.

5. Charge Minimal Fees

No one likes additional fees and the less fees you charge and the lower they are, the more likely you are to receive bookings and rank higher in search.

6. Use Quality Content

The title, photos, and description of your listing provide potential guests with the first impression of your vacation rental. These help increase the number of views and inquiries your property receives, improving its ranking in the search results.

7. Cancel Rarely

Properties with minimal cancellations are rewarded by Vrbo with higher search rankings as they are deemed more reliable and trustworthy.

8. Enable Instant Booking

Instant booking may not be for everyone but enabling the feature will boost search rankings on Vrbo.

9. Be Flexible with Cancellation

The more flexible your cancellation policy, the greater the boost in search rankings for your listing.

10. Get Great Reviews

Encourage guests to leave reviews by providing the best guest journey and following up with guests after their stay to ask for feedback and to leave your property a review. Great reviews can help improve a listing's ranking in search results.

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